Harpy Report – Preparing for this weeks fun

I know that recently, there was a “Harpy Report” put out by someone who is decidedly not myself. So, feel free to ignore it. Until this position changes hands, I am the Official Harpy and will not tolerate any outside influence.

And now … Boons. Boons are currency within our society. And having pointed that out, I suppose I am your Banker. As your Banker, it is in YOUR BEST INTEREST to inform me when you give said currency away. Also. If you can’t track said currency due to not telling me and I have to hunt it down? My charge will be mighty. MIGHTY. Also, if you have received said currency and I have no record? I regret to inform you that it won’t be truly valid. Make an appointment early and often, please.

Also, shall we go over the rules of Elysium again? Showing obvious powers, regardless if you belong to the Tower or as independent as they come, is against the rules. When you visit someone else’s house, please follow the rules they have. No feet on the coffee table, no using someone else’s things without permission and No. Showing. Off.

And finally … if you find yourself reading my reports and believe that I am talking directly to you without plainly stating your name? Perhaps a conversation like a grown up instead of harassing someone else is in order. Also, if you are young and insult an Elder, apologize repeatedly, often and with sincerity. They have far greater sway within our Society.  And, I am unsure WHY I must repeat this small piece of advice … If you reside within Orlando limits, you MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED. I suggest you find your Primogen and beg for mercy. Without that small piece of Status? Many unspeakable things can happen.

And thus concludes my latest Harpy Report.