The Orlando Maven Issue 2

From the Office of the Harpy

~The Orlando Maven~

-If Not Entertaining, Write Your Primogen-

Issue 2 Vol 1                                                                                                                       4.19.21

It All Started at 

I didn’t know where to start with this particular periodical. One thing fed another thing that led to another, and then social station to consider. So I figured I would start where it all started for me.
I pulled into the parking lot to see others leaving Elysium. I wondered if something was amiss, but no one had made a point to inform me of any sort of incident. I didn’t see flames rising from the horizon of Elysium. It was time to press on!
Elysium was quiet when I entered. Marrick was there. JP the Malkavian was there, we don’t ever get to see him much out and about. I took a seat and began to make small talk with Mr Marrick.
Moments later I received word from Elder Demetri Demeter informing me of the Prince’s decree that Marrick Escanor of Clan Assamite is the Keeper of Elysium of Orlando. Apparently Miss Nyx has been pulled into other aspects of unlife that require Marrick to take the reins officially until she decides to return. I can only guess the issue will be revisited then.
I have been reassured that Nyx is alright, and will return to public life when she is ready to.

On that note; anyone seen Nora lately? 

It Moved to Gatorland

I learned that there was a gathering announced last minute at Gatorland. I thought that was a place called Gainesville. It’s a tourist attraction oriented around gators. I guess if you’re not from the swamp, dem gators be entertainin’. To give it credit, it was nicer than I initially thought it was going to be.
I immediately jumped into the work and recorded some boons. I watched one of Dissonance’s ghouls wink at the Prince. The Childe of the Brujah whip called the newcomer, Leafe, a ‘fuckin’ hippie.’
It was all very standard up until the Sheriff got in place and began crushing the biker that was sending winks to the Prince. Turns out that these were not hunters, which a few of us were led to believe, but the ghouls of Dissonance. Thankfully the Prince rushed over and brought it all to an end before any permanent damage was done, and Primogen Alexander della Moretti was on scene to administer his ministrations.

Tsavo Pro-Primo…?

Do you all remember Tsavo the Nosferatu from my last Harpy report? Go ahead and read it if you need to, I’ll wait. 

This month Tsavo makes it to The Maven yet again, this time as a success story. He’s been busy the last month. Not only has he rejoined the ranks of the acknowledged, but he has become the Primogen of the Nosferatu! Yes. I didn’t see that one coming either. Complete 180.

Not only did Tsavo become Primogen of the Nosferatu, he also hosted the gathering at Gatorland that delivered a taste of excitement and a delegation of the werewolves! It’s ok, they were there to talk to the Prince about some official business. 

Redemption, excitement, a taste of the exotic (part of which tastes like apples) and the Whip Fourkiller assuring us about the way he swings. On top of it all, we were surrounded by reptilian eyes peeking out of the shallow water, so it felt a little like home. I’d call this gathering a success.

Wait! Did You Say Werewolves?

Yes I did. The loup-garou came to Gatorland to talk with Prince Gadow about matters of diplomacy and mutual self-preservation.

The werewolves and Prince Gadow have come to an agreement of non-aggression. We will stay out of each other’s hair and territories, and bond over our mutual hate of hunters. I guess our hunters have been busting their chops a bit as well.
If you suspect werewolf interference in your affairs, do let your respective higher-up know and allow non-confrontational steps be taken. I, for one, am not looking to piss off a werewolf if I can avoid it.

The news, did you see this? Have you heard this?

The bodies hit the floor, and then the news.

Now I’m not normally the one to parrot the news, but this came up in the middle of gathering and I found the emergence of the gruesome truth to concern me as the hunters will probably 

blame us for it. So after Fourkiller assured us of the way he doesn’t swing, and Leafe suggested that the Whip was taken by his own right hand, the news broke publicly.
A pile of bodies was found in an unoccupied strip mall. The news was asked to leave out names, but if you happen to find yourself at an empty strip mall adorned with crime scene tape, you should turn around. If I were a hunter, I’d be watching that place with all kinds of eyes. I wonder if they will take care of whatever made that pile of bodies. Was it one of us??