Harpy Report 6-16-19

Harpy Report

June 16th, 2019

By Master Harpy H Goodman

The Assamite Gathering

The June gathering was a perfect example of why Orlando can’t have nice things! Unfortunately our poor but gracious hosts the Assamites found this out the hard way. Some of you might remember that our Hosts requested the gathering be declared a temporary Elysium. A request that was granted by Prince The Plague so long as conditions of the gathering met the approval of new Keeper Harmony of Clan Malkavian. However, a twist occurred when Elder Prima-Dezz announced a simple and i’ll admit clever Symbel offering Victorious to the person who could provide our hosts with the best gift.

Well Malkavian Cameryn St James, now also going by the name Frequency, who is known for her ambition took to the contest with a go big or go home attitude. She pulled off an amazing feat and arranged for a viewing of the Seal of Muhammad, one of the most holy relics in the religion of Islam. The holy artifact was flown in to Orlando and brought with it tons of attention from the mortal populous. As impressive as the feat was Frequency got a lot more than she bargained for as the relic’s presence turned out to be a disaster.

First, the request for Elysium was wisely denied by Keeper Harmony due to the mortal attention now on the venue. I was relieved  when I got this news as I knew then, as she did, the night was not likely to remain uneventful. I paid Keeper Harmony a boon on the spot for her wisdom and will be seeing her as Loyal for correctly assessing the situation.

I could give you a blow by blow of the events but I honestly do not want to eat up too much of the report. Let’s just say there were several attempts to steal the holy relic, a major breach of the masquerade that had to be covered by Clans Assamite and Tremere, an explosion, some holy clerics going full true faith on guests, and now the Domain of Orlando is on the Radar of several religious hunter organizations. So you know same old same old.

That summary out of the way I turn attention back to our hosts. Who, had they not been thrown a last minute curveball, put together a most impressive evening raising the bar for future clan gatherings. The evening began with a beautiful song from Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas who’s voice and passion left his guest in silent reverence. The food and atmosphere  were spectacular. The evening then turned to the promised speeches from clan representatives on what it means to be of their blood and how they fit into the Camarilla.        

As an unfortunate happenstance I chose that absolute worst moment early in the evening to pull my Talon Georgia Sugerbush away for a quick office chat. Talon Poppet was unable to attend this gathering so there was no one from the Harpy office present to properly write about what the Clans had to say. Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas took time later in the week to give me a full accounting.

Clan Toreador: Madame Senechal Lillian Tyler read a beautiful poem written by our Sufi Brother Rumi from the Divani Shamsi Tabriz XV.

Clan Tremere: Vivien Waits spoke of their devotion to the upholding of the Masquerade above all else, and that the Tremere are unyielding in their constant dedication to the protection of the Domain

Clan Malkavian: Elder Emma Limon (Called Mama Emma) spoke briefly of the need for unity in the city. While not discussing her Clan directly she did show a genuine desire to work for togetherness.

Clan Brujah: Primogen Rhamiel stated that while he was originally reluctant to publicly speak, he stepped forward and discussed the tenacity and resilience of the Clan when faced with opposition.

Clan Assamite: Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas spoke of his Clans gratitude to the Camerella for accepting his blood as a pillar clan. As well as the importance of unity, loyalty and cooperation.

Clan Nosferatu: I spoke on my Clan’s behalf where I tried to give a glimpse of the hardships caused by my Clans curse. I also spoke of immense and sometimes underestimated value of the first Tradition and its value to my Clan mates.

Finally a letter from Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas that he wished me to convey to the Domain on his behalf.

To the Domain of Orlando

Bismilahir Rahmanhir Rahim.

On behalf of Clan Assamite I would like to personally thank everyone who attended our celebration of Eid Al-Fitr. It was a most enjoyable gathering and everyone appeared to be in good spirits.

During the Holy Month of Ramazan we fast, and because Shaitan and the Jinn are not permitted to interfere with us, Alhamdulillah we must come face to face with our own personal failings and temptations. On Eid he is once again unchained to tempt us and cause us problems, and from the unfortunate circumstances that happened later in the evening, this can be seen as truly evident however, we called this gathering to foster more unity and cooperation within the Domain and when we were tested, the Kindred came together beautifully to not only defend the Domain, protect the Masquerade, but for one brief moment put aside petty politics and came together as one Sect. Alhamdulillah this was a beautiful and hopeful sign. We thank everyone for the most thoughtful gifts as well.

The display of the Seal of the Holy Prophet, Alaihi ssalatu wasalaam was a last minute addition to our gathering not originally requested however, Allah (swt) saw that it was fitting for it to be displayed and Allah is all knowing. Perhaps this was so the events that unfolded could test us and our purpose, I do not know. What I do know is that we came together when tested.

I would like to thank everyone who respected our humble request for modest attire and your gesture has not gone unnoticed. I would also like to personally thank Vivien Waits of Clan Tremere for her swift help in our actions to protect the Domain and Masquerade.

May Allah (swt) Bless and protect you all.

Shaykh Asadullah ibn Said al Hawas

The Blood Hunt of Elaine

Things with Elaine escalated again last week with a bombing of Nosferatu territory. There is no doubt now that Elaine  did indeed capture and Enthrall Former Keeper Andrew Lacer, Anarch Vitalis Sanders and Elder Hati. There is clear evidence along with clear confessions that Elaine used her control over Vitalis and Hati to carry out the assault on Nosferatu Territory.

The commonality between all three is their connection to Elder Fenrir Lukka. It is well known that the Gangrel cares deeply for all three individuals. The abduction of these particular kindred seems a pretty clear message to Elder Fenrir following the fight between he and the former Scourge.

During the gathering Evidence was brought before the Primogen council and the Prince that the attacks on Andrew occured on Elysium grounds, that she has been for quite some time sowing seeds of distrust in attempts to destabilize the Domain, as well as long list of various other crimes committed by the “former” Sabbat Bishop. Presented with such evidence Prince The Plague ordered his 2nd Blood hunt in less than a months time to bring her to justice.

Within the week our new Scourge Chance Whitman earned the Triumphant status in an epic rooftop battle complete with a fiery helicopter crash. His only assistant was Elder Hati who Chance Witman accepted as a ward to help prevent her from causing further harm to the domain while still under Elaine’s influence. Together they were able to overcome Elaine’s sorcery and minions.

All evidence currently points to the fact that Elaine did meet her final end at the hands of the Scourge. For this the Prince and I see no reason to not award the triumphant status for an impressive job well done by Scourge Whitman. However, this is not the first time Elaine has been declared dead. The Domain would be wise to rejoice in Chance’s victory and prowess while continuing to remain on guard and vigilant.

Assuming Elaine is no more does not mean we are done with her as of yet. She managed to implant several rumors sometimes adopting the visage of several prominent city officials. It is unfortunate that many have fallen for her lies and treachery so I would like to take the time to clear up a few things.

  1. Andrew Lacer- Before his abduction Andrew suspected something was going on around Elysium with the presence of the Fae and began investigating. Andrew feared he might be in over his head and set up a message for his clan to find should something happen to him. His Clan began to notice changes in his behaviour  prior to receiving the message and once received acted according to his wishes. He was concerned that his actions would not be his own and requested of his blood that he be prevented from being used to cause harm to the Domain of Orlando. Clan Nosferatu retrieved the Keeper from Elysium and confirmed our worst fears. The domain will just have to respect that further details of the event are none of their business. All you need to be concerned with is that the Prince was promptly informed of the details and agreed with the actions of Clan Nosferatu to protect the Domain and Elysium at great personal cost.
  2. Vitalis Sanders- Since the dissolvement of the Clermont Barony, Vitalis has enjoyed the protection of Clan Gangrel within the domain of Orlando. His abduction was made clear in the attack on Nosferatu Territory through means of explosives. Clan Nosferatu recognizes and is sympathetic that he was conditioned and bound to Elaine to serve her will. However, it is our responsibility and right to protect the lands granted to us by the Prince within the traditions. It was clear that due to Elaine’s actions Vatalis was a danger to himself and others. Primogen Tsavo brought the matter to Vitalis representative Primogen Storm as well as Deputy and elder Skoll Lukka. Vitalis was questioned and confessed to his involvement in the attacks. Realizing the danger he now posed and that his will is not his own Vitalis requested the help of Clan Nosferatu, agreeing to be staked for a year and a day. The request was accepted and overseen by his own chosen representatives within the city.  
  3. Hati Lukka- It is clear now that Elaine used the Gangrel Elder’s close relationship with Andrew Lancer to get at her. Using Andrew as a lure, Hati was separated from her Clan mates and also abducted.  She remained missing for 3 days before turning up tossed  in a sewer drain with False memories of Elder Cierzo as her abductor. During the 3 days she was gone details about Andrew’s involvement became clear and Elder Fenrir appeared to have gone mad with grief over his missing daughter. When she was returned, Clan Nosferatu warned Clan Gangrel of what they had found with Andrew and that Elder Hati would likely be used to go after her friends and allies. Elder Skoll accepted Clan Nosferatu’s offer to care for and protect her. Days later her brother came to claim her and Clan Nosferatu turned her over. Sadly Elaine did just as we thought she would and Elder Hati was also used by Elaine to carry out the attack on the Nosferatu. We offered her the same help we have been giving to Vitalis and Andrew but she refused. Speaking on her behalf and willing to take her as his ward to protect her and the Domain was Scourge Chance Whitman. Clan Nosferatu agreed to the honorable Elder’s terms and she remains in his care still.

To sum up, Clan Nosferatu did not kidnap or force anyone to do anything. Yes our solution is harsh, but effective and consensual. As for why we were so willing to release Hati to her brother Skoll but not Vitalis back to Joey the difference is clear. Vitalis specifically requested our clans protection While Elder Hati did not and to release him to anyone would be a violation of our agreement. No Traditions were violated by my clan and at every step of the way either the Scourge, Sheriff’s office, or Prince were informed our actions. We still hold out hope that something can be done sooner and continue to work on a path of rehabilitation. We of Clan Nosferatu do not underestimate Elaine and while the choices are hard we were the ones asked to make them.

Over the last few months many rumors have been seeded and the whispers behind people’s backs have turned to shouts and accusations. Considering what we do know it would be foolish to not consider the possibility that more than just these 3 were affected. However, too many claims against prominent city members of Clans Nosferatu, Tremere, Ventrue, Brujah and Toreador have already proven to be lies, and it appears this finger pointing is exactly what Elaine wants us to do.  

So I say this! If you have reason to believe that someone else is affected by this ordeal do so through the proper channels. Bring your concern ALONG WITH EVIDENCE!!! To the attention of the Sheriff, Scourge, Prince or myself where they can be investigated properly and respectfully. Open unfounded allegations against respected status holding members of the domain will no longer be tolerated by the Harpy office. I will view all future public claims as blatant disrespect to that individual and should they have sufficient Title and Status will see the perpetrator as warned.

Symbel Winners

Winning the Symbel put forward by Harpy Goodman “Let’s Play Favorites” is Scourge Chance Whitman. Chance managed to secure the Favor of three Elders to claim the Victorious. Let us also recognize the Elders who’s candidate bested the competition. Elder Prima-Dezz,  Elder Lillian Tyler both of Clan Toreador and Elder Cierzo Mistral of Clan Nosferatu.

Winning the Symbel put forward by Elder Prima-Dezz in regards to who could provide our hosts with their favorite gift is our very own Prince The Plague. The Prince provided Clan Assamite his very own journal detailing a period in the city’s history where we unified to defeat a common goal. The Seal of Mohammad provided by Frequency did get an honorable mention but was not considered for the victory due to the evening’s events.

Messages from the Prince

Denizens of the Domain of Orlando. While I do not doubt the Honorable words of Harpy Goodman and Scourge Whittman – this is not the first time the city has thought Elaine to be dead. I have sent my personal scouts to scour for her with the powers of Blood and have been unable to find her in any of the 3 domains or Miami – but I urge the domain to remain vigilant and never forget.

In the aftermath of the most reverent Assamite gathering Hunters once again descend upon Central Florida. The best method to route this menace is the method used by the Ivory Tower for hundreds of years – The Masquerade. Be vigilant not to draw attention to your activities or the activities of our kind. Any action to be taken against the hunters must be authorized by the Sheriff before it is carried out to ensure our protection.

I would like to take this moment to reiterate the Domain’s 3rd Courtesy:
The Masquerade is our most sacred tradition. Failure to report a breach of the Masquerade to the Sheriff will be itself considered a breach of the Masquerade. The Penalty for an uncovered breach of the Masquerade is Final Death.

Office and Status Updates

New Keeper Harmony of Clan Malkavian has announced Primogen Dissonance and Elder Skoll Lukka as her assistant keepers.

The Warning of Primogen Marcus Lees from Elder Prima-Dezz has ended.

Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas of Clan Assimite is seen by Harpy Goodman as Courteous for going above and beyond to welcome the domain at his clans gathering and gracing us with his voice.

Scourge Chance Whitman of Clan Bujah is Favored by ELder Cierzo of Clan Nosferatu.

Scourge Chance Whitman of Clan Bujah is Triumphant after killing the Blodhunted Elaine De Mor.

Scourge Chance Whitman of Clan Brujah is Victorious after winning the Let’s Play favorites Symbel put forward by Harpy Goodman.

Prince The Plague is  Victorious after winning the Symbel as his gift was chosen my Primogen Mahmoud Çetin of Clan Assamite in the Symbel put forward by Elder Pima-Dezz.

Elder Hati Lukka of Clan Gangrel is seen as Acclaimed by Harpy Goodman for her assistance to the Scourge in bringing down her dominator Elaine De Mor.

Elder Skoll Lukka of Clan Gangrel is Warned after attacking an Elder brujah at a peaceful gathering.

Elder Skoll Lukka of Clan Gangrel is Favored by Elder Mamma Emma of Clan Malkavain.

Georgia Sugerbush of Clan Ventrue is seen as Favored by Elder Skoll Lukka of Clan Gangrel.

Keeper Harmony is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman for her quick and correct assessment of the situation and the preservation of Elysium.

Vivian Waits of Clan Tremere is seen as Loyal by Harpy Goodman for her Assistance in protecting the masquerade and the Seal of Muhammad.

Cameryn “frequency” St James of Clan malavain is seen as Favored by Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas of Clan Assamite.

Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas of Clan Assamite is seen as  Loyal By Prince The Plague.

Elder Mama Emma of Clan Malkavain is seen as Courteous by Prince The Plague.

Keeper Harmony of Clan Malkavian is seen as Courteous By Prince The Plague.

Elder Hati Lukka of Clan Gangrel is seen as Courageous  By Prince The Plague.

Seneschal Lillian Tyler of Clan Toreador is seen as Honorable By Prince The Plague.

At the request of Elder and Architect Sobaka of Clan Gangrel I am posting a request on his behalf. With the Passing of the Bloodhunted Elaine De Mor the Elder is hoping to see the safe return of Sophia of Clan Toreador. Elder Sabaka believes Sophia was taken from her residence at Ulfeihm using mystical means. He believes Elaine was behind the disappearance and that Anarchs Annika and Julian Slink were involved in some way. Sophia was taken to an unknown location and tracking her mystically has been difficult.  He suspects someone in this city is aware of her location and if they can retrieve her he will not pursue the matter further and they will have from him a Major boon and his Favored status.

Georgia’s Fashion Critique

It was a starred filled evening, with the world’s eyes on Orlando, as the Assamites hosted what would be a fantastic evening, complete with dress code. And speaking of the dress code… modesty is in the eye of the beholder … rather like fashion itself.

As a whole, the Assamites dressed fabulously, in their usual style. Elder Asadalluah Ibn Sadi Al Hawas looked rather breathtaking. I’m not sure if even a single inch of skin showed on the Sheriff… but perhaps he is more comfortable dressed in that fashion.

The Toreador truly brought their A game, as our lovely Seneschal Tyler looked enchanting in black with just a splash of green. The Primogen was also dressed yummy in his usual style. Derek, our Prime Vegan, and his merry band of Toreador really stood out, as usual.

The Brujah were dressed… comfortable. And congratulations again to the Scourge who really went the distance in winning the Symbel. Pity about the boon debt.

The Ventrue were very Elegant. Primogen Thaddeus Goode-Mezzenotte certainly knows how to wear a suit and Captain Hunt always splashes out beautifully.

The Tremere must have taken cues from the Toreador as Vivian Waits was elegantly dressed while attempting to navigate a new city.

The Malks are … very creative when it comes to dressing. Never boring is Dissonance certainly modest. Prince The Plague really sets the tone, in my not so humble opinion.

And finally, the Nos. Starting with our darling Harpy, who always dresses so sharp he could be mistaken for a Ventrue … The Nos must have a meeting monthly before each gathering to fully support each other when it comes to fashion.

Really, Orlando is a fashion forward city and I look forward to seeing y’all at the next gathering!