Tampa Nights June 2018

Tampa Nights

June 2018

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Greetings and Felicitations

Buona sera ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Tampa.

This past Gathering, held in downtown Ybor at the illustrious, historical, and recently restored Cuban Club, was quite the success. With visitors from Orlando as well as the Barony of Polk County, the Domain of Tampa shone bright in the night. The evening went well, with all in attendance enjoying the company of each other. Such socializing and enjoyment amongst our guests and residents warms the cockles of this Elders heart.

For those who wish to know, the Cuban Club has a long and illustrious history of bringing peoples together. Gracious thanks to the patronage of Prince Kennedy in the restoration of this monument to all of her former shine and glory. As the Domain of Tampa continues to grow, the Cuban Club will stand as a beacon of grace, civility and socialization in this region. Tampa, Rose led city that we are,  encourages all who wish to share their art with us to bring it to the Cuban Club for display so that all may enjoy and admire your works.

Many and varied were the visitors during the evening. From Orlando, the recently elected Primogen of Orlando’s Garden, Sofia Amati and her companions. One of whom, the lovely Lily White, an up and coming young Rose with great potential. Also noted, Jasmine Dupree, of clan Tremere who has, in my observation, always comported herself with composure and grace. Last, but by no means least, the lovely and charming Gina Vitale showing grace, comportment and charm worthy of a Rose. I am certain there were others and I trust we shall be introduced to each other in due time.

Don Sergio Giovanni was in attendance with two of his family and successfully proved that there are some who do know how to behave properly in civilized society.

Baron Ayeses, accompanied by several of his brethren, came in from Polk County showing that when one is treated with respect and graciousness, one receives the same in kind.  Furthermore, it would seem, the numbers of those within the movement locally have grown by leaps and bounds to include the former Master Harpy of Orlando, Signore Ty McFearson. A great loss to Orlando, I am certain… such a shame. Luckily, he is still local, so we will be able to continue enjoying his earnest and ever enjoyable company.

His Majesty, Prince Kennedy attended the Gathering prepared to grace us all with a performance that, sadly, never happened. I saw many new faces from both Orlando and Polk County and hope to make the acquaintance of these individuals soon.

The Gathering was marred only a bit by a few bits of interesting news. The death of the Bishop of the Tampa Diocese and an encounter with were-sharks in Hillsborough Bay. Were-sharks? There sharks… These issues are being investigated and dealt with. I would advise no swimming in the Bay, however.  

Items of note… Bee of clan Brujah was named Keeper of Elysium at the end of Gather as Prince Kennedy made it known that the Cuban Club is now christened Elysium for Tampa. The Standard Rules apply, and I am certain Keeper Bee will have a few of her own to add. If you have any questions regarding these, please feel free to contact her. Also, during his announcements, Prince Kennedy made it known that he sees his Senechal, Primogen, Keeper, Sherif and all other officers as ‘Guardians’ as it is each of our duties to guard and protect the City from dangers within and without. Please be aware, lovely guests, that, with the exception of his Right of Destruction, Prince Kennedy has granted each of his Primogen with his full powers in their individual territories.

As recently appointed Talon, I was quite busy registering and recording the exchange of boons over the course of the evening. Several of which were Major Boons paid to His Majesty for acknowledgment in the City.  Tampa grows by leaps and bounds it would seem. Another instance of growth… in his wisdom, Prince Kennedy has arranged an agreement with Baron Ayeses of Polk County as follows: Tampa will extend to the outer edge of Anarch territory with them policing it as they see fit, the members of the Movement there will have free reign of Tampa as any other citizen might alongwith the protection/ assistance of the Domain if needed and Baron Ayeses gets to come to the Council meeting with the rest of us. Oh, joy…actually, thinking on it, he should brighten things up a bit. I see Council meetings becoming a lot less boring in the future.

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In other news

Sunday evening, Orlando’s Senechal, Elder Sobaka of clan Gangrel, met with  a representative of Clan Giovanni, Dona Solange Giovanni, to discuss the issues in Orlando. Apparently, an amicable agreement was reached and both parties came away peacefully. To sum up, the Independent Alliance has been granted property within Orlando which they are turning into an Embassy. They have recognized rights within Orlando and access to the rack there. Although, apparently Luca and Raffaello Giovanni are not included in this agreement.  

So, in closing, have a lovely evening all, remember not to be boorish or uncivilized and may you all be graced with Joy.

Cassia Maior

Talon to Master Harpy Grimalkin of Tampa

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