Conclave Harpy Report

Conclave Harpy Report

The night the kindreds of Florida anticipated for finally came and went. The night of the Conclave called forth by Mr. Kennedy, Prince of Tampa Protectorate. The Justicariate came and taught us all such wonderful lessons and imparted much wisdom.

Many issues were called forth and much was attended to. But who really cares about clan gossip.

Notably, Clan Heads were appointed for most clans. In case you missed what a Clan Head means, for 6 months the Justicariet will give the Clan Heads Established and Noble.

In exchange for the downgrade of statuses in Clan Heads, the Four princes allow the Clan Heads to be acknowledged and go into their domains to hear any issues as their appointed position dictates.

A clan head may hold two offices so long as it is not Prince or Harpy.  And with the provision of. if all members of the clan already holds a city position. If all clan members do not hold a city position then Clan Head must relinquish their current city position.

The following are the appointed Clan Heads picked from the clans themselves.

Assimite:  Mac, Assimite of Miami

Malkavian: Krazy, Malkavian of Miami

Nosferatu: Jonathan Cole, Senechal of Miami

Toreador: Prima Dezz, Toreador of Orlando

Tremere:  Marcus, Tremere of Tampa

As you may have noticed, there seem to be some missing clans on that wonderful list. It has been noted by the Royal Harpy of the Night as dictated by the Justicariet, due to Clan Brujah and Clan Ventrue declining the appointing of Clan Head, if any from the clan were to send the Justicariet any letters or appeals, they will remain unanswered. For any circumstances that may require the Justicariet’s attention, they must go through their Prince first.

Some highlights of the night from our Conclave:  

Sobaka the Gangrel is banished from the entire state of Florida and Nassau

Mac stands as Clan Assamite per the Convention of Thorns.

Elder Krazy of Clan Malkavian is cleared of charges of diablerie by 4 princes and is cleared to be clan head.


It wouldn’t be a night for Kindreds if Sabbat didn’t come crash the party and give the Camarilla something to make a game of.

As the Sabbat not so quietly try to infiltrate the lands, teams came together to have a Sabbat hunt. The Kindred who came forth with the most ashes of the Sabbat of the night got Victorious from the Justicariet, Second Place received Victorious from Prince Kennedy, Third received Victorious from Prince Lady Charlotte, Fourth received Victorious from Prince Plague, and Fifth Place received Victorious from Prince Morgan. The winners are as stands.

1st Place: Rahmial gains Victorious from the Justicariet

2nd Place: Rahim gains Victorious from Kennedy

3rd Place: Lily of Toreador gains Victorious from Prince Lady Charlotte

4th Place: Elder Gangrel Gramalkan gains Victorious from Prince Plague

5th Place: Lucretia of Kuldun gains Victorious from Prince Morgan

And so came the close to our wonderfully evenfully, meeting filled Conclave evening.