Harpy Report

Harpy Report Update

February 9, 2019

By Talon H Goodman


A lot has changed in such a little time since the release of the last Harpy report. As some of you may have heard Sheriff Nicola and Master Harpy Tyranus have both resigned their office. Both Elders have also decided it was time to relocate and after saying their goodbyes have already vacated the Domain. Additionally there has been other changes note of which the domain needs to be aware of.

Sheriff – Elder Goetzshlakk of Clan Tremere will be assuming the duties by the appointment of Prince The Plague. Elder Goetzshlakk at this time will be retaining the assistance of Deputy Wake of Clan Assamite.

Harpy- The Primogen Council has been deliberating on who the best replacement for Master Harpy will be. We hope to have a short list of candidates completed and hold a vote on the matter as soon as possible. In the meantime Talon St James and I have stepped up to the plate and are sharing the responsibilities. Should you need anything from either of us do not hesitate to reach out.

Assamite Primogen- Following Primogen Wake’s decision to step down Elder Rahim Al Fais will be assuming this role for his clan.

Toreador Primogen- Following the Clans tragic loss Ancillae William Fue will be assuming the role for his Clan.

Nosferatu Whip- I am announcing for the time being that Tsavo will speak for Clan Nosferatu in my absence. I would like to recognize Tsavo for his multiple contributions to the clan and domain. For this he  is to be seen as Loyal for his services.

Other News

Gathering at Kissimmee Bay Country Club hosted by my clan is still set for this Saturday at Dusk. I hope to see everyone there. I have reached out to my clan and am pleased to say that at least one Nosferatu Elder of notable Camarilla standing will be in attendance for the festivities. This is great news for our clan as I fear my obligations to the domain at this time will likely make me a scarce host at my own party. I hope my guests will forgive me but duty must come first.

It seems there have been a lot of new faces showing themselves around town recently and others who like Sheriff Nicola and Master Harpy Tyranus  who have decided to move on from this domain. I expect the gathering to be full of hellos to new friends and goodbyes to old ones.

It appears that our Scourge Elaine has made up for her slight against the sanctity of our Elysium. It is my understanding that reached out to Elise to acknowledge and make recompense for her loss of control.

Thank you

I would at this time like to thank Sheriff Nicola, and Master Harpy Tyranus for their services to the domain. I know that the news of their departure has been met with mixed opinions. While it is common for our kind to covet and seek out positions of power and influence let us not forget that these positions come with a great amount of responsibility. So rather you thought them an ally, rival, friend, nuisance or just a mere acquaintance a simple fact is that both these individuals made undenyable contributions to our city. Let us say thank you to them for their services and wish their successors the best of luck.