Tampa Nights – Halloween on Elysia

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The Cuban Club

Good Evening, Guys and Ghouls! For all who attended, I thank you for your charm and company. I believe the evening was an exquisite success. As always, the Elysium was superb and I commend the staff highly on the decorations. Amongst those attending, we had visitors from Orlando and Miami, as well as our own residents, visitors from the Independent Alliance as well as the Anarchs. We also had new visitors in the forms of Who’s There attending with Knock Knock as well as the lovely Lenore Black and Raven, two lovely and immensely civilized examples of the Wanderers.

Don Sergio was in attendance this eve on his own with no others of his famiglia with him. He seemed to enjoy himself nonetheless.

Also, there were a great many in attendance in costume, competing for the Symbel.

 Visiting Harpies from Orlando and Miami were unfortunately, unable to stay through their own choices. Which brings me to the unpleasant part of this. …

For those unaware, as per the Laws of Elysium, those who have committed diablerie, regardless of the reason, are not permitted on Elysia grounds. Also, the use of any discipline other than for the Nosferatu to mask the more Masquerade breaching of their features, is also forbidden.

Krazy, Noble Primogen of Miami, came upon Elysia grounds and attempted to argue his way into staying with Signore Blood, our Keeper. Signore Blood called him out as a diabalist and had him leave the premises.  Zhu Li, Harpy to Miami, accompanied him as she was honor bound to do, having sworn to protect him.

One would think a Primogen would know better than to argue with the keeper of Elysium

Elaine, at least, had the grace and common courtesy to call ahead and ask first to see if she would be able to step upon Elysium grounds as she is ‘forgiven’. In this, her wisdom is noteworthy.

The restriction of discipline use even includes possession of another’s body, regardless of station. We have had no issues for anyone on the grounds of our Elysium. This I credit to our outstanding Keeper, Elder Blood, and the cooperative and supportive nature of the residents of our city. We all work together to keep our city a place of peace…. It is our home. I am also quite certain that, by showing up to a Gathering on our Elysia in possession of another, one gives grave insult to our Keeper, to myself as Hostess and to our Prince…essentially stating that they do not trust the City of Tampa and its Elders to keep them safe while within our borders.

And what, when informed of this, did Prince Kennedy do? He graciously opened the Cherokee Club next door so that those guests who could not step foot on the sacred grounds of Elysium would still be able to socialize with those kindred who could abide by the Laws of Elysium. His generosity and graciousness truly know no bounds. Pay attention, children…. This is what we call Noblesse Oblige. Look it up.


Now for the fun part.

Many were those who came in costume and put forth great effort… Lady Cortez of Clan Ventrue, the visitors Lenore Black and Raven, Fortune, Keeper Blood, Sherif Daniel, Baron Ayceses, Keyngz, Knock Knock and Who’s There, Lucretia, Gina, Senechal Image, Prince Kennedy. There were also those who put forth some effort… a mask , etc. However, there was one who went above and beyond as determined by myself, Elder Blood and Edler Daniel.

Elder Runa, of Clan Tremere is hereby seen as Victorious for her amazing costume.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

City Updates

Things to be aware of within the City of Tampa.

  1. Stay out of the storm drains unless specifically sent there by a member of the Council or His Majesty.
  2. Continue to stay away from the Federal Warship unless see above.
  3. Apparently, H.H. Holmes resided here for a period of time. Ugh.

In closing, thank you all again for a lovely evening. If you learn of anything of importantce or have boons to register, you know where to find me.

In Joy,

Cassia Maior

Toreador Primogen to the Court of Tampa

Harpy to the Court of Tampa

Elder of the Camarilla

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