The News Worth Knowing Issue 29

The Harpy Nest Digest

January 22nd, 2019


Monster Sightings!

Sabbat sightings on our borders have turned to small sightings within the Domain itself. Could this be the start of a new wave of monsters?

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Our last gathering was quite eventful, both in the good and bad ways such a thing could be. We had so many new faces it warmed my stony heart, I especially enjoyed seeing all the new Toreador and taking the time to discuss art with them and watch their eyes light up with passion. I may not be a spiritual man, but I know I will pay a visit to Father Cassian’s mass services some time just to experience the passion in his voice as he preaches. And of course Clan Nosferatu continued to present themselves well and represent masterfully their new status in the city. It’s so nice to see them bonding with other Pillar Clans as well, they spent a lot of time in deep talks with Clan Ventrue by many observant eyes. All in all, for the most part the Camarilla portion of the gathering was a rousing success.

Yet even in the signs of our success and prosperity, there is darkness lurking in the corners. It seems that these shapes of darkness are monsters in the dark, monsters that hunt and stalk the mortals and harass the Camarilla. Yes folks, sadly it seems we have a Sabbat problem on the rise. Much like cockroaches in the caribbean, they hide in every moist corner that we don’t clean on a regular basis.

It seems that Clan Nosferatu, aided by Clan Brujah, were able to track a number of Sabbat moving through our territory and also seeming to make camp and hide inside Anarch and Independent territory. Doing as they do, damaging the Masquerade and testing our reactions, I am happy to report that their efforts were in vain. Clan Brujah did a wonderful, if not messy, job cleaning up Masquerade issues the Sabbat caused. Other Kindred came through and assisted in cleaning up the Sabbat mess, but it seems several escaped back into territory where they were protected by a number of factors. I’m sure the Sheriff and other more martial folks will give chase and settle these monsters soon.

Just keep in mind, that while we enjoy our social parties and our civility and humanity…there are those who wish to undo that work and revel in their inhumanity and monstrous behaviors. Those who are outside our system risk the loss of their soul. The Sabbat, the diablrist. The unacknowledged and the banished Kindred who try to circumvent our system using brute force encouraged by their Beast. We should not let these creatures influence our thoughts and minds, we should focus on what makes the Camarilla strong. Celebrate humanity, revel in Art, enjoy our social structure and play politics. The best challenge to the inhumanities of the monsters of the night is to be truly human in face of their wassailing fangs.






Status and City Officer Updates

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

Our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

  • As he could not be in attendance for this gathering, having Bloodline matters keeping him occupied, Sheriff Nicola deputized Elder Ruiz La Roja for the evening to handle any matters of Domain security. In the course of such events, Deputy Ruiz (along with assistance from the Scourge) captured the unacknowledged Kindred known as Krazy and removed him from the Domain. Krazy is to be seen as Warned by the office of Sheriff for violating the Tradition of Domain.
  • Prince The Plague would like to see Lillian Tyler and Father Cassian (both of Clan Toreador) as Courteous for their behavior at the last gathering as well as their thoughtful gifts. #Roses4Lyfe
  • Krazy has been found as a Ravnos, not a true Malkavian nor one adopted into the Clan in any formal method. As such, he is to no longer be seen as a Clanhead for the locals of Clan Malkavian.
  • Rhamiel of Clan Brujah was appointed Whip for Clan Brujah. Congrats to the Clan on selecting a Whip that doesn’t try to uppercut their Clanmates in public!
  • For his shrewd handling of the city, his deft hand at politics and his unwavering commitment to the truth in all things, Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson sees Prince The Plague as Honorable.
  • Let it be known to the Domain of Orlando that Clan Nosferatu, with the support of Clan Ventrue and by virtue of their efforts in the new Nosferatu Territory, are hereby granted a seat on the Primogen Council. The Clan has already selected their representative and will be spoken for by Primogen Goodman. No word yet if Primogen Goodman has selected a Whip to represent him. Per the Office of the Prince, to celebrate the Clan’s return to the Council the next gathering will be hosted by Primogen Goodman. Expect more announcements in the next report about this upcoming gathering!
  • Prince The Plague would like all to see Primogen Goodman as Loyal and hopes he will earn an honorable reputation among the council.
  • Clanhead Prima Dezz of Clan Toreador would like to see Elder Maxwell as Favored for his aid and continued support of Prince The Plague, however you cannot bestow prestation on a dead man. It appears that some terrible fate befell Maxwell while visiting our neighbors to the south in Miami. I’m sure that nothing at all could have happened to him while he was safely within the bounds of that city, and I’m sure as my investigations into the matter continue I will be able to say that no Camarlla citizen had a hand in this. Stay tuned for my next report for further details as my investigation continues.
  • For arguing with an Officer of the court, for threatening an Officer of the court and making a damned fool of himself and embarrassing his Primogen, Whip Goetzshlakk of Clan Tremere is Warned by Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson.
  • It appears that Lily White of Clan Toreador befell a similar terrible fate as Maxwell while visiting out neighbors to the south in Miami. I’m sure that nothing at all could have happened to her while she was safely within the bounds of that city, and I’m sure as my investigations into the matter continue I will be able to say that no Camarlla citizen had a hand in this. Stay tuned for my next report for further details as my investigation continues.
  • Owing to the death of Lily White, Clan Toreador currently has a new Primogen. William Fue will now be acting as the Toreador Primogen, at least until such time that all the Rose in Orlando can gather and discuss more. He is still aided in Whip duties by Elder Prima Dezz. I reached out to the Primogen to ask for a statement on the death of his former Primogen, sadly Primogen Fue was unavailable for comment.
  • Owing to the death of Lily White, I am looking to hire a new Talon! Eager minds and itchy fingers can apply to me directly for the role. Must be able to take good notes, understand the Status system, and be willing to write at least 1 article a month.
  • Let it also be known that Prince The Plague under no circumstance ordered Clanhead Mack to hunt down Sabbat in the Tremere’s territory. He will not tolerate lies regarding his orders or intentions. As Prince The Plague has spoken with 2 of the 3 Kindred present and both are willing to attest to this version of events – with their status if necessary – he issues the follow decrees: Clanhead Mack is firstly Warned by Praxis for this behavior. Secondly, Clanhead Mack, having shown that he cannot be trusted both via his actions and words, is hereby unacknowledged from the Domain of Orlando. Prince The Plague would personally like to remind any remaining Clanheads that if they can not perform the functions of their post without violating our traditions, they are free to coordinate clan business outside of Orlando. More on this development as my investigations continue.
  • I held a boon contest this past gathering, and I am pleased to announce the winners! With the most collected Trivial boons, the winner is the new Primogen Goodman who has won a Minor boon from me! With the most Minor Boons collected, the winner is Primogen Dissonance who has won a Major Boon from me! And finally with the most Major Boons collected the winner is Marcus Barlow of Clan Tremere, he will be seen as Honorable by my hand as Master of Harpies! Excellent contest, thank you to everyone who participated! We will hold another next gathering.
  • Apparently The Barony of Orlando, in accordance with their Anarch Law, has voted a cessation of hostilities and an end to the Call to Arms (an Anarch version of a Blood Hunt) against Elder Goetzschlakk. Further, the Barony of Orlando has voted to ban the Kindred known as Goetzschlakk of Clan Tremere from the Barony of Orlando effective immediately. This Ban shall last until the end of this Kindreds days.
    Let it also be known that the Tremere Clan, respectively, are welcome in the Barony of Orlando from this night forward provided they are not in the company of Elder Goetzschlakk when entering the Barony. So, good job Primogen Jasmine on settling the issue!




Vandal Vexes Ventrue

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” – Plato

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, it appears that Clan Ventrue is at odds with the Anarch Movement. Shocking, yes I know but it is the truth of things! It seems there was a confrontation between two of them, one of the Brujah Anarchs names Joey (of the Honey Badgers, said in a very thick Brooklyn accent) and Elder Nathan St. Germaine of Clan Ventrue. This exchange got so heated between the two the the Anarch dared to call the Established Elder a liar! Can you believe that?!

While I am honestly not that shocked that a Brujah Anarch would mouth off to a Ventrue Elder, I mean water is wet after all, it was the Elders reaction that so befuddled me. There were a dozen or so different reactions that Mr. Nathan St. Germaine could have taken, and yet he chose really the only wrong response. He informed my Talon, strongly and after being counseled against this statement, that she was to record him issuing a Warned censure against Joey of the Honey Badgers. This is most troubling because you cannot censure an Anarch, they are not a part of our social system and thus not beholden to our social laws. Why would an Elder Ventrue, a man whose blood helped settle the foundation that we built the Tower of the Camarilla upon, try to do something so ill advised?

There are any number of reasons really. He could simply be attempting to circumvent our social law and apply it to someone we cannot, I pray that this isn’t the answer but it’s a possibility. As well on the table is the possibility that the Elder was emotionally or mentally dominated by the Brujah Anarch, an embarrassing situation if that occurred. Or it could be that a rival to the Elder, perhaps another Camarilla citizen who has powerful mind abilities and isn’t afraid to dominate, muddled the mind of the Elder Ventrue. One does have to wonder what would make him settle it in such a way, considering the possibilities.

What I mean by that is Anarchs are not acknowledged Kindred. They are allowed in Camarilla Domains because they respect the First and Second Traditions, but beyond that they do not adhere to our fantastic social laws or our phenomenal status system. Nor are they beholden protection, as Elder Goetzshlakk demonstrated that evening as he dominated a Anarch in view of others to go issue a death threat to the other Anarchs and really he did nothing wrong. There’s nothing protecting Anarchs from use of powers, from assault, from forced blood bonds or any number of other issues; as long as the Camarilla citizen doesn’t violate our Sect/City laws or our social guidelines for decorum.

I’m sure there will be more as this develops, but as it stands it seems an Anarch got so under the skin of an Elder Ventrue that he caused the Elder to forget momentarily how Negative Censure works. That’s a real shame, maybe Clan Ventrue’s new allies in Clan Nosferatu can offer some advice?




On Stupidity and Death Wishes

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

“Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.” –  Emily Dickinson

The Camarilla is a society based on rules and social decorum, everyone who buys into our system understand that the structure must be maintained by all regardless of how you feel about it. There have certainly been times that I have wished different outcomes for situations, but the system of order and stability we all adhere to defines the boundaries of our world. Ignoring those rules, forgetting the system we live by creates chaos and anarchy which inevitably leads to falling to our Beast. The rules are there for a reason, and we should support them.

But what happens when a Kindred decides to get a wild hair up their ass and disregard the rules? Let me tell you about Krazy.

After our last gathering, Krazy had his acknowledgement removed by Prince The Plague for his behavior and actions to the acknowledged Kindred of Orlando. Krazy was left with many correct ways to handle things, and he could have used any of his political connections to solve the issue. Instead, he chose poor life choices. He decided that sneaking into the Domain of Orlando, trying to plead his case in a place he had no acknowledgement, and then ran into the Sheriff and Scourge.

In an impressive display of self-control, the Scourge Elaine did not eat Krazy nor did she torpor him and bring him before the Prince right then and there. Escorting him out of the Domain he was interrogated by the officers and myself, where he tried to call in Boons that didn’t exist and tried to threaten those he had no power over. He was taken away by an Archon to the Malkavian Justicar, and that was the last we ever saw of Krazy. The Archon was called because it was proven that Krazy is of the Ravnos lineage, and thus not actually Malkavian. Being not Malkavian, he was removed from his position as Clanhead. His infiltration to the Camarilla is now being investigated by the Justicariate.

Why do I share such a tale of woe in this report? It’s to remind you of the system we belong to. When you are an acknowledged member of the city, you are provided the protections given to you by your Status. When you are unacknowledged, you lose those protections. It’s important that you not enter a territory unless you go straight to their Elysium, you contact your Primogen and let them know you’re coming into town. Extend boons, protect yourself. Do not try and sneak into some city you’ve been kicked out of, and expect a warm welcome. Especially if you are a banished Kindred, if you are not simply unacknowledged but Banished then you shouldn’t even be near that Domain.

Krazy was unacknowledged, he took a risk to do something stupid and it ended the only way it could have: with his end. If you are an unacknowledged Kindred (new to the city, Independent, Anarch, etc) then watch your step carefully.




Spotlight Of Praise: Clan Nosferatu

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

”When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it—always.” – Mahatma Gandhi

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest I would like to focus on that least once a report. This reports Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at our newly rejuvenated Clan Nosferatu.

Clan Nosferatu has really stepped it up in the past two months, a whole new host of the Pillar Clan has moved into town and seemed determined to undo the errors of their past. Owning the mistakes of their Clan and striving for a fresh start, in the past two months Clan Nosferatu have helped immensely to the whole city. They had aided the Sheriff in threats against the Domain, they have aided the Prince in sharing vital information for the benefit for the city, and have participated in lovely ways to the boon economy here in Orlando! The city is more developed and more well rounded because of their actions, and I am very thankful for them being here.

Mr. Goodman, their newest Primogen, is quite the agreeable sort and always willing to strike up a conversation and work in business deals and trade. His newest companion, a Mr. Andrew Lacer, was equally as warm and inviting and definitely someone you should meet! I have yet to physically meet Mr. Tsavo beyond the first night and a handshake, but his whispers and eyes have been most helpful to the city and I’m sure this will continue as the nights continue forward. Does this mean we will be seeing less of their Clanhead, Mr. Jonathan Cole, in the city? Now that they have a proper Primogen, I’m sure of it.

They do have some challenges to overcome soon, like the rumors that they are simply pawns of Clan Ventrue that are being whispered about or the upcoming gathering they will be hosting, but I believe in their ability to overcome. I cannot wait to see what Clan Nosferatu does next!




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