Harpy Report Feb 13th, 2022

Clan Gangrel

It seems Clan Gangrel is going through a period of ups and downs in the city of Orlando. First the clan broke away under the leadership of Rhea to form a Petty Praxis during the unstable time between Prince Gadow and Prince Tsavo. However, Rhea seems to have fallen to the Gangrels known wanderlust and moved on, leaving her former domain up for grabs. Prince Tsavo has reasserted Orlando’s claim on the former Gangrel territory.

At the same time Prince Tsavo, along with the support of several other clan leaders, has seen fit to offer a Primogen seat to the former pillar clan of the Camarilla in his domain. Tuya, a Neonate of the Noiad bloodline, has taken the role of Primogen on the clan’s behalf with Charlotte as the Clan’s whip.

The overwhelming support for Clan Gangrel to have such a seat remains a mystery to some as the Clans numbers in the domain remain low. Maybe the change will spark interest in other Gangrel to visit the area while being a stepping stone in the clan as a whole rejoining the tower. Only time can tell.

In the meantime it will be Clan Gangrel taking over the hosting duties for the February gathering. I, for one, look forward to seeing what the Clan has to offer the domain.

Caitiff Ban!!!

It is the decree of Prince Tsavo and my privilege to announce that Caitiff of known higher generations will no longer be granted Acknowledged in his Praxis.

“It is bad enough these poor souls are without a clan… but to be of higher Generation as well? I see no reason why these creatures should be in Orlando.” – Prince Tsavo Clan Nosferatu  

I am sure, as it always has been, acknowledgement will be handled on a case by case basis. However, with this decree, the Caitiff of Neonate generation should think twice about attempting to relocate to the City Beautiful.  

Boon Tracking and the Harpy Office

The city has, in recent nights, seen a population explosion with many new faces. With these new faces has come a drastic increase in the Boon Economy. However, the Harpy office has not yet grown to keep up with these demands. Tracking Status, Clan Populations, New Members to the City, Exiting Members of the City, City positions and Boons is a demanding responsibility. I have been able to call in favors for some assistance but no one has yet to approach me about taking up any of the two open positions of Talon.

It is for these reasons that I, the Prominent Harpy Demetri Demeter, have decided that only boons of level Major or higher will be officially tracked on the boon record. I will of course, in accordance with my office, oversee any disputes over repayment of Minor or Trivial boons, should they arise. It is always good practice for one to track their own boons, especially when records can be lost between Harpies. It should also be said that anyone who would risk the social backlash from the Harpy office over such a petty issue should expect my actions to reflect the annoyance caused.

Status Awards

Elder Victor Addersworth of Clan Tremere has been seen as Loyal and Courageous by Prince Tsavo.

Elder Peter Paradox of Clan Malkavian has been seen as Loyal and Courageous by Prince Tsavo.

Elder Vesper Krone of Clan Malkavian has been seen as Loyal and Courageous by Prince Tsavo.

Ezekiel of the Nagaraga Bloodline has been seen as Courteous by Harpy Demetri Demeter.

Prince Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Favored by Elder Vesper Krone of Clan Malkavain. 

Elder Lillian Tyler of Clan Toreador is seen as Courageous by Prince Tsavo.

Seneschal Simone Ryans of Clan Ventrue is seen as Favored by Elder Elijah of Clan Ventrue.