Harpy Report December 8th, 2021

To the Acknowledged of the Orlando Domain under the leadership and guidance of Prince Tsavo of Clan Nosferatu. I, Elder Demetri Demetor of Clan Ventrue, have been tasked with the position of Harpy by your Primogen council to oversee the duties of said office following the retirement of Harpy Cossette of Clan Malkavian. I look forward to serving the domain with wisdom, and integrity. Further, I will be in need of two willing and able Talons to assist me in the office who, under my purview,  will receive the mentorship needed to one day take over such a role directly and advance in the social ladder of our domain. 

Clan Hosted Gatherings

It is the decree of Prince Tsavo that clans will again rotate hosting duties for the monthly court gatherings. First to host will be Clan Brujah. One might note that Brujah hosted gatherings never seem to be dull, and make arrangements accordingly. Which clan to host the next gathering has been yet to be announced.

Brujah Gathering

The December Gathering will be held in Pax Romana in Brujah Territory. Below is a message from our host;

Established Guests,

Allow me to invite you to the Festival of Saturnalia. Hosted by Clan Brujah.

There shall be performances and

Artistic display as well as a feast.

In the honor of the event, it is encouraged by the host that those with servants treat their servants as royalty in a role reversal.

Elder Adonis- Clan Brujah


As many have noticed there has been an influx of arachnids into the area following an incident with the former Anarch Barony. It does seem as though there was some crossover with clanmates from our own domain that has resulted in the recent harassment by these creatures. We have been given the personal guarantee from our Prince that the matter will be handled. Still it does bear reminding to those of the domain that we should be careful when we are outside our own territories. The city does not unnecessary enemies tying up resources that could be better spent.  


Harpy Demetri Demeter, Childer of Antoneli Demeter, Childer of Peresvet Demeter founder of the Demeter bloodline of Noble Clan Ventrue