The News Worth Knowing Issue 19

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Call To Action

The sleeping dragon awakens. Watch out infernalists, Orlando’s coming for you!

by Ty McFearson

The city gathered en masse to a meeting called by Clan Malkavian, to discuss the situation at hand and rally the Kindred. And what a gathering of heroes did attend! Kindred from all across the Domain arrived to discuss the issues of the day and settle it out. A rousing speech was given by The Plague (Primogen Of Clan Malkavian) calling the city to action, and many in the city seemed moved by such a display!

After an intense meeting with the Primogen, Prince Vitale came out and offered equally strong words of encouragement. The city seemed moved by his words, several primogen offering cheers at the Prince as he called for the eradication of said infernal creatures within our midst. So strongly did they feel for it that the Primogen Council asked him to call a Blood Hunt on these creatures and it was done so.

Between speeches there was plenty of time for social interaction. Several Kindred showed great skill in that area, from Bee of Clan Brujah to Contessa Valentina Mezzanotte of Clan ventrue; all showed great skill and charm. Sadly not everyone showed such skill, as (then) Sheriff Patrick chose to shove his foot down  his throat to several high ranking city members.

The city is charged and primed, what will you do to assist?






Status Updates

by Ty McFearson

Established Elder Aleksandru “Sobaka” Kasun has moved up in city position this past week. He has claimed the placement as the Noble Gangrel Primogen, much to his Clans delight. He is having for a Whip the good Halogi, who will be pulling double duty it seems.

Elders Sigismondo, Sobaka and Mara Zurie all choose to see Harpy Prima Dezz as Favored for his actions in office.

The Whip Of Clan Assamite, Patrick O’Brian, was named Sheriff. He has replaced Mr. Wilde in the role, at the suggestion by the Primogen Council to the Prince. He has announced no current Deputies at this time.

Keeper of Elysium Halogi wishes it to be known that for her work in assisting his office, he seeing Lisa Roberts of Clan Tremere are Loyal.

Sheriff Patrick O’Brian has been removed as Sheriff, after certain events came to light, at the request of the Primogen Council. He remains Whip of Clan Assamite but has been removed of his city position by the Prince.

There is confusion as to the exact personage of the Nosferatu Primogen. At this time it remains Winston. The Harpy’s Nest will update its records of anything changes. See the article below for more details on that.




Will the Real Primogen Please Stand Up…

by Ty McFearson

During the Primogen Meeting held during the Malkavian gathering, which was set aside for the Primogen to take one and make a plan of attack to handle the infernalist threat, there was a general disturbance from the Nosferatu. Both the Nosferatu Primogen and Whip were in attendance, and both seemed to be at complete odds with each other. Over critical moments the two kept fighting publicly, to the point that Whip Imogen accused the Primogen of betraying interests to the Clan. She stated that others of the Clan supported her for the role and he should step down, yet there were no other members of the Clan in attendance to verify the claims.

We here at the Harpy’s Nest would like to point out that this is a complex political situation handled internally by Clan Nosferatu, but there are ramifications on the rest of the city. This discourse apparently continued for quite some time requiring several clarifications of Camarilla law and tradition, that could have been solved if the Primogen had a Harpy allowed inside to sit and provide insight. Perhaps in the future?

In the end, Winston is still technically Primogen. He has exercised his right as Primogen to remove Imogen as Whip of Clan Nosferatu as well as remove her status as a member of the Clan. At the time Imogen is considered a Catiff as she has no Clan to represent her, but is still an acknowledged member of the Camarilla. No word how the rest of Clan Nosferatu feels about this, or if a Primogen change is incoming.

Here at the Harpy’s Nest we would like to make a suggestion to Prince Vitale. Simply remove the Primogen seat until the Clan can come together towards you, give a concrete and definitive answer to who their Primogen is and then allow them a seat back at the table.

No comment from Winston, Imogen or Prince Vitale at this time.




Primogen Council Erupts in Chaos

by Ty McFearson

The Primogen met this past gathering to discuss plans for battling the infernalists. But it seems this meeting went anywhere but, as chaos and disorder was the rule of the day. We have already commented on the issue involved with the Nosferatu Primogen, but it seems one divisive issue wasn’t enough. The Primogen Council loudly and angrily demanded the replacement of Patrick O’Brian, an individual they themselves angrily demanded Prince Vitale put into the role in the first place.

Another issue for debate was that of the nature of a Blood Hunt. Can you Blood Hunt someone who’s not a Camarilla member? Technically there’s nothing against it by any law or Tradition, but it serves no real purpose to give out the harshest of punishments to something that is not clearly defined (the “Master”) but not also a member of the camarilla. As non-protected members, their lives are already forfeit as long as the Masquerade continues to be upheld. It is the same with our local Giovanni thugs that so many people enjoy complaining about; nothing protects them from your scorn but your own sense of morality. If the Kindred is not a member of the Camarilla, what is the point in wasting such a thing? Yet the Primogen Council seem to think it such a vital issue that it was worth severing a Praxis over.

Other issues came to light that caused undo stress on the city in a time it could not afford such. Rumors swirl that three to four of the Primogen Council moved to force the Prince out of office, a bold political move in the best of circumstances but one that seems foolhardy in the current deadly climate. It seems their actions failed as Prince Vitale remains his hold on the Praxis, and as of right now the identity of these three to four Primogen is just a whispered rumor. Should more details come to light, expect an updated story segment next Monday.

The Primogen Council seems a hotbed of rumors and political strife as of late, as well as a gross misunderstanding of Camarilla policy. Perhaps they will heed the wise counsel of others and have the Harpy or one of his Talons sit in with them to help on clearing up rumors as well as offering expert Camarilla law and tradition advice?




Sheriff, Sheriff, who’s got the Sheriff…

by Ty McFearson

It seems that Orlando has poor luck with Sheriffs these nights! At the request of the Primogen Council, Prince Vitale moved to replace the office of Sheriff in the city. Mr. Wilde of Clan Lasombra is no longer in office, and at the behest and request of the Primogen Council he was replaced by Patrick O’Brian of Clan Assamite.

Patrick O’Brian of Clan Assamite is known for his combat prowess and ability to hunt and kill, so this seemed a logical choice and a good recommendation by the Primogen Council. He was instituted into the role just in time for the last gathering hosted by Clan Malkavian, had not even had a chance to appoint deputies before the tide of public opinion shifted on him. From the Primogen Council no less!

In a impassioned speech by the Malkavian Primogen The Plague, various issues and issues with Patrick fame to light. Most severe included various implied charges that his actions with a few others made the current infernal situation far worse. So great was the outcry of negativity that the Primogen Council, who previously rallied for his appointment, demanded the Prince remove him post haste. Prince Vitale did heed the Council, as he had previously when he appointed them, and removed Patrick from his role.

At this time, the city does not have a Sheriff. We await comment from the Prince on who will fill the role.




Spotlight Of Praise: Bee

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Bee of Clan Brujah

Bee has worked hard for the city of Orlando, sacrificing her body for the sake of handling its foes and working properly within the social confines of the system. She finds unique and fun ways to enhance the social dialogue, and is always willing to do the right thing regardless how she feels about the people involved. At the latest gathering Bee was doing her best to welcome many of the newcomers, sharing what she had and encouraging their potential.

Thank you Bee for all the good you do. Thank you for inspiring others to greatness with your kindness!




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