Harpy Report 8-10

Don’t Panic

Harpy Report August 10th, 2018

By Master Harpy Rhamiel

The last few months have been chaotic to say the least. If you’re feeling lost, confused, angry, bitter, or anything really, remember: It will pass. Time is our ally and our greatest weapon. When you live forever troubles like this will come and go. But we will endure. Just a little wisdom from old Rhamiel for you younger folks. But enough of me prattling on, important words from the Prince!

To the citizens of Orlando,

It has been a trying last few months for the city Beautiful, filled with struggles I would not wish upon my worst enemies. Yet through it all we have prevailed. We have pushed the Sabbat from our borders until they are no more than a nuisance. We have defeated demons and those who would engage them in dark pacts, even saved members of the Camarilla from Hell Itself. We have fought and scraped, and now we find ourselves at a moment of peace.

Stop. Breathe. Enjoy this moment. Relish in the quiet, and take solace in survival.

Look to your Clans, those pillars that make up the Tower we call the Camarilla, and make sure your bonds are strong. This is a time of healing, of strengthening your Clan and reclaiming your pride. This is a time to play the social Jyhad, to form those bonds tied in Boon and Standing and enjoy what the Camarilla has to offer. Even in quiet moments of disgrace, look to the social protocols that make up our Sect. Learn them, love them.

Know that this was a time of hardship and struggle that is the result of months of poor leadership. Know that I took this office of power knowing what would come from the actions of the past, and took it because I had the strength to spare and lend to others. To any Kindred who seek to aid Orlando and the Camarilla, I will be your deepest ally and most hard fast supporter. To those Kindred whom already plot and scheme to hurt the citizens of Orlando and the Camarilla further, know that I will give no further mercy and am prepared to give everything to keep this city safe.

This is my home, as it is many others. I can always be counted on to do what is right by it and it’s people, no matter the personal cost.

  • Prince Ty McFearson

And the Domain Rules:

Domain Rules

  1. The Traditions will be honored and respected above all, and any violation of the 6 Traditions will be dealt with harshly.
  2. All Personal Domain granted and territory held by the Clans for feeding is the responsibility of those who maintain them. Failure to keep the rules of Orlando in your territory will result in the removal of said territory and Domains.
  3. Any Clan with feeding territory or any Kindred with Personal Domain found to be harboring enemies of the Camarilla (Sabbat, Infernalists, Hunters, Bloodhunted Kindred, etc) inside their territories will have that land revoked.
  4. When the Primogen Council meets they will allow a Talon or the Master of Harpies (their choice) to sit in on meetings and provide information on status, take notes and answer questions on social protocol if asked. It is the Primogen choice as to who will sit in with them.
  5. When there is an city officer role which is not filled or a Primogen is absent/not in position to represent a Kindred, at the Prince’s discretion the Seneschal will step in and fill that void.
  6. There will never be forgiveness from Prince Ty once a Bloodhunt has been issued.
  7. City officers and Primogen visiting from other Camarilla Domains are asked before attending a Orlando gathering to notify their Primogen and Seneschal so meeting time can be set aside on the Prince’s schedule if they need to talk inter-domain politics.
  8. Any acknowledged member of the Camarilla is welcome to visit Orlando with proper notification to their Primogen. Any Kindred seeking to live in the Domain of Orlando must have their Primogen petition Prince Ty for permission
  9. Primogen are responsible for those in their Clan and who they choose to represent. If any city officer of Orlando is forced to step in and punish a Kindred for crimes, and the Primogen has not already publicly punished said criminal, both the criminal and the Primogen shall be punished. If the crime is severe enough, there is potential that the whole Clan will feel the sting of punishment.
  10. Ghouls are not permitted in official gatherings unless escorted by their Kindred master or one who will take responsibility for their behavior and have notified the Sheriff, Master of Harpies and Seneschal.

The next question on your minds is probably, “But where’s the gathering?” and rest assured: I have no idea. But your Primogens will tomorrow at dusk in order to ensure security. Prince Ty is graciously providing a safe location for the gathering and easing the burden away from Clan Toreador. Hunters about and all. It was stressed to me by Prince Ty that it is the Primogen’s responsibility to provide this information. Not your friendly neighborhood Harpy’s! And if you thought this was end of announcements from the Prince… you’d be wrong.

Personal Domains (Age has its benefits)

Elder Prima Dezz – Magic Kingdom + MK Resorts  

Elder Goetzschlakk – UCF main campus

Elder Rahim al Fais – Islamic Center of Orlando

Elder Sir Price – Bethune Beach

Elder Chance Whitman – Arnold Palmer Hospital

I look forward to seeing all you lovely kindred at the gathering tomorrow forging a new future for our City Beautiful.

With Love and Booze,