Harpy Updates 7-8-19

Harpy Report

July 8th, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

Malkavian Chili Cook Off

Come one, come all to the feistiest feast of the magnificent city of Orlando! Spicy chili and local booze is here in spades and all to appease your appetites, or if that’s not to your tastes then let the sweet sounds of our live performances tickle your eardrums as you dance the night away. Whatever it is that pleases your palate, we have it here all weekend long. So come on down to the city beautiful for the 27th annual Battle of the Bowls. That sounds amazing, and it probably would be, if any of you were going, but, you won’t be. Those of you who have a keen ear to the ground in this city might have noticed preparations being made for what could be seen as a space for a gathering at this local festival. Let me be very clear to you here. This is a ruse. A feint. A hoax. A ploy. A sham. A jig that shan’t be going up. The hunters from last year are back and we need to avoid them and keep the masquerade safe at all costs. So absolutely no kindred should go there! Besides, it’s not as if most of you can taste chili anyway. So, unless you really like the taste of blood that’s been heartily filtered through clogged arteries, and I’m not judging if you do (not publicly, at least), then there is absolutely no need for anyone to be at the location that we want to draw those pesky hunters to. Real info about our moves can been attained from your Primogen, so get in contact with them ASAP for something actually helpful.

-Dissonance Malkavian Primogen

Orlando Domain Post Elaine

It has been almost a full month since the diablerist traitor Elaine was killed by Scourge Whitman. As many may have noticed the city has been a quieter place without her presence. This begs the question of how much of our recent enemy attacks The Sabbat, The Dragon, The Nosferatu Cult, the mysterious Clan books were in fact directed to the domain at her whim? Efforts continue to verify her death as it is not the first time she has been prematurely declared deceased. While so far there has been no evidence to contradict the demise will stick this time it is still far too early to sound the all clear.

I advise any reading this to continue to be on your guard. Even if Elaine is gone let us not forget the attention drawn down on our little community from the hunters as a result of the Seal of Mohammad incident last month. Let us hope that issue blows over quickly but prepare for the worst. Be careful in your movement, cover your tracks with your mortal influences, and above all else adhere to the masquerade.

Status Reminders and Protocols

In the last several months there have been several complaints about status not being properly recognized and some who have been confused by the mechanics of it all. Since it has been such a quiet month I figured I would devote a section of the updates for some Cliff notes on status. Status is after all is a vital part of the Camarilla and if some progenitors were obviously lax in their duties to explain it all. We cannot have that ruin the game for everyone else.

First thing we should keep in mind is that status goes into effect (or refreshes if Abiding or Innate) at the monthly gatherings just before they start. Status earned at a gathering or during the month does not go into effect until the beginning of the next gathering.

Status has passive and expended perks. However, if the status is expended the owner loses all access to those perks either forever if Fleeting or until the start of the next gathering.

Now let’s talk about status types and a few specific status types of note.

Innate status- Is usually bestowed on prestigious Camarilla members in honor of their lineage or past deeds. This is its own category though many of its traits are similar to other status types. It can be expended like other status though this type of status is refreshed at the monthly gatherings.

Abiding Status- This is status given by a position or title. The most common confusion here is that you may not claim 2 sources of abiding. If you hold a position within the domain that provides status you are expected by Prince the Plague to claim only the status given by your position. For example, an Elder who takes a Primogen seat is expected to renounce his Confirmed, Established, and Privileged to claim the Noble status of Primogen. It is the Noble status after all that allows you to be the voice of your clan. It is for this reason many Elders who want to be involved go for the Whip position so they can guide their clan’s future without renouncing their Elder status. These Statuses are also expendable and refresh at the monthly gathering. Status granted by gaining a new position does not go into effect until the beginning of the next gathering.

Fleeting Status- This type of status is awarded by those with abiding usually for recognition of a deed or service. They have a wide variety of uses the most common of which is for the domain to look the other way when a social mistake is made. Other types give the recipient standing permission to do things like carry weapons.

Status limitations- The 7 clans that contribute the most to the ivory tower are known as Pillar Clans. These Clans get a strong advantage in the Camarilla an organization where respect must be earned. Pillar Clan members have more options when it comes to fleeting status with a limit of 5 fleeting. Non-pillar clans members, Those with no active boons, those who have been in the Camarilla for less than 10 years, or those who have turned from humanity have a lesser Ban limiting them to 3 fleeting Statuses. Catiff, Diablerists, and those who have been in the Camarilla for less than a year have a Greater Ban and are limited to one and only one Fleeting. Fleeting status, just like abiding, does not kick in until the beginning of the next gathering after it was earned. One can enjoy the Passive benefits of Fleeting status for as long as they wish but once it is expended it is gone for good.

Negative Status- Again it is important to remember that the Camarilla is based on social propriety. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner to those of respected stations. There are those who are able to enforce this in the form of Negative status, the most common of which is Warned. The Prince, Harpy, Keeper, and all Camarilla Elders not claiming a city position can warn you for slipping up socially. So be careful what you say around these individuals when in a public setting. If you are warned it is a 2 month punishment as you have demonstrated that you do not know how to behave yourself in public. While warned you can not PUBLICLY  speak to a city officer without first being granted permission implied or direct. Failure to do so is further proof you do not know how to accord yourself. To not adhere to this restriction obligates you to owe the person you spoke to a minor boon for the insult or face the further punishment of Disgraced. Any attack on a Camarilla Elder is an automatic warning unless it is authorised by the Prince or justicariate. Sheriff, Scourge, Deputy, Enforcers, and other Elders ARE NOT IMMUNE from this automatic warning. All negative status goes into effect immediately!

Honorable- This Status is given to a special few who have demonstrated without a doubt their word is solid and questioning it is a waste of time. Anyone wishing to PUBLICLY contradict someone with the honorable status is required to expend a status to do so. This status can be Abiding, Fleeting or Innate but still must be expended. Since this particular issue keeps coming up moving forward failure to honor this respect will result in either a minor boon to the offended or a warning from me when it is brought to my attention. Please keep in mind that when 2 stories are brought to the Harpies attention on such matters I will be obligated to believe the individual who is Honorable.

Office and Status Updates

Keeper Harmony of Clan Malkavian has been favored by Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel.