A Siege Broken

(Pictured: The new Elysium at Leu Gardens)

A hunter threat neutralized, an Elysium claimed, and gobs of status tossed about. Truly a recipe for a chilling evening.

The evening began with the news that Nicola and Edsel Sonnenschein were no longer banished in Orlando. Quite the interesting turn of events! Prince Plague further announced later in the evening that Nicola will be fulfilling the role of Sheriff to serve the city in recompense. It’s definitely not an easy gig in Orlando.

That bit of news out of the way we could begin to plan our way out of this Hunter situation that has been such an annoyance of late. Several groups of kindred were dispatched with very specific goals. One group was sent to Vamp Con to observe and track the Hunters while another was sent to their base of operations itself and ultimately the Hunters were neutralized and redirected at targets other than us! Prince Plague was so impressed with the kindred who valiantly attacked the prison stronghold of the Hunters and the Ventrue contingent who were able to influence them he has given the following status awards:

For their service in the infiltration of the hunter’s base of operations I see the following kindred as such:

Edmond Wake: Courageous

Marcus Barlow: Courageous

Elder Ruiz: Honorable

Nicola: Courageous

For their thoroughness in the face of danger I award the following members of clan Ventrue the Courageous status:

Sir Jander Starborn: Courageous

Nathan St. Germaine: Courageous

Nathanos Evans: Courageous”

Unfortunately, while the vast majority of our hunter problem has been deflected a small but dangerous number remain. Those who are able to call upon True Faith. I myself and a few kindred witnessed them walking unharmed from the blazing inferno of the Rose and Crown (which they had probably set?) and they were able to rebuke my glorious self. As there were many onlookers my full potential was stymied of course. My suggestion? If you see any of these nutjobs contact the Sheriff right away and do not engage. Plans are in motion to deal with them.

In more positive news, Prince Plague has announced the site of our next Elysium! Which is open by now since I take my goddamn time with these reports, thankyouverymuch. The site will be Leu Gardens with the museum house serving as the main gathering spot for kindred. Mouse, childer of Prince Plague, was named as Keeper with Primogen Rahim al Fais and myself (!) serving as assistants. So rules for Elysium!

  • Elysium is considered neutral, sanctified ground separate from sect or politics. All Kindred are welcome as long as they do not violate another of these tenants.
  • Violence of any kind is strictly forbidden upon Elysium grounds. In Orlando, this includes passage to and from Elysium. – This rule includes forcefully using disciplines, even gentle ones such as Dominate or Presence, upon other guests. (Note that the Nosferatu are exempt from this rule in order to disguise their true appearance. Even when there is no danger to the Masquerade, they are encouraged to continue using Obfuscate to avoid disturbing the other guests.)
  • The Punishment for breaking Elysium’s rule against violence shall be final death.
  • The Punishment for breaking Elysium’s rule against usage of disciplines shall be a 6 month staking in the care of the Prince and Keeper of Elysium.
  •  The presence of Moon-beasts (werewolves), Wild Ones (fae), or those who have drunk the heart’s blood (diablerists) are forbidden.
  • All hunting is prohibited in the area surrounding Elysium.
  • The Elysium and its contents are sacrosanct and shall not be damaged. None may destroy art located within Elysium.
  • There shall be no entrance to Elysium permitted to non-kindred without explicit permission granted by the Keeper.
  • Unknown Kindred are not allowed in the Kindred Only area of Elysium unless accompanied by a holder of office or Elder of the city.
  • No recording devices allowed in the Kindred Only area of Elysium. Infra-red Emitters and White Noise generators help ensure privacy. Use Cell phones respectfully.
  • No magically enchanted items will be allowed in Elysium without prior analysis and clearance. (If these had been granted clearance prior to this position being filled by Mouse, please see her about re-checking your items.)
  • Any individual wishing to hold a Kindred event needs to get the approval of/coordinate with the Keeper of Elysium. Individual clan gatherings need not be approved but need to be arranged with the Keeper if Elysium space is needed or a temporary Elysium needs to be declared.
  • Absolutely no non-bound weapons are allowed in any Elysium (exceptions to this rule are the Keeper and her appointed assistants, the Sheriff, the Scourge and the Prince.)
  • Pursuant to the above rules those entering Elysium will be subject to an Aural Check and if requested, a weapons check.
  • Privacy is paramount to safety. Eavesdropping on private areas in Elysium is expressly forbidden.

Keeper Mouse put a lot of effort and work into opening our new and beautiful gathering place so please don’t make me or Rahim have to “gently” remind you of any of these tenants (spoilers it will not be gentle). Unfortunately, Mouse has had to leave the city to be with her sister, so a new Keeper will be appointed at the next gathering. Until then, I remind you that Rahim and myself will be securing Elysium.

More news from Prince Plague in regards to out-of-towners, a new Courtesy:

Courtesy 7: The Politics of Orlando shall be directed by those with the most invested in the domain. The Harpy, in addition to registering acknowledgement, shall record Domain of Residence for acknowledged kindred – which may simply be marked as ‘other’. Only members claiming residence in Orlando shall have a vote for Primogen. Abuse of residence declaration will result in loss of acknowledgement.”

So myself or my talons (Rahim al Fais he-of-many-roles and the Fabulous Prima Dezz) will be recording and enforcing this.

A convocation called by Prince Kennedy will be called sometime in November. A certain visitor some of you may have spoken to will certainly play a pivotal role. The stories kindred have shared of Orlando’s struggle to reclaim this region from the Sabbat and infernal powers and secure the entirety of Central (and Southern!) Florida for the Camarilla have no doubt proved enlightening. Whatever the outcome, I’m proud to call this city my home.

Thus we move to a more prosperous and quieter time for the City Beautiful. No more looking over your shoulder for government goons, no more second guessing if you’ve seen that van on the corner before. But as always, the traditions remain and protect us. It takes ALL of us to keep the Masquerade in check so remember that it is in EVERYONE’S best interest to see it so.

Love and Booze,