Jumping Ship: A Harpy Report

Jumping Ship: A Harpy Report

By Rhamiel the Glorious, Master Harpy

As Orlando braces to fight a demon where are our leaders and officials?

(Not) My brother’s Keeper

It would seem that both Keeper Imogen of Orlando and Keeper Bee of Tampa have vacated their posts, leaving both Elysiums in a state of uncertainty. In the case of Imogen, notes were apparently left in the Prince’s office. What was in them, well, I’d LOVE to know (if you know please tell me). Deputy Keeper Elaine begrudgingly stepped into provide staff. (Honestly the sooner we can get the Creepy-Pasta ghouls out the better). On the heels of this Seneschal Sobaka has elected Edsel Sonnenschein of clan Tremere (and the Whippoorwills, hmmm) to replace her. Some time for the council to discuss in the future perhaps Seneschal?  In the case of Bee she apparently amicably left her position, and the capable Marcus Barlow, as deputy Keeper, is maintaining Elysium until a replacement can be found. I’ll let you guess my feeling on the timing of these two positions vacating.

Prince Vandenberg missing?

Originally it was reported that Prince Vandenberg was fulfilling a debt by hunting down the killers of late Nosferatu Primogen Billiam Ballace. But as time passes, and dangerous situations mount we must ask: WHERE is the Prince? A new Praxis is a fragile thing and this ship is currently left without someone at the rudder. I have a feeling this coming gathering will answer a lot of questions about this fledgling Praxis, for good or ill. (I need so much to drink)

Demons? In MY Orlando?

Several kindred have sighted creatures wearing the appearances of various kindred of Orlando. If you see someone you know, but they aren’t acting like themselves, be wary. Especially if they ask you to sign something or offer you something to “protect” yourself against the demons. Seneschal Sobaka believes these to be lesser demons, a sort of vanguard or herald of the incoming true demon (OG Satan or whatever) that we are fighting this coming gathering. For the details see your Sheriff, Nicola. We’re going to need everyone. Yours truly will be there on the front lines, with my Brujah brethren, I can assure you. Combat not your thing? There is still a role for you. Mortals to distract, influence to spend, injuries to treat. Cafe Chat Noir is shaping up to the headquarters for this operation, and a place for non-combatants to use their talents on behalf of the city.  If O-town means anything to you we must fight. Tomorrow, we cancel the apocalypse!

Spotlight of Praise: Primogen Mouse

I wish to continue a little tradition started by my predecessor Ty and give a little love to kindred going above and beyond. This week, Primogen Mouse of Malkavian. I’m sure many of you remember Mouse’s time in Elysium serving drinks and providing personal service with a smile. She has parlayed that experience into a cafe of her own, Chat Noir. Not surprisingly it has been a big success, popular with kindred and kine alike. Maxwell, the newest addition to clan Malkavian, and not-so-secret Son of Discord, has been performing to rave reviews. But other kindred are getting in on the act, and the karaoke stage is always busy. What I would most like to commend Primogen Mouse on however, is the transformation the cafe took on for the coming gathering into a field hospital to treat those wounded in the attack by the demon. I had the chance to see it for myself, and as someone who has seen one or two of these in centuries of conflict I can attest to the amount of effort that has been put into this. It could save your life people. As such I would like to see Primogen Mouse as Loyal.

New Status Positions!

As reported previously Edsel Sonnenschein was elected to Keeper (?)

Primogen Mouse and Primogen Rahim al Fais will be serving as Talons