Harpy Report Updates 5-6-19

Harpy Report Updates

May 6th 2019

By Master Harpy H. Goodman


Prince The Plague recently addressed the City Officers stating;

“As we have reduced our ongoing threats to a reasonable level I would like to re-ignite the tradition of our gatherings being hosted by the Clans. As Nosferatu and Gangrel have recently hosted the Toreador have graciously offered to be next.”

So the May gathering we will be hosted by Clan Toreador. Clan Assamite has already agreed to be on deck for June. Luminary Elder and Admiral of the Toreador navy has released the  following statement;  

“Help the city welcome the newest Orlando Prime Vegan. Derek Zoolander-Dezz invites you all to join him at Blizzard Beach in Disney World. Slip on your swimwear and flaunt your flex, it’s a Toreador-Pool-Party!

The inauguration will be catered by Luminary Prima Dezz, secured by Rattlesnake Security teams, and presided over by the new Prime Vegan.”

Elysium Update…Fairy Infestation

As some of you are aware there have been some recent sightings of fae around the Elysium grounds. So far the interactions have been brief and attempts to capture any of them have not met with success. Keeper Andrew has has been coordinating efforts with Sheriff Clifford B. Hardwell to do what they can to secure the grounds from the pesky rumor spreaders. In the meantime the Sheriff has offered this advice for those of us, like myself, who know little about these beings.

“Fairies are an obnoxious, cruel, mean-spirited and strangely powerful thing. Their magics can override powers of the blood, and they play by rules we can’t know until we’ve broken them. Seems that something attracted them to the area, and now they’re flirting about.”

“I’m working with the Keeper on erecting a barrier to keep them away from Elysium. But in the meantime, we need to stop fueling their Magic’s by simply  ignoring them. Their powers thrive on attention and belief, so the more you disbelieve them and the less attention you give them the less powerful they are.”

“As far as ignoring them…” “Don’t accept gifts from them. Don’t eat their food, don’t give them yer name. Don’t ask their name, don’t invite them in. Don’t engage their tricks, continue to disbelieve. The more you believe it, the more powerful they are. Their magic relies on you believing it’s actually affecting you. So strengthening your willpower will be key.”

Symbel ORDEAL Winner

I have coordinated the entries for the Symbol put forth by Malkavian Elder Mary of Gen Beli of the Bahamas Domain. After reviewing all the Entries Elder Mary is prepared to declare who has earned the coveted “victorious” status. The winner of the contest will be announced at the beginning of the May gathering so that he or she may enjoy the accolades of the domain.

“Let’s Play Favorites” Symbel Announcement!

“I, Dr Harry Goodman of Clan Nosferatu, Prominent Noble Guardian and Harpy of the Orlando Domain, Honorable, Loyal, Acclaimed and Favored, here by put up the Favor bestowed on me by the Confirmed, Established, Privileged Elder and Admiral of the Toreador Navy Prima Dezz, Honorable, Favored, Courteous, and Double Loyal. To announce the following contest.”

“This contest is intended for Neonates as a way to get them better acquainted to the dance that is Camarilla politics and social etiquette. However, the contest is open for anyone to compete. To the individual who can acquire and maintain the most “Favored” fleeting status from Camarilla Elders will be the “Victorious”!”  


The Rules

1) The contest officially begins on May 11th at the Toreador Gathering.

2) The contestants will have until June 7th to acquire as many Favored as they can from Camarilla Elders. Winner will be announced June 8th at the Assimite hosted gathering.

3) Previously earned Favored will count. However, as a reminder contestants can not be Favored by the same Elder more than once.

4) The Favored must be maintained through June 7th meaning Favored lost due to warnings or Favored that is expended during the month will not count towards your total.

5) In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by the individual with the most overall fleeting status. In the event there is still a tie the Individual Favored by Elders of the widest variety of Clans shall be the winner. In the event there is still a tie the Harpy will choose the winner based off weighted boon records.

6) The rule of 5 max Fleeting status is still in effect so serious candidates may have to give up other status to make room.

Who will prove they have they have the chops to approach and gain the respect of the most Elders? Which Elder (or Elders) will earn the bragging rights that they supported the victor? We will find out together June 8th!

Office and Status Updates

New Keeper new rules! Keeper Andrew Lacer of Clan Nosferatu has asked me to remind everyone to look through the new rules of conduct and consequences posted in Elysium. It is everyone responsibility to be familiar with these rules when entering Elysium and to respect the grounds and Authority of our new Keeper.

With the Promotion of Talon Andrew Lacer of Clan Nosferatu to Keeper of Elysium I, Harpy Goodman, have named Georgia Sugerbush of Clan Ventrue and Poppet of Clan Malkavian as my acting Talons. I see both as Courteous for their assistance to the Harpy Office.

For his assistance with security at Elysium Shariff Clifford B. Hardwell of clan Tremere is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman.

MiroSlava of Clan Nosferatu Is seen as Loyal by Nosferatu Primogen Tsavo for services to the Clan.

 MiroSlava of Clan Nosferatu Is seen as Favored by Elder Archangel of Clan Nosferatu.

Primogen Derek Zoolander-Dezz of Clan Toreador is seen as Favored by Elder Prima Dezz of Clan Toreador.

Finally Prince The Plague has asked me to inform the domain to expect an update on the position of Sheriff to be announced this Saturday.