Harpy Report 5-19-19

Harpy Report

March 19th, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Toreador Blizzard Beach Pool Party!

The May gathering hosted by Clan Toreador was…let’s say interesting. Held at a local water park called Blizzard Beach, most of the domain and especially the Toreador proved to be hydrophobic. In fact, of the Toreador, only newly the elected Prime Vegan himself Derek Zoolander-Dezz was willing to downgrade his wardrobe to swimming trunks.

It would seem the Toreador, known for their prowess on the social scene, did not live up to their reputation as many saw the night as an embarrassment. The refreshments offered to guests were laced with some kind of narcotic. Many prominent members if the domain partook of these spiked hors d’oeuvres before word got out they contained drugs. As all of the refreshments were provided by Clan Toreador one has to ask if this was a slip in the clan’s Security of if the drugs were an intentional placement. That particular question raises further eyebrows when one considers the scene of Toreador Lucas Gadow snorting lines of coke being cheered on by his surrounding clanmates.

Then there was the evening’s “entertainment” announced by Elder Prima Dezz half way into the night. To resolve the current conflict over who should be Primogen of Clan Toreador a last man standing free for all was announced. According to the Elder, Clan Toreador was to face off against each other putting their fellow clanmates into torpor staked. The last member of the clan without a shaft of wood in their heart would decide who the primogen would be. Boons were offered to anyone who would bring a staked member of clan Toreador to the Admiral. The rest of the Clan did not take the news of the even very well and quickly paid out boons for protection at their own party.

It quickly became apparent that only Elder Prima Dezz had prior knowledge of the contest. The rest of the domain found the whole thing tasteless and many Elders and Primogen had to intervene to advise ambitious neonates not to get involved in the internal dramas of the Clan of the Rose. When news of the contest reached Prince The Plague he made it clear that while he is not to intervene in an internal Clan matters a contest such as this should require all of the participants to be willing.

Thanks to the actions of some of the level headed leaders of the Domain no violence broke out. While the contest was in poor taste I will remind the domain that none of the traditions were violated. Even if it had gone through the masquerade was safe and no one ever discussed final death.

Somehow, though I am sure I missed a few steps, the Toreador got their act together and actually talked to each other. An agreement was made and tensions of the party quickly de-escalated.  The end result is that Marcus Lees will resume his position as Primogen while keeping Elder Prima Dezz as Whip. Now former Primogen Derek Zoolander-Dezz will retain the meaningless title of Prime-Vegan.

Rise of Clan Assamite

Things have been on a major upswing for Clan Assamite as of late. As I will mention later in this report Elder Rahim of clan Assamite has accepted the role of Sheriff. This, of course, proved to be bad timing as The Elder was committed outside of the Domain and was unable to attend the Gathering. Perhaps if he was there the nights events could have been reigned in. Replacing him on the Council is Elder Mahmoud Çetin who on his first night made quite an impression with the council showing wisdom and tact. Also joining the clans are Deputy Zero who has twice now proven his abilities in combat. Rounding out the group is Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas who for all apparent seems to be taking charge of the clans outward social scene. As mentioned in previous reports Clan Assamite will be taking charge of the June gathering, a task Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas is wasting no time on. He wrote me this week with the following message to the Kindred of Orlando:

As you know we of Clan Assamite will be hosting the June Gathering & we extend a warm welcome for all to join us in an evening of fostering better understanding and cooperation.

In celebration of Eid, the ending of the Holy Month of Ramadan we will be serving several Arabic and Persian dishes for the benefit of those who can consume food, and a special prayer will be sung by our Shaykh.

We respectfully request modest dress be observed by the attendees, and that all who attend come with peace in their heart. As such we request of His Majesty The Plague that the location of the Gathering be declared temporary Elysium.

For those clans who wish to participate, rather than playing the usual games we have decided upon an activity to foster understanding and cooperation. Each clan will pick a representative from amongst themselves to speak of what it means to be of their blood. Not the stereotypical, trivial, or outward appearance but the core, the essence of their understanding.

The date &  location for the gathering will be Sat. June 8th at Jama Masjid of Orlando, 11543 Ruby Lake Rd, Orlando FL 32836 …

Dear Friends, we look forward to a most enjoyable and respectful evening with you all.


Elder Shaykh Asadullah ibn Said al Hawas.

الله أعلمain.

Death of the Dragon

After several months of being a thorn in the side of the domain the cult known as the Dragon has been defeated. One might remember the recent reports of kidnappings and the death of the Princes Enforcer Edmond Wake of Clan Assamite.  The elusive group of asian vampires known as Kuei-jin finally made a mistake that lead us to their location. The Anarch Joey of the Honey Badgers provided the City with the information they needed. Then in a raid lead by Deputy Zero of Clan Assamite with large contributions from Clans Ventrue and Nosferatu the head of the dragon Shen was cut off. We expect the rest of the organization to dismantle without leadership.

Symbel Winner

Let it be known through the domain that the winner of the Symbel put forward by Elder Mary of Gen Beli of Clan Malkavian is none other than Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu. He won the contest by turning in a detailed report multiple Sabbat packs spotted within the region as well as their apparent motives and goals. The Elder was impressed with the thoroughness of his report and declared him the obvious winner.

It was my intention to announce this news at the gathering, but held off at the request of the victor.  For anyone one who has met the Nosferatu Primogen they can easily pick up the fact that he enjoys challenges but hates attention. As the Elder was in her home City in the Bahamas I upheld the the request of the winner. However, even Tsavo has to admit news like this cannot and should not stay quiet. So join me in congratulating Tsavo the Victorious!

Symbel Reminder “Let’s Play Favorites”

I am please to say my contest is well underway. So far 13 participants have made the board with the necessary Favored Status earned from an Elder backing them either from previously earned Status or recent. While there are early favorites many of the Domains Elders have yet to cast a vote so there is still time to sway an Elder to Support you in the contest. As a reminder the person with the most Favored Status will win Victorious.

The Rules

1) The contest officially begins on May 11th at the Toreador Gathering.

2) The contestants will have until June 7th to acquire as many Favored as they can from Camarilla Elders. Winner will be announced June 8th at the Assimite hosted gathering.

3) Previously earned Favored will count. However, as a reminder contestants can not be Favored by the same Elder more than once.

4) The Favored must be maintained through June 7th meaning Favored lost due to warnings or Favored that is expended during the month will not count towards your total.

5) In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by the individual with the most overall fleeting status. In the event there is still a tie the Individual Favored by Elders of the widest variety of Clans shall be the winner. In the event there is still a tie the Harpy will choose the winner based off weighted boon records.

6) The rule of 5 max Fleeting status is still in effect so serious candidates may have to give up other status to make room.

Who will prove they have they have the chops to approach and gain the respect of the most Elders? Which Elder (or Elders) will earn the bragging rights that they supported the victor? We will find out together June 8th!

Office and Status Updates

Elder Rahim of Clan Assamite has officially accepted the permanent role of Sheriff.

The Prince thanks Clifford B. Hardwell of Clan Tremere for filling in as Sheriff until a final decision could be made and sees Clifford as Loyal for his Service to the Domain.

Elder Mahmoud Çetin of Clan Assamite will be taking over as Primogen with Lisette Charbonneau remaining as clan Whip.

With Sheriff Rahim otherwise preoccupied with his duties Keeper Andrew Lacer has named Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu as his replacement as Assistant Keeper of Elysium.

Primogen Rhamiel will also be stepping down as Assistant Keeper after diligently overseeing the transition of Keepers. Keeper Andrew has not yet named a permanent replacement and will be keeping an eye out for candidates.

For their combined efforts in the raid on the Dragon as well as last months assault of Ebon Hand, Deputy Zero of Clan Assamite, Elder Cierzo Mistral of Clan Nosferatu and Ventrue Clan Whip Argyle Hunt are seen as Acclaimed by Harpy Goodman.

Harpy Goodman of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Favored by Elder Cierzo Mistral of Clan Nosferatu.

Seneschal Chance Whitman of Clan Brujah is seen as Acclaimed by Primogen Rhamiel for services to the domain.  

Primogen Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu is seen as Victorious for winning the Symbel of Malkavian Elder Mary of Gen Beli.

Prime-Vegan derek Zoolander-Dezz is seen as Acclaimed by Harpy Goodman for being the only member of Clan Toreador willing to get wet at a pool party hosted by Clan Toreador.

Mahmoud Çetin Primogen of Clan Assamite is seen as Courteous by Harpy Goodman for his contributions to the domain.

Anna Donnelly of Clan Tremere is seen as Triumphant for striking the killing blow on Blood hunted Juliano Goodheart. Clan Tremere makes special note this individual was not of their blood and was most likely a Sabbat infiltrator.

Prince The Plague sees Primogen Marcus Lees, Elder Fenrir Lukka, Elder Argyle Hunt, and Elder Cierzo all Courageous for proving the city has healed enough to become a proper Camarilla Domain again. 

Let its be known that on the night of May 17th Prince the Plague made the following announcements.

“Firstly, I’ve been made aware that Elysium had a new Kindred pay its halls a visit. Upon a cursory review of this Elder Tremere’s background it has been revealed he is a diablerist and has thus violated our Elysium. I have promised no quarter in this regard – the Tremere known as J. Juliano Goodheart is hereby Blood Hunted for this violation.”

Secondly, it has come to my attention that the Scourge, Elaine, has assaulted Elder Fenrir. While this event seems to not have happened within the bounds of the domain it nonetheless is concrete proof that despite the Domain’s efforts over the past years – through multiple Princes – Elaine does not have it within her to conduct herself as a member of the Camarilla. Elaine is henceforth Unacknowledged within the Domain of Orlando and is to be treated as such.

Lastly, due to the Clan’s resurgence in the city and its Elders showing they can act as true Elders of the Camarilla fit to advise in matters of the domain, Clan Gangrel shall be given a seat on the Primogen Council. They may inform the Harpy of their choice of Primogen at next month’s gathering.