Nosferatu Gathering

Harpy Report

February 20, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Nosferatu Gathering

I am pleased to say the evening was a huge success. On behalf of Clan Nosferatu I want to thank all of our guests for stopping by to celebrate with us. Fortunately most of the evenings excitement remained outdoors and inside the clubhouse all remained peaceful. While our party was not the equal to Holiday Celebration hosted by the Toreador Elder Prima Dezz a couple months prior we hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as they appeared to.

The social scene seemed to be in full swing. As host I was privileged to witness new friends and allies coming together under a roof my Clan provided. Overseeing the evenings Harpy records as an acting Talon I was pleased to see the active boon trade unaffected by the sudden absence of our former Master Harpy Ty.

Clan Malkavian seemed to make their own fun for the evening with some sort of story contest. As it all seemed to be in good fun the clan found their constant questioning for a one sentence story met  patience. Even some of our more rigid protocol Elders participated by accommodating the Malkavians with their own contributions.

Sadly none of Clan Ventrue were in attendance. I hope there has been no offence offered by me or mine to the Clan of Kings. I will choose to remain optimistic that they were otherwise engaged that evening. I hope they did not assume a Nosferatu party meant musty sewers and rats offered up as refreshment. After all the gathering was hosted at one of the most upscale mortal locations within our territory. While I am sure they are used to better it was unfortunate not to see them present. I am pleased however, that the other clans found the accommodations more than adequate.  

One of the biggest events of the evening was a meeting of the Primogen council to determine who would be replacing Ty as Master Harpy. The two candidates considered were the two recently appointed Talons before Harpy Ty’s departure. While acting as the Nosferatu Primogen I nominated my fellow Talon Cameron St James which was seconded by his own Primogen Dissonance.  My own name was put forward and seconded. I accepted the nomination and recused clan Nosferatu’s vote in the matter. After discussing the merits of the candidates it was concluded unanimously by the council that at the time I was the best person for the job. I immediately relinquished my Primigeon seat and the Nosferatu Whip Tsavo who took over as my clans voice for the rest of the evening.

It was unfortunate however, that during the council meeting itself while the gathered Primogen were discussing the candidates they were interrupted by Elder Prima Dezz. For some reason the influential Toreador Elder saw fit to interrupt the closed proceedings with a half hearted endorsement for his candidate of choice. Needless to say the whole Primogen council was irritated by the interruption with many taking insult. It was the desire of the council to see Elder Dezz seen as warned or vulgar for his actions, but with no existing Harpy and with Primogeon Lees only recently announced there was no one with sufficient position  to reprimand the Admiral. Primogen Lees seemed the most astonished as his Whips actions reflected poorly on his first night sitting as the newly elected Primogen of the Clan of the Rose.

Offices and Status reminders

So many offices changed hands during this gathering that it might be hard to keep everything straight. So rather than list the changes individually. I thought it was best to post all the current offices and who holds them just to bring everyone up to speed.

Prince- The Plague of Clan Malkavian

Seneschal- Chance Whitman of Clan Brujah

Sheriff- Goetzshlakk of Clan Tremere

Keeper of Elysium- Elise Everhate of Clan Brujah

        Assistant Keeper- Rhamiel of Clan Brujah

Master Harpy- Goodman of Clan Nosferatu

        Talon- Cameryn St James of Clan Malkavian

Scourge- Elaine of Clan Tzimisce

Assamite Primogen- Rahim Al Fais

        Whip- Edmond Wake

Brujah Primogen-Tyr Everhate


Malkavian Primogen- Dissonance

        Whip- Harmony

Nosferatu Primogen- Tsavo

        Whip- Cierzo Mistral

Toreador Primogen- Marcus Lees

        Whip- Prima Dezz

Tremere Primogen – Jasmine Dupree

        Whip- Wilhelm Von Helsing

Ventrue Primogen- Thaddeus Goode-Mezzenotte

        Whip- Colin Ryan

So for all of you that follow such things you can see there were indeed a lot of changes. As a reminder to all; If you received status from an individual holding a position, and that individual no longer holds that position, then you no longer have that status. Also any individual with an abiding Status change, be aware that will not be in effect until the next gathering. For example as outgoing Primogen and incoming Master Harpy I do not yet gain the harpy status of being Prominent, Guardian, and Noble until next gathering. At the same time I relinquished my Noble Status  as soon as I stepped down as Primogen. In addition as Primogen I saw my whip Tsavo as Loyal. Even though I will still be Nobile with my incoming status Tsavo has lost access to this status as soon as I stepped down.

Unfortunate News

In seems in his haste to pack up in leave former Harpy Ty did not make all of the updates he should have to the permanent records. I was disappointed when I found some names missing from the acknowledged lists and even more so when I saw that some of the boons I had asked to be recorded personally were also not marked. As you all know the main function of Master Harpy  is to protect the boon economy. It is the backbone of our society and a duty not to be taken lightly. As one of the acting Talons it fell on me to announce mine and Talon St James’s findings that the records were incomplete to the council. Needless to say they were not pleased at this news. Starting the very night of Ty’s announced departure Dr St James and myself worked diligently to pore over the records and fill in the gaps we could. It appears Harpy Ty kept archaic records and updated periodically from his notes. After it was announced I would be taking the office myself I called in the help of former Talon Everest of Clan Ravnos. It was my hope that her experience working under Harpy Ty would be an asset tracking down the lost information. That decision ultimately met with controversy. While she was able to help me make sense of what little notes were left behind it could not be ignored that she was in service during the time of the lost records. Don’t misunderstand me, there is little evidence that Everest did anything wrong, but in light of the events there was a strong push for a fresh start. Seeing the position I was in Talon Everest thought it best to remove the controversy and resigned her position as Talon.

I believe we have most of the records sorted and cleared up at this point. However, if you have recorded or repaid a boon since January you might want to seek either myself or Talon St James to make sure it was noted properly.  I ask for patience in this time while we work to correct any remaining oversights.

I will offer a warning to anyone who might be thinking of falsifying a boon record during this lapse period. Should there be ANY! Discrepancy between any party’s about a boon the matter will be investigated by a fully capable member of Clan Nosferatu. If evidence comes forward that someone falsified a boon that person will be asked to make recompense to the offended party of triple the original boon in question or be labeled a Boon Breaker to suffer the full wait of my office.  Considering however, that we are a civilized community  who would look down on such things I would hope such measures would be unnecessary.  

Service to be commended

It was so nice to see everyone at the Nosferatu gathering this month. I had hoped the evening would be memorable but it appears I got a little more than I was asking for. Many political offices changed hands, there were attacks from multiple enemies, hell even a supposedly cursed book are  just some of the evenings more memorable moments. However, thanks to the combined efforts of our Prince, Seneschal, Sheriff, Scourge and a few of our more helpful guests all of the violent events of the night were checked firmly at the door. I would like to thank everyone involved, whose efforts helped secure the safety of Clan Nosferatu’s guests. Thanks to them the party was a huge success and there are now less Camarilla enemies in the world. So for all those who might have missed all that was going on outside the club house while we remained safe inside;

The night started with a list of security concerns. With Sabbat incursions into our territory and rumors of a Nosferatu cult planning for imminent attacks we thought that we might have to cancel are gathering. Our Prince however, encouraged me to go through with it and that his officers would assist with any security concerns. That is exactly what happened!

My clan coordinated security prep with Sheriff Goetzshlakk who recruited several brave volunteers to act in the capacity of deputy for the evening. His team of Victor of Clan Gangrel, Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu, and with assistance of the Princes Enforcer Edmund Wake of Clan Assamite did a fantastic job of guarding and protecting the venue.

Let us not forget Elaine (for she makes it impossible) for her efforts to secure the venue as well. It was hard to miss Elaine out front on her earthen throne keeping vigilance, calling out threats, smiting and taunting those who would have done my guests harm.

Also of special note are the Arnach coterie the Honey Badgers. I am told at one point in the evening a powerful Sabbat of by own blood attacked only to find the Honey Badgers in his path. From what I heard this did not work out well for our would be attacker and our friendly neighbors the Badgers reminded this individual why it is wise to leave them alone.

I am please to say that thanks to the efforts of the above individuals and coordination from my clan the party was a success. Let me just say that we of clan Nosferatu are grateful to the city for allowing us to make amends for past mistakes. We have worked hard to restore respect to the Nosferatu name and our status as a pillar clan.  That work has paid off faster and more fruitful than expected as the city seems grateful to have the talents and support my clan can offer.

I know the Sheriff, Scourge and their teams were doing their jobs that night but as the representative of Nosferatu for that evening I have to show my appreciation for their deeds.  I wish that my incoming status as Harpy was available to me as I think many of the actions performed that night deserve Status recognition. Since that is not available to me I will offer what is. Scourge Elaine and Sheriff Goetzshlakk can both consider all the minor boons owed to me by them paid in full. Victor of Clan Gangrel, Edmond Wake of Clan Assamite, And the group known as the Honey badgers can each call on me for a Minor boon. Fortunately I do not need to reward Tsavo as his actions did not go unnoticed by the Prince himself. By the word of Prince The Plague Tsavo is to be known as Loyal within the domain. As for the Prince himself I hope the domain will indulge  me in at least one backdated Status award. Even though it doesn’t officially kick in until next gathering I declare that my first official act as Master Harpy will be to name the Prince Honorable for all he does to keep the domain safe.  Lord knows with all that has been thrown at our city as of late it has not been an easy job.

In addition to the Loyal status awarded by the Prince I was asked to post the following letter to Mr Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu.

A personal thank you letter,

To a Mr. Tsavo, I would like to extend a thank you for your assistance last gathering. I was not in the best shape and you were stern and kind enough to not berate me for every detail of my ordeal as it was clear my memory was spotty. Even with everyone around us up in a panic you kept a cool head and held off until official statements were made those in charge. I am greatly appreciative of your hard work and attention to detail. I would also like to grant you one major boon and a free lesson of a discipline within my ability to teach. Please contact me at this number (407XXXXXXX). With so much love and gratitude, Everest of Clan Ravnos