The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral

A Harpy Report by Rhamiel the Glorious, Master Harpy

A haunted lodge, an amicable leadership change, a lifting of disgrace, and continued harassment by hunters took a backseat to one clans very public leadership coup this last gathering which lead to a series of very unfortunate events for the clan of the Rose.

The night began with news that the Murder of Harpies would be meeting with officers of the Court to discuss our Disgrace. Negotiations were had and our time under a Disgrace is over. This is not to say that we should be any less cautious, as we are still surrounded by Hunters eager to fill us full of daylight (perhaps literally). But rejoice and breathe easier as we return to what we do best: jockeying for social position. Game on!

From the start former Prince Tyrannus had desired to be a steward for the office until a kindred could step forward to lead the city forward out of chaos and into stability. Ty performed as best he could given the circumstances and I for one would like to commend him for it. But the city needs a change, a new start, going forward out of our period of quiet. As such The Plague of clan Malkavian has claimed Praxis backed by the required number of Primogen Council votes. Though he is of a higher generation then our more recent Princes his expertise and insight into the mortal world will be invaluable in returning us to the shadows and away from the glaring light of these hunters’ attention. Prince Plague has decided to keep the Primogen Council intact (though that did NOT last for one clan), and met with members of clan Nosferatu to discuss their status on the council going forward.

New Courtesies of the Court for all Kindred to abide by:

  1. Blood binds our society together. To this end all Kindred will be represented by the Primogen of their blood unless they have formally renounced their blood ties to the Justicariate and become Caitiff or formally claimed by a clan. If a kindred’s clan does not have a Primogen they may ally themselves as they see fit but will not have a say in internal clan politics.
  2. The Harpy is an agent of the Primogen Council. To that end, when the Primogen Council meets they will allow a Talon or the Master of Harpies (their choice) to sit in on meetings and provide information on status, take notes and answer questions on social protocol if asked.
  3. The Masquerade is our most sacred tradition. Failure to report a breach of the Masquerade to the Sheriff will be itself considered a breach of the Masquerade. The Penalty for an uncovered breach of the Masquerade is Final Death.
  4. The Positions of Keeper, Harpy, Sheriff, Scourge, and Seneschal shall not be held by a clan Primogen so that each position may receive its full attention.
  5. Elders may, having proven themselves to the domain, be granted personal territory within the Domain of Orlando. These domains are guaranteed by the authority of the Prince and will be respected by visiting Kindred.
  6. Clans are expected to maintain their feeding grounds. If the problems of a clan become the problems of the city new stewardship will be found.

An updated Map of the Domain:

(A more detailed map is available at )

Prince Plague has also made a statement regarding visitors to the domain:

“Any acknowledged Kindred is welcome to attend but remember your positional status does not apply here. Unacknowledged Kindred can present themselves as normal. Do not cause any trouble for the domain and you are welcome – but we will not stand for any destabilizing visitors.”

Pruning Shears

And that is where the civility of the evening took a steep fuckin’ nose dive. During the meeting with clan Nosferatu and the Primogen Council (to which I was present under Courtesy #2, see above) Lilly of clan Toreador (or was it Malkavian?) burst into the meeting demanding Primogen Amati of Toreador step down as her clan had voted Lily into the position. This Vulgar display by a neonate was rightly called out by yours truly but I had the honor of overseeing a recount with Primogen Amati present. And so Lily is now Primogen of Toreador with Elder Eliza (very briefly of the Anarchs?! Is THAT the behavior of an Elder of the Camarilla?) as Whip. Sofia Amati did not take such a coup with grace. In the heat of moment she renounced her clan and declared herself a Caitiff. I believe the actual words were, “I spit on the Toreador clan”. Sofia would spend the rest of the evening on the bad side of most of the Court burning through all of the good will she had built up prior.

The fall of Sofia Amati

Once a consort of Princes, member of an influential Coterie, and leader of her clan Sofia now finds herself alone. Her fall proved to be as meteoric as her rise. During the time since the last gathering it has only gotten worse. An unknown assailant murdered her kine relatives and mailed the heads to her with a note that stated, ‘This is the price of your freedom’. Bad taste and horrific acts of murder aside, to commit such a large and blatant act of violence against the kine with such a heavy hunter presence is dangerous for us all. Sofia has notified the Sheriff of the act and he is investigating. Let this be a cautionary tale to all kindred. No matter the slights committed remember that time is on your side. Your beast may call out for bloody vengeance, and as a Brujah believe me I GET IT, but temper your violence. It’s not worth final death. And endangering the Masquerade for slights against you by a neonate? That’s not smart at all.

Spotlight of Praise: Rahim al Fais

In lighter news I would like to commend Primogen al Fais of clan Assamite for taking the time to instruct the newer Kindred of this city on what is expected behavior. A respected Elder and scholar, Rahim the Merciful is a valuable resource of proper etiquette and decorum. This is reflected in the exemplary behavior of the newest members of his clan in the city: the neonates Edmond Wake, Kamatayan, and Zander. These young Kindred impressed me with their humility and obviously have learned much from their esteemed Primogen.

Status Awards

And so I would like to see Edmond Wake, Kamatayan, Zander, and Primogen Rahim of clan Assamite seen as Courteous.

For slights against clan Toreador Elder Prima Dezz sees Elder Eliza as Warned.

Odds and Ends

This month’s gathering will be held at…ask your Primogen. Honestly you should be used to this by now.

Clan Ventrue wishes to challenge the other clans to a Black Hat contest (a hacker contest I am told). The reward is a Trivial boon and a monetary prize of 250,000 USD. Contact the Clan of Kings for more information!