Time For Blood – Disney Style

Have you had too much Stein? I’ve had too much Stein.  The loyal vassal state of Disney,  Queendom of Her Majesty Elaine,  supplicant to our glorious defender Prince Vitale Vicenzo of Our City Beautiful,  hereby declares that the annual PREMIUM Disney band that was gifted to Imperator Stein is now hereby and forever revoked.  Take that, bitch!

Happily, the nude photos of the harpy Ms.  Beauregard Foxx have ceased. I mean, the Queen is pretty sly for a white gal when it comes to rebuilding body parts (options open to all, we can fix that ‘size’ issue) – but she got tired of making her eyes over and over and over.. after plucking them out over and over and over for seeing the horrid nudity.  Seriously,  even if you are ancient and you have been stuck like a pig by a bunch of sailors for 500 years.. find a surgeon.  Botox maybe?

Do you know your Disney royalty?

  • Queen Elaine,  blessed by the Prince, she is Wisdom
  • Princess Leiagh, glorious keeper of things that must be kept
  • The Cryptic Prince Dr. Exian – knower of things that must be known
  • Knight Billy – Not so squirellly but more ‘kill your mother if she blinks the wrong way’ sorta guy

I have heard of the horrible horrible tragedy to befall our Tremere (and other!) friends among the loyal and proven Camarilla in Mobile, Alabama.   We wish you well in the afterlife,  if the Sabbat allowed you such favor.  If you are in that giant shared-soul-pool inside the belly of a Sabbat, we promise to strike hard and true and free you!

Good news – you don’t live in Mobile anymore!

The irony! The humor! While I still miss the Scarpone brothers, what a rag to have to soiree where they..ah.. well.. disposed.. of .. many troublesome folks! Still, perhaps they left some some leftover!

Elaine de Mor
Queen of the Magic Kingdom
General at Large reporting to the Warlord
Member of Clan Primogen (hail our new Seneschal!)
Protector of Italian Virginity
Acknowledged as the fairest queen in all the land
A reputation for.. playing rough in bed.. and forcing you to enjoy it. over. and over. and over.