Harpy Report

Harpy Report 12-3-18

By Rhamiel the Victorious

With special segment by Primogen and Talon Rahim al Fais

One conclave later Orlando returns to a semblance of normalcy. Our esteemed guests of cities four and her Grace, Justicar Diana Iadanza, return to their homes. We shall have to wait on the Royal Harpy of the Conclave, Master Harpy Zhu Li of Miami, for the full report of the evening, but I think you might see some spoilers here and there in my accounting of the past month that have been anything but harmonious. Not that they haven’t been entertaining!

As you’ve heard from my last report a new Keeper has been needed for our swanky new Elysium. It seems our Primogen have put forth a candidate that Prince Plague has agreed upon; Elise Clifton-Ward, the grandchilde of our esteemed Primogen of Brujah Tyr Ogre Everhate. If there are any changes to the rules of Elysium I’ll be sure to let you know.

Speaking of Elysium the next gathering will definitely not be held at it. But it will be hosted by Prima “the Admiral” Dezz, Clan Head of Toreador at the Rose and Crown Inn and Dining Room at Epcot (subtle). I’ve heard stories of gatherings held at this time of year being pranked the hell up by the Fae, so I guess this is to circumvent that whole issue.

On the topic of the Admiral he got into a bit of trouble after the Conclave. He rather gauchely offered up a bounty of boons on the delivery of Sofia Amati, the Toreador apparently everyone loves to hate. He even suggested that each clan devise an awful torture to inflict upon this neonate. For this he was Warned by Prince Plague for overstepping. Sofia fled to the only place she might find unbiased help, the Anarchs (more on them shortly). Unfortunately, while the Baron did offer her shelter, Sofia left the safety of their compound of her own accord. Where she has gone since is a mystery. But I’m sure if most of clan Toreador has its way it would be to a dungeon somewhere. Regardless of what she called herself at the end or what mistakes she made along the way, she remained a Toreador. As much as certain members of that clan would like to disavow. I’ve written on the tragedy of this kindred in previous reports so I’ll spare you the retread but just know: I’ll miss my friend. Coincidentally Elder Elisa has left the city and Primogen Lily is on hiatus. (hmmmmmm)

So the Anarchs and clan Tremere, or specifically, Elder Goetzshlakk, continued their sour relations. Negotiations between the clan and the Baron Fenrir came to a head recently when the Anarch leader pronounced Elder Goetz Marked in his territory (some kind of Anarch status, apparently akin to bloodhunted). Additionally the rest of clan Tremere were to be banned on a conditional basis and must be escorted by an Anarch Constable. Obviously this is a grave charge. Primogen Jasmine of Tremere attempted to speak to Fenrir but did not receive the proper permissions. She was returned to Elysium after being jumped by the Anarchs. Prince Plague upheld the words of the Baron however, and Primogen Jasmine was Warned for the misstep (she’s got plenty of status, worry not about our intrepid Primogen). To prevent further…confusion Prince Plague has banned all Tremere from entering the Barony without permission from himself or the Baron for one month. I can only hope Elder Goetz can bury the hatchet and patch things up with our Anarch neighbors.

Something else to look forward to at the coming gathering (or shortly thereafter) is the lovable/hated Anarch Hutch is being challenged by Master Harpy Cassia Maior of Tampa in the fighting pits of the Anarchs. Harpy Maior took offense to Hutch’s antics and has elected to send a champion to defend her honor. Who will be said champion and does Hutch stand a chance?

And now a special segment penned by my wise Talon and Primogen Rahim al Fais. He has made a name for himself spreading his wisdom and has a topical discussion for this month!

A Note on Cooperation and Successful Negotiation

Orlando is a diverse and colorful city, filled with Kindred of varying creeds, beliefs and motivations.  Such a myriad of individuals is a boon, to those who know how to work with others, and folly to those whom do not.  As such, in light of recent events, I pen the following to help our more traditional and old fashioned friends work within Orlando as we find it.

Through Respect we achieve Community

The word and meaning is simple, but let that not detract from its importance.  To respect another, to respect their property, and in doing so follow our own Traditions, is paramount to successful cooperation.  Never assume a service or courtesy shall be offered to you, ask, and be gracious when these are offered.  When you can, return courtesies, offer boons, and form lasting and positive relations with those whom you associate with.  Always offer respect first and foremost, and you will see it returned with increasing regularity.

Through Consideration we achieve Success

Though we are eternal, our time remains precious.  To take up the time of another, costs them something, and should be acknowledged.  Those Kindred whom compensate others for the use of their time, shall find themselves with more allies than enemies.  An opportunity for lasting relations, remember this when you become aware of an aim of an individual you wish to work with.  Help others achieve their goals, and we all benefit.

Through Helpfulness we achieve Unity

Knowledge goes well beyond what we so often prize, the knowing of things, places and ideas, it encompasses the behaviors, practices and logistics of our unlives.  Share with those whom ask, or whom struggle.  Offer help to those in need, or guidance to those who stray.  There is little to be gained from a structure designed solely to punish and enforce traditions, where no benefits are shared with those of fewer years.  Through helpfulness, we gain cohesion, and a stronger Sect to speak for.

So I’ll see you soon my lovelies for our annual holiday season gathering.

With love and booze,