The News Worth Knowing Issue 18

The Harpy Nest Digest


Asleep at the Wheel

Hot off his Triumph of Praxis celebration, Prince Vitale is having a hard time staying awake and alert helming the ship….

by Ty McFearson

How things have changed over the past few months. A Domain that once looked stable and secure with firm and dynamic leadership at the helm, now seeming to drift listless along the current with the Captain asleep at the wheel. How has Prince Vitale let things get to this point?

Part of the issue surely has to fall with his poor officer selection. While seemingly willing to give someone a chance, these chances keep endangering and hurting the city with every choice. Sheriff Wilde, a Lasombra of no repute, has seemingly let down the city time and time again with ill-fated missions and an inability to actually do his job with any regularity. How many people have died, mortal and Kindred alike, because of the Sheriffs incompetence? Looking at another role, the role of Scourge, and you wonder who Prince Vitae actually chose and why they continue to fail? Independant Kindred stalk the streets, openly mocking and insulting our traditions and society and yet the Scourge just lets them roam free as if not having a care in the world. The Prince did not throw his weight around when the Primogen selected former Harpy Fue and allowed the societal standards and recordings of debt and standing fall into disarray; former Harpy Fue was unavailable for comment at this time to answer for the  amount of blame that should be levied at his feet.

And what of the Primogen? It is their job to give advice and council to the Praxis of course, but haven’t they already tried? Many of the Primogen have approached the Prince to advise him on a new Sheriff and have seemingly been ignored. Even recently various Primogen and their Whips have been the one to step up and do the work of other city officers who slack, including the Seneschal having to impose a Censure on behalf of the Prince because the Prince apparently was unavailable to enforce his own ruling. Will the Primogen continue to allow themselves to be ignored?

This is a troubled time in Orlando, where dynamic leadership is needed. The Prince has provided such in the past, can he do it again? Does he even care to do it again?

Prince Vitale was unavailable for comment at the time of this writing.






Status Updates

by Ty McFearson

Noble Primogen Sigismondo has weathered the storm of Censure and come out a better Kindred for it. As of this report, he is no longer under the Censure of Warned and should be treated accordingly.

For threatening physical violence against not only a Noble Primogen but an Established Elder of the Camarilla, Primogen Mack of Clan Assamite is recognized as Warned for the length of one month or until he can make reparations to the Established Elder he so insulted in threatening physical harm. We suggest he send a Whip to go speak to Elder Sigismondo on how to make reparations for the slight.

Keeper of Elysium Halogi, member of Clan Gangrel,  wishes it to be known that he sees Master of Harpies Prima Dezz as Honorable for all his assistance in navigating and explaining Camarilla politics.

Manners are important in the world, more so in Elysium itself. Lacking in basic humanity is no excuse to be rude, especially to an Established Elder such as Sobaka. For such a public act of poor manners, Siobhan is recognized as Warned for the length of one month or until she can make reparations to the Established Elder her manners did offend.

Let it be known that Master of Harpies Prima Dezz sees Keeper of Elysium Halogi of Clan Gangrel as Honorable for all his efforts in bringing the Infernal Master to justice for the attack upon his person.

For failing to respond to the Clan Census as ordered by Prince Vitale, on behalf of the Prince does Seneschal Monticello see Primogen Lou Warren as Warned for the length of one month or until she can make reparations with the Prince and Seneschal. We suggest perhaps filling out the Clan Census post haste and offering a boon.

Let it be known that Master of Harpies Prima Dezz sees Established Elder Sobaka of Clan Gangrel as Honorable for all his efforts in acting as a mediator between Keeper Halogi and Master Harpy Prima Dezz.




Interview with a Vampire: Virgil Bancroft

by Ty McFearson

We sat down with Virgil Bancroft of Clan Tremere this week to ask one of our new members a few questions that we may better get to know him!

When asked what brought him here to Orlando, Virgil replied “Personally, My sire sought to make the nights a safer place. In admiration of that, I’m simply following in the footsteps of another great kindred. I’m here to aid Orlando in shoring up its defenses. As a member of my coterie which the city is no doubt familiar with, we actively involve ourselves in rooting out problems and putting them to rest in one manner or another.”

Good things so far from one of the newest member of Clan Tremere! We next asked about his relationship with the rest of his Clan; “Clan Tremere has always been one for organization. From our Primogen down usually it’s clockwork. The city of Orlando is no different in that regard. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to meet several well versed individuals amongst my clan. My primogen is competent and my associates a glowing example of Camarilla society for the part.” These Primogen comments were collected prior to this reporting, we should note for the record.

When we asked the question on most people’s minds, how he came to join the Whippoorwills, Virgil commented with “Strength begets strength in this case. Sobaka is an old friend. He simply called in a few favors and favors become hobbies. I stick around because we share a common cause. The peaceful ease of nights bereft of anything we need fear.”

Finally, we asked if Virgil had any words of advice or encouragement for new Kindred in the city. After a time, he responded with “Be ever mindful of the traditions, be courteous to elders such as myself. Keep your nose clean and preserve the masquerade. These are troubling times for all kindred of our city. Breaches cannot be tolerated.  Make yourself useful to our wonderful city, and the city will be kind in return. Quickly find someone to owe something to, to avoid a lesser ban on your status as an individual. Our harpy is very diligent.  Do not judge the kindred here by their outward appearances. I’ve found the most stalwart of allies in the most unlikely places, and snakes in our midst elsewhere. Be vigilant.
Beyond that, ‘Welcome to Orlando’ is the colloquial saying isn’t it?”




Camarilla Resistance: Don’t Give Up Hope

By Prima Dezz

        I write to you from an undisclosed location, in hiding from the forces that beset our city. As most of our city staff is. First I commend you for your bravery. To not flee the domain when such incredible forces continually hound us speaks to our dedication and loyalty to Orlando. It was a scarce 4 months ago that we thought our beautiful city had escaped the clutches of war. And yet, here we are again. Our Elysium shattered by vile demonic magics. Our City Staff in hiding and reclusive from fear. Our streets hushed and our nights returned to the state of constant paranoia, one that is achingly familiar to old residents of Orlando. We may have recently celebrated a year under our Prince, but the celebration for a year of peace or prosperity has been indefinitely postponed. This office was recently made aware of the events that released these demons and hardships on the city. And while some of those responsible are already dead, others seem to have escaped justice. Know that we are watching. We are waiting. And we are aware this could have ALL been avoided.

Many of you were present when I was attacked by the Infernalists at our last gathering. The Keeper of Elysium and I both condemn their actions and unilaterally blame the “Master” of the Infernalists, as he is known. If he is not brought to justice by the night of May 13th our entire domain and all the kindred acknowledged within will be Disgraced for a period of 3 months. If we attempt to establish another Elysium (or even host gatherings in one!) it will extend by another 6 months. Our fates and reputation lie in the hands of our Prince and Sheriff, neither of whom could be reached for comment.
But do not judge them harshly my kindred spirits. Why, even most of our Primogen have been so out of touch they couldn’t provide commentary or support for the social changes I’ve been implementing. Though their lack of support stings, it does show they wish me to take a less active role.  I have heard stories of our enemies from our brave warriors, and I have even felt the burn of their demonic magics myself in defense of the city. We can not fault anyone for going into hiding or disappearing when such threats loom. Yes, a Blood Hunt would make our vengeance on the Master a matter of everyone’s priority. Yes, in a perfect city, the Sheriff would have removed this threat before we were even aware. Yes, we are scattered to the wind and have heard nothing from our administration officially about the violation of Elysium.

But do not give up hope! From the ashes of Orlando we shall rise again! Our ranks have swelled with the influx of specialists in battling the laundry list of unique difficulties Orlando is home to. We have cunning new wizards to provide occult puissance that we were sorely lacking! Brave new warriors to stride into the mouth of hell (or Arcadia, or Atlantis, or whatever pops up next)! And fiery young iconoclasts and leaders to rally our beleaguered forces and lead us into a brighter tomorrow. Orlando is down, and many of us are familiar with the feeling, but we aren’t out quite yet.

The question we face is: What changes need to be made, to Make Orlando Great Again?

Prima Dezz
Master of Harpies
Noble, Prominent, Guardian of Our Traditions
Luminary Elder of the Rose

Spotlight Of Praise: Lisa Roberts

by Ty McFearson

There are some amazing things happening in Orlando that many overlook, and here in the Harpy’s Nest we would like to focus on that once a week. This week’s Spotlight Of Praise is aimed at Lisa Roberts of Clan Tremere.

Lisa is new to the city, and while not here long has already stepped up to the plate on assisting various issues. Working with Keeper of Elysium Halogi last gathering, even though it was not ehr place she still stood up and did her very best to cover the heavy burden of work. She comforted those of her Clan at the death of Marcus, showing a surprising depth of humanity for a member of her Clan. She has also leveraged her knowledge and used it to aid those tracking down and working on the infernalist issues.

Thanks Lisa! You’re an upstanding newcomer, and we can only hope to see you shine further!




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