The News Worth Knowing Issue 20

The Harpy Nest Digest


A Symbel Crash

The Symbel got a little hairy, but everyone seemingly made it through ok!

by Ty McFearson

Established Elder Rand recently hosted a Symbel for the benefit of the city, and it was quite the showing! The name of the game was recovery of a mystical ritual that would aid the city in defense against the Infernal, even weakening them a significant amount. To mobilize the neonates and Ancilla of the city, he offered a Symbel to whomever could successfully retrieve the ritual and bring it back to him. This is a fantastic example of Elders appropriately using their station to better the Camarilla, and Clan Tremere should be lauded for such an action.

Later on as the Symbel progressed, the neonates and Ancilla did a wonderful job of safely navigating the puzzles. Of note were Jasmine Dupree, Mouse and Joesph Vandenberg who did an extraordinary job handling the situations as they arose without risking the Masquerade. When the ritual was in sight and one of the Ancilla went to claim the prize, it was a bit of a kerffluffle as they all scrambled. Despite everyone’s best efforts, it seems that in the end we had Mouse, childe of The Plague and acting on his behalf, secure the ritual and turn it into Rand to claim the prize.






Status Updates

by Ty McFearson

As winner of the Symbel hosted by Established Elder Rand of Clan Tremere, Mouse of Clan Malkavian would normally be given the awarding status. However as she was acting on behalf of her Sire The Plague, he is seen as Victorious for her work in his name. Good job Mouse, and good job The Plague!




Update on the Primogen Chaos

by Ty McFearson

It seems we have updates on the situation involving the Primogen Council chaos as reported last week. From the word of Prince Vitale, it seems that leading the charge to push the Primogen for a vote to remove his Praxis were none other than Primogen Sobaka and Primogen Sigismondo!

Both Primogen are normally upstanding individuals, supportive of the Praxis as well as loyal defenders to the Camarilla. What would possibly suggest that they would be so treasonous as to try and unseat a sitting Prince in the middle of a wartime situation? It seems that Primogen Sobaka has eyes on the Praxis, having pulled boons against Primogen Plague of Clan Malkavian to also support his actions. Primogen Winston apparently was on the fence for support of the Praxis, but Imogen seemed to have remained loyal to Prince Vitale and upset Clan Nosferatu. The Primogen of Clan Tremere, Clan Ventrue and Clan Assamite were all missing (almost suspiciously so, were boons paid to keep them away too?). But their Whips stood tall, and supported the Praxis at every moment along with the Primogen Of Clan Toreador.

It seems that the Whippoorwills have eyes for the Praxis. How long until one of Sobaka’s Tremere allies become Primogen? How long until the next push on Praxis? In the Symbel, over half the attendees were tied either by oath/boon/status to the Whippoorwills, was that intentional? When will Primogen Sobaka make a push for Praxis again? And how long will Prince Vitale allow Clan Gangrel and Clan Brujah have Primogen who refuse to support his Praxis?

We will keep you updated as the situations continue to evolve.




Oh My God She’s Back Again…

by Ty McFearson

So, it seems reports of Elaine’s death are greatly overstated. Back in Issue 5 we reported on the attack between Elaine and Patrick, and in further issues it was stated that she had been killed. Well it seems such claims are incorrect at Miss Elaine made a return in Tampa.

Prince Kennedy of Tampa gave her succor and Haven, acknowledging her as a member of his city. No word on her intentions or what she aims to do in Tampa, nor what she paid to be accepted in that city. Currently she has no Clan willing to claim her, as in Orlando previously she was considered a Toreador. No word as well on how she survived the attack on her person, or where she’s been since then. She did strike quite the figure, looking just as beautiful as she ever has.

Elaine has a troubled past in the city of Orlando, and here’s hoping that she has a better time in Tampa.




Mysterious Notes in the Night?

by Ty McFearson

So it seems a mysterious “Cabal of 13” has decided to try to subvert the Praxis and rule of law here in Orlando. They have sent shadowed letters to various Kindred, including the office of Harpy, which list wild claims and make harsh accusations.

We here in the Harpy Nest will not give this group the benefit of posting their letter here, they simply wanted publicity and to drum up nasty conversations which undermine not just the Praxis of Prince Vitale but also the traditions and social structure of the Camarilla as a whole. Their actions behind the scenes are harmful, and will not be indulged.

Here in the Harpy’s Nest, we recommend if you have issues with something then you take it to your Primogen. And then your Primogen takes it to the Prince. Shadowy letters sent to undermine the authority of others and threatening to murder those that disagree with you is not how we do things here. Remember you’re in the Camarilla, and act like it.




Spotlight Of Praise: Mouse

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Mouse Of Clan Malkavian.

Mouse has worked her way up from a simple employee to various Camarilla members to the childe of the Malkavian Primogen. She takes good care of others around her, always willing to help make their lives just a bit more comfortable. Of note this week in the Symbel were her actions, all positive and constructive towards the safety of the city. She recovered the ritual and turned it over to Elder Rand, and was humble in all of her actions.

More Kindred should take note of the example Mouse leads; working for the greater good and always willing to be friendly. Great job Mouse!




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