The News Worth Knowing Issue 23

The Harpy Nest Digest


Giovanni Gaffe’s

How a normally civilized business family has turned into a mess of mooks.

by Ty McFearson

Clan Giovanni has a long and storied history with the Camarilla. In the early days of the Sect, they developed an ironclad treaty with the Camarilla called The Promise in which they established themselves as good business partners with us and were free to keep their own affairs to themselves, in return they stayed out of our politics and respected our rules while in a Camarilla Domain. This treaty was upheld for centuries, with both sides flourishing, until Clan Giovanni was tired of such an arrangement and wanted more.

Choosing to break The Promise, they joined with the Followers of Set and formed the Independent Alliance to compete with the Camarilla and the Sabbat. Their small group has grown in the short almost 2 decades it has existed, it’s yet proven to see how long it will truly last, and they have spent much of their time consolidating their power and prowess in the field of politics. I have met many skilled Giovanni and Setite politicians, their silver tongues and deep pockets have done well here in the politics of Elysium. I appreciate anyone who wants to participate in the system we all hold dear, no matter where they come from. What I don’t appreciate are mooks.

Mooks think that physical strength solves everything, that they can bully and push their ways around and through others. Mooks ignore status, ignore polite rules of society. Mooks think they can just meet with the Prince whenever they’d like and demand things from him because they have magic, instead of showing respect to his station. Mooks decide to accept contracts for assassinations which will delay and stop the members of the Camarilla from stopping the demon and thus continue to make innocents suffer. Mooks think they look tough and smart by strutting around Elysium and loudly proclaiming that they don’t have to follow the rules of the Camarilla. Mooks threaten to kill anyone that disagrees or is offended by them. I don’t like dealing with mooks.

Clan Giovanni can be some of our strongest allies, when they choose to. They can also be the worst sticky cog in the complex system of the Camarilla. The Independent Alliance is represented by its people out in our cities, we will judge their new group by the actions of those they send out as representatives. What will the members of Clan Giovanni turn out to be? Will they be polite members of a polite society and play by Camarilla rules? Or will they be Mooks who solve problems with violence, threaten to kill anyone who disagrees with them, and continue to flaunt the laws of the Camarilla with each step?

How long will a Praxis allow Mooks to run rampant in their city? How long before someone decides that a new Praxis is needed to get rid of these Mooks?






Status and City Officer Updates

by Ty McFearson

Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson is no longer represented by Clan Toreador. Instead, I have decided to take shelter in a more refined and civilized Clan and accepted Primogen Sobaka’s offer to be represented by Clan Gangrel.

For my thanks in our negotiations for representation, and his tireless effort to uphold the Traditions in the face of laughing jesters, I wish to see Noble Primogen Sobaka as Acclaimed.

As I am a Noble Master of Harpies I see Sofia Amati of Clan Toreador as Loyal for her support of Clan Toreador as Whip, and for her services rendered to the Primogen Council as a whole. I know it’s not your fault dear.

For his ill behavior and mockery of the status and respect of various Kindred, Elder Halogi wishes to see Primogen Simon as Warned. Because he was previously awarded status, Primogen Simon is no longer seen as Loyal and is thus not Warned.

Clan Toreador, under the direction of Primogen Simon, have chosen to no longer support Master of Harpies Tyranus “Ty” McFearson. They were upset at how I spoke critically on their alliance with Clan Giovanni (you know, the group that flaunts the rule of law and murders people and breaks the masquerade because they can?), how I challenged their perception that Clan Giovanni doesn’t have to respect the Praxis or Traditions while in our territory and how I argued that we shouldn’t condone an organisation that undermines the Traditions and leads Clan Assamite down a dark path. Because I dared disagree with his ideas, he has withdrawn his Clan’s support. Since Clan Toreador does not deem it appropriate to support the office of Harpy, the office of Harpy does not deem it appropriate to support Clan Toreador; no boons will be registered on behalf of Clan Toreador until this matter is corrected.

Based on the received Honorable accounts I received from Harpy The Plague, Sheriff Sigismondo and Primogen Whitman of Clan Brujah, which can be read below, I have made the following ruling. As Patrick dared to attack a Kindred with the Favor of an Elder he shall be seen as Warned. As Krazy dared to attack two Kindred whom between the two had the Favor of three Elders, he shall be seen as Warned three times. Let us hope they both learn from their Censure.




A Lack Of Participation?

by Ty McFearson

Participating in the system of status and boons is a cornerstone of Camarilla life. It is how we show measures of respect, we handle disputes so they don’t end up in bloodshed (looking at you Assamites) and we keep track of those of importance in the city. Participation in the system is vital, and really is needed for us to function as a society. But a lack of such participation can also be harmful to the city. We have a number of issues in participation in the system, and I’m hoping that awareness of such will entice others into more fully participating in the social system of the Camarilla.

Starting with Elders, we have a fair number who have chosen to not share their Favor with various Ancilla or Neonates. Sharing your Favor is an excellent way to show other Elders which members of the city you have unique relationships with, as well as offering protection against physical violence towards those you work alongside. To physically harm someone who has your Favor incurs an instant Censure from the office of Harpy as well, so it’s a good way to keep those close to you safe. I won’t say exactly WHICH Elders have not participated…but perhaps more should get on board.

Moving onto your Primogen, we seem to sadly have a rotating stable of them as of late. Clan Tremere has been our most consistent, owing to their unity in focus as a Clan I gather, but all of the Primogen give out a surprising lack of status to their Clanmates. Status investments are a wonderful thing, it says to them that you value their services and work and SUPPORT of you. Funny thing is, if you lose the position that allowed you to give them status…they lose that status. If you give them nice status incentives to support you, perhaps our Primogen can last longer than 6 months at a time? You’re welcome to register with myself or any of my harpies (The Plague and Virgil) any status you’d like to see distributed and it can be added to my Tuesday report.

Lastly, let’s talk boon economy. Did you know that there are several Kindred, even a small handful of Elders, who do not participate in the boon system? I know, I was shocked as well. By not participating in the system of boons, you are not following proper conflict resolution for the Camarilla. You are setting yourself up to have no support from other Kindred, because if you don’t owe them currency then they have no incentive to assist you. Think of boons as an investment in that way, you are either giving someone a boon or receiving one from them in the hopes that they will be able to return the favor in a greater way (or forgive the slight in a better way) that originally invested upon. And if you have ZERO boons at all, that limits the amount of status you can carry in the Camarilla which further weakens you in any discussion. You really do need at least one boon on the books, and Primogen if you’d like a list of which Clanmates of your still need to owe boons…please reach out to me or one of my harpies and we will happily work that out with you.




Three Honorable Accounts

By The Plague

After investigation into the attacks on former Primogen The Plague and Sheriff Sigismondo, three Honorable witnesses have come forward with the actual events. Their accounts are below.

The Plague; Honorable, Loyal, Favored, and Victorious Primogen (at the time) of the Camarilla:
After providing advice to some Malkavians in one of the rooms off of the ballroom in the Grand Bohemian, where we were gathered under the Prince’s orders, I was headed to aid in the assault on the Demon. While traversing the halls towards the exit I spotted an unknown group as I turned the corner. Before I could react, I was stabbed twice and felt my soul attempt to be ripped from my body. Fortunately, my heightened senses allowed me to identify the attackers. Primogen Mack, of Clan Assamite, was the first one to stab me; I would recognize the blade he carries at his side anywhere despite attempts at disguise. The second, Patrick O’Brian of Clan Assamite, attempted to disguise himself and frame an Ex-Primogen of the city, Thorn of Clan Gangrel. Fortunately, my ears were more reliable than my vision and his disguise was fruitless. After engaging my opponents in a Monologue, the Honorable Sheriff Sigismondo and Honorable Primogen Chance of Clan Brujah came rushing to my aid. Despite the Ravnos Krazy’s attempts to hold them off with his illusion powers (Krazy did not even bother to disguise himself, and was later accused by 2 Kindred of being an Infernalist), Sigismondo and Chance used the powers of their blood to punch through these illusions.

Suddenly, the hallway went dark. Fortunately, my Heightened Senses helped reveal three things: Primogen Mack attacking Sheriff Sigismondo with some sort of explosive device, the Ravnos Krazy igniting some sort of incendiary device, and Whip Patrick again stabbing me this time with the poison in his blood. Both of these explosions happened within the hotel, itself an issue for the masquerade. Taking advantage of the darkness I obfuscated myself and made my exit.

Chance Whitman; Honorable Primogen of Clan Brujah:
While discussing matters with other kindred near the entrance to the ballroom area I suddenly heard commotion. Looking over, I saw The Plague being stabbed by what my heightened senses revealed to be Patrick and Mack. As well I saw Krazy briefly before he activated his powers and created what I now know are illusionary walls to attempt to block access, trapping me inside. Suddenly, I was greeted by a globe of darkness and silence. My senses allowed me to see two things in the darkness; Mack attacking Sigismondo with an explosive device and Krazy setting off an incendiary device. Shortly after the darkness dissipated I punched through the wall at the other side of the hall and the combatants scattered, The Plague nowhere to be seen.

Sigismondo Malatesta; Honorable, Loyal, and Favored Sheriff of Orlando:
While Sheriff Malatesta declines to be interviewed during an ongoing investigation, he did provide this statement. “As his Majesty has yet to address Mack and Krazy’s direct attack on my person,  I cannot comment beyond the following: An attack on the King’s Men IS an attack upon the King himself. It will be addressed. Furthermore I have no direct difference of opinion from Elder Whitman and former Primogen The Plague.”

Anonymous Medium
In addition to the Honorable witnesses, an anonymous medium that was present at the scene witnessed the Independent Alliance members Luca Brasi Giovanni, Raffaello Francesco Giovanni, and a 3rd, unknown Giovanni attempt to use their necromantic powers on The Plague and Sigismondo. Fearing reprisals from the Giovanni the witness is not named, but has relayed what they saw directly to the Harpy’s office and the Prince.

In addition to the attacks on two City Officers, Luca was heard in Elysium bragging about killing two anarchs, claiming they were Infernalists. Did the Prince give him the right of destruction in our domain or is this another violation of our Traditions?

Spotlight Of Praise: Mariano Fabbri

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest I would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Established Elder Mariano Fabbri of Clan Toreador.

He is the only Elder of his Clan that actively supported the Praxis and Bloodhunt, working with the others in the city to try and end the infernal threat. Offering his resources for any who required them, Elder Fabbri worked all last gathering to aid the city to the best of his ability. Elder Fabbri was also willing to give it all in defense against the demon, prepared to risk his considerable life for the sake of neonates and ancilla. What a showing!

Since that fateful evening, Elder Fabbri has continued to represent his Clan and the Camarilla with grace. He has acted with dignity in Elysium, he has guided the younger Kindred on the correct path whenever possible and has shown what an Elder of Clan Toreador should act as. Elder Fabbri is also not under a Lesser Status Ban because he invests in the status system and it is much appreciated. Acting as a good example for Toreador and other Kindred in the city, we thank Elder Mariano Fabbri for his work in such a short time and look forward to what he will do for us all next.




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