The News Worth Knowing Issue 4

Ty’s Weekly Digest


January Gathering Confusion!

Missing Elder, Upcoming Primogen Change…what is going on with Clan Toreador?

by Ty McFearson

The Domain Of Orlando hosts a regular gathering once a month that all the Kindred of the Camarilla are invited to attend, the upcoming gathering is scheduled for January 13th. While Elder Pree and Clan Toreador has originally offered to host the gathering, complications in recent weeks have changed those possibilities and now the matter is quite confusing.

When contacting Primogen Elrich for any comments or details on the upcoming Event, was made clear that the host of the event has gone missing and unresponsive to any contact from his Clan. Elder Pree is known to have flights of fancy in which he is absorbed in his Art for great lengths of time, but it has been quite some time since his Clanmates have heard from him. To that vein, Primogen Elrich has updated the gathering with the following. “I will be hosting this gathering on behalf of Clan Toreador. Guests will meet at the sumptuous and lavish Opera house, jewel of Orlando, and built by Clan Toreador.”

For those not in the know, Primogen Elrich announced recently that he would be stepping down from the role and his successor would be announced at this event. Primogen Elrich is a staunch defender of Orlando, hero of the Atlanta War, one of the few Kindred to infiltrate Tampa and bring valuable intelligence and heir apparent to Prince Kennedy. He started his career in Orlando as Whip to the then-Primogen Kennedy, serving as a loyal right hand willing to take the risks needed for the city. He ascended to the role of Primogen when Prince Kennedy was made Seneschal of Orlando, and rumor has it he is following his mentors path and stepping into the Seneschal role this upcoming gathering (which would explain his departure from Primogenship).

That being said, the gathering itself is still in a matter of confusion. Other members of Clan Toreador have insisted on trying to hold to the original premise of the gathering, and have entered into talks with the Primogen to blend the two concepts. It seems there are several disagreements within the Clan, on top of missing or unresponsive members who are unable to contribute.

Further questioning is the potential new Primogen to take the spot. At this time, Primogen Elrich has no Whip so there is no clear succession. Obviously the former Primogen, Prince Kennedy, cannot take the role on anymore. Harpy Fue already has a role in the city, and Elder Pree is (as stated above) currently missing. Morgan Driscoll is a potential claimant, as well as Elder Tyvarius who has held the role in the past as well. Also wondered is if this new Primogen will take on a Whip (following the good example of Clan Nosferatu) or remain to hold the role themselves. When asked if he would prefer to have a Primogen with a Whip or not on the Primogen Council, Harpy Fue has no comment available.

What is known is that Clan Toreador is determined to put on a fantastic gathering this upcoming weekend. It will definitely be the place to be seen!






Investigations away…!

by Ty McFearson

It seems that agents of the city have been quite busy on investigating various concerns, which has led to a more peaceful and calm week! Deputies on behalf of the Sheriff, including Billiam and Mac, as well as Marcus of Clan Tremere seem to have their hands full running about and investigating various issues with the city. Any further information on the magical bugs, traces of the Sabbat or information on the dead cheerleaders should be directed at the Deputies. It has been a quiet week in thanks to the work of these Deputies, and the works of Clan Tremere.




Tampa Grows!

by Ty McFearson

Tampa continues to grow, thanks to the skilled touch of Prince Kennedy and Seneschal Daniel. As reported by the visiting Prince to our fair Elysium, it seems the Prince has gathered a fair number of clans to his city. Clans Tremere, Brujah, Gangrel and Ventrue all have enough members to both claim a Primogen and have proper representation in the city. Who these figures are continue to remain unknown, but rumor points to many of the Mezzanotte heading to Tampa to leadership there. It is assumed that we will hear the names of these new Primogen soon, most likely at the next gathering hosted by Clan Toreador.




Cleaning up the Streets!

by Ty McFearson

Crime seems to be at an all time low in central Florida, specifically in the areas claimed by Clan Brujah and Clan Nosferatu. Criminal elements are on the decrease, and it seems that many of those efforts can be owed to the thanks of the Clans shepherding those territories. Clan Nosferatu has recently grown, adding two new members since last gathering, and they seem to be working hard on keeping their territory cleaned up. Both Clans are worth giving a round of applause to, for keeping their territory in good shape!




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