Tampa Nights

Tampa Nights

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All Hallow’s Eve

Buona sera, amore mio and welcome again to Tampa.

As the Equinox passes and the Veil thins, Tampa prepares to celebrate. Sua Maesta, Prince Kennedy, has graciously allowed me to host a Halloween Masqued Ball. In concordance with Signore Blood, our Keeper, this Ball will be held on Elysium, the Cuban Club in beautiful and historic Downtown Ybor. And so, it is with no small amount of pleasure, that I also announce this….. I will be offering a Symbel to the one with the best costume. I will not stand as judge alone. I will also be relying on the wisdom of Elder Blood, Sua Measta and, perhaps, one or two others to help make the final choice. So, bring out only your finest, my darling ghouls and ghosties.

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A few things of Import

As a note, a few things of import. As Samhain approaches, things that go bump in the night may be more active. So,unless they pose a risk to the First, leave them be. And I strongly advise staying away from Federal ships without express permission from myself or Prince Kennedy.

Of even more import, please, please, please remember the Laws of Elysium. If you are uncertain, I strongly advise that you brush up on them. If you are certain of your knowledge of them, I strongly advise that you refresh your memory anyway. Elder Blood, our Keeper, does not suffer fools or breaches of his Elysium. Please remember that we are there at his welcome and do not abuse such. He will be displeased and I will be quite put out.  

We look forward to seeing you there.

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