The News Worth Knowing Special Edition #3

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Gathering of Peers

A curious gathering is called for by the prince on a number of topics. Are you prepared?

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

Prince The Plague has called for a gathering this upcoming Saturday. The location will be at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, a secured and rented conference room has been obtained for the gathering. Primogen, please make sure your Clan is accounted for and aware that no shenanigans will be tolerated. The Prince has asked to have a Primogen Meeting at 7:30pm sharp in Office Suite A (The one with the very nice fan) to discuss some important information for Orlando. Primogen only at this meeting, unless a Primogen cannot attend and then a Whip shall suffice.

Topics to prepare for, update on and settle include the matters of the Sabbat on the East Coast as well as these rumored feral Nosferatu Elders from Tampa. I’m sure everyone will be on their best behaviors, and having a good social time otherwise until the meeting has concluded.



A Hosted Game

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

Since we will have a little bit of time before the Pirmogen update us all and I’m sure we will have time to run off and do silliness later on…a game! I am going to be sponsoring a Boon Harvest, and to the victor goes the spoils!

The way the game is played is as follows: I will be awarding prizes to the Kindred who by the end of the gathering have collected the most boons! A Minor Boon from me will go to the Kindred who earns the most Trivial Boons by the end of the evening, a Major Boon from me will go to the Kindred who collects the most Minor Boons by the end of the evening and the Kindred who collects the most Major Boons by the end of the evening will be seen as Honorable by myself at the end of the evening.

Boons must be recorded and collected between 7pm and 12am during the gathering only. They must be recorded by myself or one of my two Talons (Everest or Primogen Lilly). Boons will be tallied and the winners announced during the next official Harpy Report.

Let the games begin!

Update on the Situation Involving Whip Goetzschlakk

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

The folowing is a statement provided by the Clanhead of Clan tremere in this area, concerning the matters of Caius:

        “Concerned citizens of the Praxis of Orlando and the neighboring domains of the Camarilla, I do hope this missive reaches you well. I imagine plenty of you, like myself, are either looking forward to or are enjoying the wonders of this time of year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Festivus, New Year or any other year end celebrations I am forgetting at this current moment I do wish you and yours well. However, while I’d love to simply kick back by a roaring simulated fire with a cup of nice hot cocoa spiked with our mutual favorite snack, turn on some Bing Crosby and bask in the warm snugglies generated by this time of year…sadly there is some important business to discuss. Namely, the current status of one Kindred by the name of Caius.

        During the last Gathering in Orlando hosted by Toreador Primogen Lily White and Clanhead Prima Dezz (which was quite a wonderful party, thanks for setting that up by the way) an individual under the umbrella of Clan Tremere was declared Bloodhunted by Prince The Plague due to his actions that night against the Barony of Orlando. However, since that time I’ve been hearing reports and information from various sources which are starting to swirl into…well quite frankly a bit of a cluster. And as such, I felt compelled to clear the air a bit and make sure that any such rumors were snuffed out in due order with the truth. So, here’s the current status of things as far as that affair goes.

1) As of this moment, Caius’ whereabouts are unknown by all members of Clan Tremere operating within the Domains of Orlando and its neighboring Praxii.

        -Once the proclamation of Bloodhunted was given by Prince The Plague, any and all rights and privileges associated with being an Acknowledged Kindred of the Camarilla were henceforth revoked from the individual known as Caius. This includes any and all boons owed to him as well as those he owed, including the life boon he had owed to the Justicariate that he was serving out via his service to Elder Goetzschlakk. As a result, during the confusion that ensued that night and having just been released from the terms of said life boon holding him in place within Orlando, Caius fled the Praxis.

2) In cooperation with the Scourge of Orlando, both Primogen Dupree and Elder Goetzschlakk acquiesced to a request to search a Haven utilized by the Elder for any evidence of Caius’ presence within. According to the Scourge, no traces of the Bloodhunted individual were found within the Haven but all parties are continuing to mutually cooperate to aid in the search.

3) As of this time, Primogen Jasmine Dupree is doing everything reasonably possible within her power to track down and apprehend the Bloodhunted party, as is expected of any good Primogen, and will report her findings to the proper authorities once she has them.

        At any rate, I do hope to make one thing clear: Clan Tremere does not tolerate the presence of those who would sow discord and chaos within the ranks of the Tower. We are a firm believer in the tenants of the Camarilla and seek to act as a force of stability and growth within the Praxis of Orlando and beyond. Those who have been deemed Bloodhunted will be brought to face justice with all due process and haste as is befitting their current state. Should any Kindred have any questions in regards to this matter, feel free to reach out to Primogen Dupree as is befitting her station. If she is not available, you all have my number. Thanks for your time on this matter and I wish you and yours well. Here’s to a better and saner 2019.

Marcus Barlow

Clanhead of Clan Tremere”

As you can see from the above the Clanhead was asked to step in and help settle matters in his Clan because the Whip came across as rude, obtuse, unhelpful and clearly argumentative with his Primogen. The Clanhead, an Honorable fellow, investigated the situation and found that Whip Goetzschlakk had in fact not performed any action that aided the Bloodhunted Kindred. So of course, the Camarilla does not see him as Disgraced. I don’t have the status to disagree with an Honorable Kindred, nor do most, so I am thankful that he came in and settled the matter.

On a personal note, I am happy to see the Clanhead situation settled in the way it was supposed to. Clanhead Marcus kept all infomred parties in the know, he handled his investigations quickly and cleanly, he reported it to the correct authorities and he didn’t try to use bloodshed even once. Thank you for setting a good example Clanhead Marcus, you should help instruct your fellows!

Kindred Prsonals

by Tyranus “Ty” McFearson

A few Kindred have asked me to post a couple ad’s they are offering and wish the Kindred at large in Orlando to be made aware of. Enjoy!


“Kindred, I am writing on a matter of prestation to recommend you commission the work of one Ser Victorijah. The Lady of Victory sometimes known as Joan. A Toreador blacksmith residing in Nassau in good standing with the Camarilla. A vision of the future and a favorable astrological calculation led me to Nassau seeking arcane secrets only to stumble upon Joan’s work. She revealed to me a blade  that when drawn filled my heart with hope and shone with a bright light like the blades of legend made of fallen stars. I have since commissioned several pieces of artwork from Joan that have been immensely useful to me in my study. The ability to persuade the kine simply by producing a bit of metal that makes them amenable to new experiences or paralyzes them in fear… Well I do not think much more need be said. I encourage any who wish to know more of her transcendental work to reach out to her or myself in Nassau and we can see about getting you a fine piece of your own. But I encourage you to act quickly for I know that while she works tirelessly. Her schedule and time to create is still limited by the hours of the night. “

Signed Jaelyn Erasmus Hanema of Clan Tremere


Everest of Clan Ravnos would like to advertise

Their willingness to teach lessons in Fortitude and chimestry to eager Kindred. They would also like to announce their sensory adventure. Wish to remember the taste or smell of a distant memory? Seek out Everest of Clan Ravnos

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