March Harpy Report

This past Saturday evening, Prince Vitale held his first official gathering. And during such an event, I honestly would have expected to be quietly sitting in a dark corner, pondering a new hobby. Unfortunately, that was not the case.  I am unsure why this statement has to be said but … If the Prince is speaking, that means your mouth should not be open and words should be heard. I’m going to repeat that, because frankly, I’m baffled who would think that behavior is acceptable. Do not talk while the Prince is talking. At all.

Also … on the topic of Proper Etiquette … Ponder the Question: What does one wear to a Breech of the Masquerade?

The answer is Nothing. Because let me assure you, my darlings, both are just as scandalous in my eyes. One should keep that in mind while punching holes in buildings, even with the preventative actions others have taken to cover your cute ass. My eyes are truly everywhere and they wish they hadn’t seen that. While the day was saved, let’s not make this a habit.

I understand that visiting a new city is both thrilling and scary. However, popping into the Elysium and not immediately finding someone to speak for you can and will end poorly, for you. There’s an entire group of individuals who are designed speakers for their clan. There’s even one for those who do not fit into the traditional clans. If you need guidance, find Mr Cortez. He will get you where you need to be.

Also, apparently there is at least one rumor that I am in need of Talons and I would publicly name them. Apparently, these people have never been Harpies and am unaware that different Harpies have different approaches to situations. Assuming that I do not have Talons would be like assuming speaking over the Prince is a good idea.