Imperator Harpy: A Servant’s Journey: Recollections on Treachery

Home – a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household. … the place in which one’s domestic affections are centered. … the place or region where something is native or most common. … any place of residence or refuge

Refuge- a condition of being safe or sheltered from pursuit, danger, or trouble.

Sanctuary – … a sacred or holy place. … immunity afforded by refuge in such a place. … any place of refuge; asylum.

Asylum – … an inviolable refuge, as formerly for criminals and debtors; sanctuary, any secure retreat.


SAFETY! SECURITY! A common thread found in each of these locations … a necessary fundamental for any creature, proven so with the kine and the kindred alike! And shouldn’t any creature be entitled to this safety? Shouldn’t they come to expect it? To be treated well and protected by their host? To be at ease and without fear of malice and wrong doing while in such a place? I would think it to be answerable with a definitive “YES!” Why then is this NOT the case in “Prince” Vitale’s Orlando?

A leader leads by example. A leader sets the tone for those under them. A leader is meant to be just and fair in their decision making … where is this thought process Orlando? Where is the stable mind of your sworn leader?! How can an emissary enter your Elysium, the very place kindred are meant to be welcome and secure and within an hour’s time be viciously attacked?!

A loyal servant does his duty as directed by his ruler. The servant attends to his task without falter regardless of what the outcome might be … even up to knowing it may well result in his demise. The dutiful servant serves his ruler well for the good of his ruler and those under him. The ruler ask no more than what the servant yields …. loyal service! When loyalty is given it reflects back to the ruler. When mis-trust and individualism rises the ruler’s power is tested. Is that clear enough? Perhaps an example …



ORLANDO ….. a city with great resources …. great potential …. a unique blend of kindred …. and yet lacking! Lacking leadership! Lacking authority which mentors those beneath the station! A city which somehow survives by the efforts of a dedicated and perhaps lucky few. 


Within this multi-pronged battle came an interesting term out of Vitale’s own mouth … that he was holding a spear … a spear pointed toward their enemies. I inquired as to who he deemed his enemy and he drew close to respond anyone who stood against his efforts for advancement. What can our altruistic Prince deem from such a statement as this? Where else would Vitale be intimating his weapon’s deployment, but against his own affable governor? 
I ventured to this same city recently, as mentioned, to serve our good Prince Stein in a matter which greatly weighed on his mind …. rumors of dissatisfaction from within his own sphere of sovereignty. I was tasked with inquiring of Orlando’s officials if this situation did actually exist and to report my findings back to our kind Prince. How much simpler could the undertaking be …. ask questions, report answers. A natural talent for one such as myself which should have been quick and tidy and WITHOUT incident! Yet this would not be the result!

 Upon arriving at Orlando’s new Elysium, the fourth or fifth now under their “Keeper” Cortez, I found no sentry awaiting the door just an unprotected gateway to their refuge. I entered to a gathering of kindred who were so engrossed in their affairs they paid me no heed until I called for the Seneschal. A Brujah, Bruce I believe his name, then took up the job to question me but was easily directed to find me a city elder to meet me. He dutifully returned with Mr. Kennedy of clan Toreador who afforded me some respect and escorted me to a private room to engage in a discussion as to my journey’s objective.

Kennedy and I spoke for a period until the time at which he came to know that there was no information forthcoming from our Georgia clan’s Primogen. He then rallied the city’s officials into the room and the interrogating began.

Various clan representatives made their way into the room – Louise Warren (Whip) of Tremere, Aces and his childer Kings of Brujah and Mr. York clan Nosferatu. York being the brave one, sat beside me. Small talk ensued until “Prince” Vitale arrived with fire in his eyes and brusquely asked why he was not meet with first. A valid question, but not a situation within my control … a city elder, Kennedy, should prioritize his ruler before himself wouldn’t you think?

 Others found their to the meeting place eventually … I can only imagine their response had this been something important …. From this point on I was assailed verbally from several parties … Vitale of course who paced the room and stalked about me as if a predatory creature looking for an opening to pounce, Goetzsclagg the Tremere elder was quite vocal in his inquiries concerning his childer Archon Vega and lest I forget Diego Cortez “Keeper” a Lasombra! Clearly Orlando does not use the skills they were gifted with in life nor now in their existence! A historically Sabbat supporting clan member with his hands on the pulse of the city’s refuge! That boggles one’s mind … truly! His reputation as a Keeper is noted with a long and growing list of failures in his post. The Tremere, Von Hellzing, served far better with only one breach against his Elysium … and that of a Gangrel Primogen nearly assaulting the sitting Prince Vega …. which truly should not count owing to the factors.

Turning attentions to the Tremere in the room, their Whip, Warren is an enigma to me. A childer of Von Hellzing who has done well to stay off the radar as it were and avoid controversy …. well taught or just lucky? She remained quiet throughout the clamor of this meeting, but to be expected when within the presence of an elder clan member such as Goetzsclagg. One who’s reputation and quick ill-timed responses do naturally proceed him … not to mention the odoriferous trait that far outreaches his presence coming or going! I can empathize for any kindred having concerns over their bloodline … I can respect their want for their childer to be unmolested, though that seems a stretch for one of Goetzschlagg’s character. But to repeatedly assault me with questions and leave no room to apply answers … even when I was able to provide an answer it fell to disbelieving! I was branded a conspirator without any knowledge of the situation!

Goetzschlagg’s emotional queries seemed a natural segue for Vitale to back his seemingly premeditated agenda. He alternated his scrutiny with that of the Tremere’s and I could only hope to keep up to their demanding tones. Vitale perceiving this as evasion of expelling truth as to my obligation’s objective … to serve my Prince! I repeatedly gave the answer that I was within Orlando to inquire of the truth of matters heard by our benevolent Stein. This incited Vitale to greater stress in his demeanor.



And all the while of fending off this campaign of verbal warfare, Cortez attempted to attack my flank! This insolent being demanded my personal property for his own examination! I rightfully refused as there is no cause to require another’s effects without due cause and having not uttered one word of ill will against anyone within the room and having not entered their asylum with any weapon, how could such a presumptuous demand be made?! Vitale himself claimed that my words alone were weapon enough as it would be with any Harpy …. well almost any, at least when one applies their skill to their work perhaps, but that is perception of the reader over the written word. Cortez arrogantly stated that he would take my personal effects once I was torpored, stating this as fair warning!!

Vitale, almost on cue, turned his ire on Mr. York with a demanding query of York’s loyalty to Vitale … or rather “The Tower”. York, clearly blindsided by this attack stammered out his obedience and servitude were true. Vitale at some moment retrieved a branch and passing it to Kennedy requested it to be broken …. rather symbolic now that I think on it … breaking the binding source for evil intent! Vitale again was in York’s ear and within moments I was impaled with Vitale’s treachery! Cortez true to his self-serving guarantee took my briefcase and file, rummaging through little knowing what he was exposing!

My brief research into the Orlando Harpy’s lacking demonstration of her post came much as Vitale said … as a blunt instrument against many of the city’s own! Elaine the “Acknowledged” “FORMER” Sabbat having written her thoughts down and aiding in my job so very well pointed her wicked finger upon Cortez with ease … birds of a feather!! His protection of this abomination!! And then there is her admiration of Vitale … what does this exchange between them yield? Is this a repeat of Michelle Durant?! Still an open wound for our trustful Stein … treachery for gain of what … power … ill perceived and unrealized! This pleased me to no end that my notations for my aid in interviewing these kindred would become a bomb within thier midst. Had I known the result I surely would have given them over and avoided the discomfort of being torpored!! And all was further deemed true when the Malkavian Primogen entered my mind finding no variance in my statements spoken or written. Victory through pain as the kine like to promote.

Post passivating me and the new turmoil within their ranks, Vitale directed “well cared for” protection of my body and affects … too little too late, “Prince” Vitale! That was your duty at first meeting NOT after an unwarranted molesting of a peaceful emissary!! How odd that my saviours within this misdirected city would be Malkavians. That these two individuals would realize a Toreador can still reach out for aid even while torpored … amazing! And the governing heads all overlooked this! Their decision to release me might be deemed an act of genius were it not motivated out of their want to save their own hides! Well met gentlemen, but seeing as none within the city had the wherewithal to speak against Vitale as it was blatantly obvious what he intended, NOR did anyone prevent the assault then the guilt lies with the collective in my opinion. I leave it to his grace, Prince Stein, to judge.

I truly wonder, “Prince” Vitale, if you realize the line you have drawn before you and your city? A Ruler does not act only for himself but for all he rules over. How does this look to your Imperator Stein? As though your city has no respect for him nor for his authority! What outcome do you see now? Our “little” city against yours, claws and fangs bared for no reason other than to satisfy your over indulgent ego?! You have set things in motion and the result is your’s to bear AND share with your city! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Beauregard Foxx

Harpy, Clan Toreador

 Serving his Lordship, Sigwalt Stein

Prince of Georgia,

Imperator of Orlando