Harpy Report: Issue 4

Greetings Orlando, it has been far too long since my last report, but with everything going on, one would hope the city understands. There is a lot to catch up on, so lend me but a moment of your undead lives. 

We have a new Prince, Prince Tsavo, a new Seneshal – Simone Ryans, and a new Council.  This all would’ve been reported a lot sooner but mother nature decided to grace us with the storm of the century and as a city we had to scramble to pick up the pieces. Cell phones are back and a lot of territories are quickly underway to be rebuilt. It has been nice to see other clans stepping out to help one another when it was needed most. 

In the mists of a new Praxis , another new praxis in Claremont, and a storm we’ve also had a bit of a spider problem. No this is not the sequel to arachnophobia. Trust me, if we could kill them with fire we would. It all started When a anarch who wanted to be baron sent some of her people to “parlay “with the wolves. You see, the wolves had decided to come to Anarch territory and cause a scene and a few of the anarchs stood up to them. Well when the “baron” sent some anarchs off to the wolf territory they stumbled upon a spider den. Now what has happened between the brujah and the spiders is pretty well-known as of lately. We’ve seen our prince temporary close the Elysium (it’s open now by the way) and try to get us all to remain hidden and keep the courtesies. (the courtesies are listed in the Elysium please go read them) Our prince works for peace and has a plan and as a city we should back and support him. Now, back to the spider web. You see, the story is not about the spiders. It’s about the fact that a ex anarch claiming to be the baron Sent a bunch of vampires to deal with the wolves. After this happened, they decided to not be an anarch anymore. They decided to join the Camarilla. They immediately fled and sought acknowledgment within Claremont and were granted the position as their sheriff…. Now to make matters worse, this kindred continually decides that Orlando is their jurisdiction.  Hate to break it to you Bella, but it’s not.  They have even gone as far as to speak to the spiders and try and make peace over our own prince. They offered our tower Brujah As the ones to fight in a one on one ritual combat. Thank goodness our brujah have a little more sense than that. (not much and I’ll get to that later)  This kindred, this nun on the run, Belledonna Is a danger and a traitor. We can only hope that the Praxis sees it as such and banishes her from Orlando.

Speaking of the Brujah. Yeah they kind of let their emotions get in the way and this got a little too far. As such it has come to my attention that the prince is seeking a new sheriff and is working with the Council on a good choice.  Oh, and apparently the Brujah also like to spy on clans.  I’d be wary of them.  Clan loyalty is important.  It’s a pity that some in this city do not have it.

Now because of this spider mess Our Elysium had to be temporarily Closed. Under our princes watch, The Elysium is now open and Keeper Lukas Is doing an amazing job putting it back into its perfect and pristine shape.

The council is full and chosen once again. The current primogen are: Alex Demeter (ventrue) Keith (nosferatu) Devlin Archer (tremere) Alexander Della Moretti (toreador) Ambriel Brice (Malkavian) Lyydia (brujah) and our longest standing primogen Jacob Kellor (assamite). The gangrel has still not chosen even though the prince has given them a seat back on the council. I believe all of the Gangrel are slowly moving to the other domain. This is their choice and they are together in the safety of the tower. I would like to also state that the whip position is a very respected position within Orlando. Many an elder usually sits in this position to help guide the neonates and ancilla. Thank you to all the elders that step up to help make the tower better.

There is still an infernal threat in the area.  It has reared its ugly “face” recently.  It has also made a demand for territory.  I got to view the note and it was so amazingly convenient that it chose the area over Disney…..oh dear I say….maybe that threat isn’t gone.  Please be vigilant Orlando.  I’d like to name Primogen Ambriel Brice as honorable as I am Prominent at the Harpy, in his defense of the city against the infernal and his great investigative skills.

Speaking of Status, as I am your noble harpy, I am awarding Loyal to Primogen Archer for his help with the Cell towers to bring our city back into the modern age again.

As harpy I have chosen Elder Demetri as my talon once again.  He has proven himself a prominent and trustworthy member of this city,  His devotion is beyond compare.  Unlike an almost chosen harpy, and former keeper, Nyx.  Thank goodness we dodged that bullet.  I have also learned she left Orlando to find her wayward husband who left her all alone and broken.  Oh the depressive drama she shed across the city….that goodness she’s gone.

Finally, I would like to let the city know that this will be my last report.  I have some pressing personal and clan matters to attend to.  I leave Elder Demetri with guardianship in my name until such time as our noble council has chosen a new Harpy.  

Orlando is still my home and I will be back to help support my clan and city, but at the moment I am needed elsewhere.  Be safe Orlando.  We’re not out of the woods yet.  

~Harpy(soon to be former) Cosette