The News Worth Knowing Issue 3

Ty’s Weekly Digest


Grand Opening of the Hesperides

A brand new club, operated by a brand new Nosferatu. Such a fantastic concept, what could go wrong?

by Ty McFearson

The Glam, the Glitter, the Glory! Friday was the grand opening of Orlando’s hottest new club, named Hesperides and managed by Imogen of (now) Clan Nosferatu. The facility is a real treat to behold, multiple floors filled with fine design and staffed by excellent bartenders all willing to serve in any capacity. This work of art was commissioned and designed by Imogen of Clan Nosferatu, and it coils and slithers into all our hearts as a place of warmth and safety.

Orlando’s finest were all gathered in attendance for the grand opening ceremony, with most of the city officers stopping in to pay their respects and enjoy everything offered. The heated pools were a huge hit with all parties, including Primogen Sigismondo and other prominent Kindred in the Domain. In the Masquerade safe space, kindred were treated to fine works of art and a fantastic music system playing some fantastic tunes. It inspired everyone to share in the festivities and wear their holiday best, Including the former primogen Patrick of Clan Assamite to wear a traditional holiday attire native to his homeland. Best dressed of the evening has to go to the hostess of the event, Imogen, who was wearing a dress that clung so close it was like a second skin she could shed to undress.

Of note, there was a minor disagreement that Primogen Mairya had with another member of the city, but thankfully she solved the matter easily requiring no assistance from a harpy. One Kindred who did need the assistance of a harpy was Patrick, whom had a series of policy questions and other items he needed to review with Harpy Fue, hoping to have the experienced gentleman help him weigh in on a sensitive matter.

Harpy Fue was unavailable for comment.






Meet the new Nosferatu Whip

by Ty McFearson

Imogen, former member of Clan Malkavian (and before that a member of the Followers of Set), is the new whip to Clan Nosferatu. She takes Primogen Billiam’s former role in the Clan, before he took Primogenship with the blessing of Elder York of Clan Nosferatu. We sat down Imogen and asked her a few questions to let the city better know her.

In regards to what inspired her to build this club in orlando, Imogen states that “I’ve amde Orlando my home. I am quite the social creature and have many years experience in running a club.” After touring the grounds we asked her what her favorite feature was. Imogen responded ‘My favorite features are my award winning pool and my rooms of pleasure”. Finaly, asking her thoughts on the Domain of orlando she responded “I am quite entertained within orlando and hope to help serve the camarilla within Orlando.”

We would like to note that no other Nosferatu made a comment in regards to the appointment of a former Malkavian (and a former Setite) as Whip.




Clan Feud Brewing?

by Ty McFearson

With the promotion of Imogen to Whip of Clan Nosferatu, this included with her being welcomed formally as a member of the Clan, this throws into sharp relief a sudden power change in the Orlando Court. Imogen, a member of the Followers of Set Clan, sought refuge and was represented and accepted by Primogen Krazy as a Malkavian when she originally arrived. Surprising several members of Clan Malkavian with this switch, some find it highly offensive that she would simply use the good graces of their Clan and ditch them on a whim as it suits her. Further, Clan Nosferatu has become more withdrawn from its Malkavian allies of late in the fact that several Nosferatu whom were closely tied to a few Malkavians have seemingly stopped any form of public communication or comradery. No comment has been received on what, if any, trade between the Primogen occured before Imogen switched. Clan Nosferatu has made great leaps and strides in growing and strengthening their Clan, and one wonders if their territory will be large enough to handle the increased strength. Clan Treme’s territory currently rests between the large territory of Clan Malkavian and smaller territory of Clan Nosferatu.




Local Housekeeping

by Ty McFearson

We would like to take the time to update the city on a few position changes and pientail housekeeping shifts so everyone can stay current. Remaining still is our Prince, may His reign be long and awe-inspiring. Seneschal remains open, but as the Prince has hinted at recently we may be seeing his appointment at the next gathering hosted by Elder Pree of Clan Toreador. The Sheriff has appointed Mac and Billiam as his deputies, neither of whom feel they can speak for Mr. Wild himself and do not seem to have a concern in regard to the three dead mortals left to damage the Masquerade in ventrue territory. The Plague remains Keeper of Elysium, doing an outstanding job. Harpy Fue remains as harpy for the city of orlando but has reported no Talons to us at this time. The only change in the Primogen circle is the addition of a new Nosferatu Whip (which we have previously reported), still many Clans lack a Whip publicly stated including Clan Venture, Toreador, Brujah and Tremere.

As of the last report, Lady Image has returned to public life as well. The only remaining missing kindred is Elder Vega of Clan Tremere.




Mirror Mirror on the Walls…

by Ty McFearson

Clan tremere is still investigating the mysterious knocking on mirrors that has been occurring since the December Gathering. This seems to be tied into whatever magical bug situation is also buzzing about, which causes some members of Clan Tremere to be tight-lipped and concerned for various issues in the city. One member of Clan Tremere was doing some investigating and digging around at the grand opening night of Imogen’s new club, seeming to look for more clues. More on this story as it develops, but we can be assured that if it is something magical in nature that Clan tremere is already hip-deep in the problem.




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