Whispers in the Night Vol 5

!Another Month in Orlando!

01/09/2021 – Volume 5
Original Format

An angel Talon.. Melany has been a wonderful talon full of curiosity and wonderful information. I hereby see her as Loyal to the Domain.

A note from the new Talon:

I know I am new to the domain, and I am beyond honored at the chance to be Talon to you all. I will do my job as adequately as possible and only ask that people be truthful and honest with me and I shall do the same with all of you. My goal is to make sure you know the truth, and to make sure that our domains records are correct and accurate in every way so that the Harpy can do her already tedious job. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone and look forward to serving the domain for many years to come.

Doctor Melany Andino – Talon

Lisper taking a night off

Currently absent tonight is the Harpy Lisper.  Please see Melany for everything you would see the Master Harpy for on the 9th.

Also don’t forget to drop your news off at the Harpy Publishing office.

Archangel is hereby seen as Vulgar for incidents happening outside of our Camarilla territory.

Didi Mezzanotte has asked to be Talon but as the city of Orlando already has two, and both love their positions, I have opened up a position of Journalist at the Harpy Publishing company and wish for Didi to be a Talon in waiting, or until a time a position opens up. She will be able to let us know who is needing to see us, and also write dazzling articles on the latest gossip trends. So yes if she will have it I would like to make Didi Mezzanotte a ‘Whispers in the Night’ Gossip Girl!!

More Musings 

Hunters attacked the location known as The Vault, molotov cocktails were used and a bomb was detonated inside of a van.

Ezekiel and Didi Mezzanotte were both attacked.

A new girl has come into the domain not knowing anything of kindred life; Didi Mezzanotte please remember that the young woman is deaf and be kind when interacting with her. In other news Clan Brujah has laid claim to the new girl.

A man walked in to Angel Share carrying items that belonged to the hunter; this didn’t seem important at the time, but recent events may prove them more worthy than most things.

Donavan Black’s Warning has been lifted.


Ezekiel and Didi have once again been Acknowledged by the Prince.

Wamu has begun a program for homeless local children. Please send donations and gifts his way, so we can do our share and keep in the cities and mortals good graces.