Words from the Magic Kingdom

Words from the Palace

Don’t we just have the most wonderful Prince in the whole wide world?  Our Prince Vicenzo,  he is the sweetest thing.  Embracing little ol’ me and my kin in the city with such big,  strong, open arms? To find myself,  and all of us,  acknowledged among the Camarila is a wonderful thing.  Such a warm welcome we have had from everyone.

Have you been to the Magic Kingdom yet? It’s my new domain,  all of Beuno Vista (all of Disney for you rubarbarians) is domain of Elaine deMor.  You are welcome their, my friend.   Come,  hunt,  feed, enjoy the lights, follow the masquerade.  Stop by the Palace, 2nd floor,  in the Magic Kingdom for our little token safe space.  It’s not Elysium,  but its got my word and my protection over it and all of our guests.

Have you met that dark sultry Lasombra named Diego?  Prrrrr.  Pour me some of him into a wine glass and I will drink him down hot!  He’s the Keeper of the ‘Official’ Elysium.  A hunk and a host,  what more could you want from a man?

I have to admit though,  I am into “older men”.  The ones with the white beards, sword canes, and southern twang.  If you haven’t met Colonel Hardee yet,  you must meet him!

Has my sweet Liam given you a golden coin?  These aren’t boons.. but they are currency for favors.  The Magic Kingdom is not only the HAPPIEST place on earth..  it’s also the most knowledgeable.  Don’t believe the old wives tales about Tremere’s being the fount of all knowledge, it’s not true. – No – Elaine and Liam are the fount of all Knowledge!  Bring us a coin in exchange for anything we can tell you – and we can tell you a lot…

With much love,  the sweetest of kindness,  the warmest embrace.

Elaine deMore
Queen of the Magic Kingdom
Acknowledged of the Camarilla
A reputation for.. playing rough in bed.