April 7 Harpy Report – Bitch Time

The best way to approach an unknown situation is ask questions first. Perhaps, a lot of questions. Even better, ask yourself how many ways this situation could blow up in your face. And if you still wish to proceed … well, I hope it was worth it. I doubt it will be.

Some were present in the Elysium when Sheriff Luigi made his way into the Keeper’s Office. There, certain particular nasty items were found. Obviously, it was assumed said items belonged to our Keeper. With the assistance of several members of the City, it was soon determined that the items were planted. Woe to the individual responsible.

There has been yet ANOTHER…. change to non-stop rotating door of positions within the City. The all-knowing Tremere, Mr. Von Hellzig, formerly a nothing, then formerly the scourge (did he ever actually.. scourge anyone? Inquiring minds want to know!) – is now…. drum rolls… The Sherriff. But – if he wasn’t very scourgy, can he be very scary and intimidating as a Sheriff? I mean – his accent is absolutely lovely, if you can understand everything he is saying, but is he really going to kick the shit out of that traitorous bitch Elaine if she steps out of line? Inquiring minds want to know.

They say the stars, themselves, glitter with the wishes of the well-behaved angels. If so, then those twinkling lights illuminated the actions of three distinct individuals within our fair city.  Our ever-harping heart leaps for joy at the cozy slice of heaven created by. Silken carpets, lovely servants, and a resurgence of oft forgotten politeness reminded me that our souls are not all beasts. The lure of the feet washing, and let me express the utter luxuriousness of said foot bath in scented waters (delightful!), drew our own Prince. Yes, expensive Italian leather gave way from kingly feet in order to show proper respect to those respecting him first. Truly a show of magnanimous understanding by one so high to those residing in the city.

I look forward to seeing each and every shining face at the next gathering. May we enjoy a pleasant  evening without too much buffoonery.

Your Harpy in Love and Service