Eyes and Ears, Night Shift!

Eyes and Ears, Night Shift!

With your Cast Guide: P-Dezzy!

Breaking News! Another Andrew?

        Tensions with Orlando’s Management seem to have finally subsided. Once our CEO and their President had a nice chat, it became clear they’re still besieged by infiltrators and false-faced-friends. As a former resident of the City Beautiful, I can assure you it’s not uncommon for them. Despite Rahim’s tastelessly crass act of missing the company picnic as requested… (Warned again I’m afraid. CEO’s loyal endorsement saves him this time. Somebody grab their boy.) his attempt to violate both the 2nd and 5th Company Bylaws by abducting and forcing contracts out of Andy seems for naught.

Andy showed up at the company picnic as required, though late so he is of course warned for his tardiness. He did say that since Senior Partner Arch had abandoned him, he’d abandon Arch’s Favor to avoid the warning. But if we have Andy… Why is Rahim framing an innocent Passholder? Whatever Orlando Criminal he’s apprehended, we encourage him punishing it for breaking Company Law NUMBER ONE. You might have heard of Division “A” taking a hard stance on Traditional Values, Honest Business Practices, and avoiding Outside Investors. Well, I can tell you that HPS Murder Inc. is going to need to take a long look at what passes Mountain Muster in Florida. Manufacturing Disney guilt is higher on Orlando’s President’s itinerary than even cleaning his own basement. I could warn him for any of these still… But let’s see if his own Chief of Operations is loyal to Company Values or Rahim himself. I’ll see if I need to step in again next week.

Breaking News! Disney+: Burning Down the House!

        The Company Picnic for the NightShift Passholders was a roaring success with it’s biggest problem the few classless wretches who didn’t coordinate their absence or tardiness. To be noted further below. BUT FIRST, the GOOD NEWS! Our picnic was a standard MK affair. Concise, Focused, Magical. Under the perfect scheduling of our impeccable Chief of Operations, we were able to dispense with formalities and sign in with record time. With all our Heads of Family present, we developed a program for seasonal visitors to the Magic Kingdom.

A pass for Three Months to our parks is available for a Major favor to the CEO. This includes all the usual benefits and drawbacks (ask respectable Passholders about the benefits. Ask Rahim about the drawbacks…). The advantage to it over a full time membership is immunity from the CEO’s Picnic Attendance Policy. As passholders should recall, it is the duty of each holder to attend the Company Picnic Monthly or reach out and offer the CEO an apology and compensation. I warn the following passholders for being late or absent our Picnic: Rahim (already mentioned above), Lugh (ignored by his loyal service), Andy (already mentioned above), Tsavo (Though honestly, has anyone even seen him this month?), Winston (ignored by his loyal service) and Melody (ignored by her loyal service).

With every problem in the borders of LBV solved and safe, we engaged in everyone’s favorite monthly streaming service: Disney+! With more channels and providers than before, it continues to be a waterfall of commerce for Tower Industries, further cementing business partnerships and alliances. I have to thank everyone for helping make this dream of solid entertainment and capitalism such a success. I’m minorly in debt to each member of our city for their help, and will note as such.

Breaking News! Program Updates!

        The landscape of the Magic Kingdoms are always being refurbished for your future enjoyment. And because of that, we must always present tweaks and changes to the program and our guests. Below are some announcements from your staff and Tour Guides!

Our CEO Plagueis thanks: Abse, Hati, Andrew, Derek, Prima(Full), Fue, Isreal, Jaylen, Vivian and Elain for their loyal attendance at the company picnic. He also sees Winston as the honorable new head of household for family Schreck… while Andy’s identity theft by Rahim is researched.
Our XO Vivi thanks: P-Dezzy, Jaylen, and Isreal(Full) for their loyal and meticulous service to the Magic Kingdom.
Our Head of House Schreck transfers to Winston and we’re in the market for a new Scourge. The Schreck Family is back to the hard times they’re so famous for.
Our head of Librious Family Jaylen-the-Younger thanks Vivi for her loyal service this month.
Our head of Hortus Family Derek-the-Perfect thanks P-Dezzy(Full) and Fue for their loyal service!

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