Not In Our Town (NIOT)

A month has passed since Mayor Hayata Wooten’s powerful statement, ‘Not in our town! Not on our watch!’ filled every headline and news station in Central Florida. The phrase has become a new slogan for the City Beautiful, adopted by nearly every Citizen Patrol and Neighborhood Watch group throughout the area. Most recently, a group wearing the prized “Not on Our Watch” T-shirts took to patrolling the downtown Orlando area, calling cabs for inebriated patrons of bars, and offering escort services to ensure patrons of the club district made it to their cars safely. “I’m surprised, pleasantly surprised, at the care Orlando has for its visitors,” said Adam Rassel, a visitor from Norway. “My wife and I had no fear walking the streets around the clubs and bars. As long as we saw someone in that T-shirt, we knew we had a guardian angel watching over us.” “For the first time in years, all my friends and me were able to drink at the clubs,” cheered Melody Thurman, a college student at UCF. “We just knew a NIOT person would get us a cab and see us home safe. I’m going to see if we can start a chapter on campus.” Not all reaction to the new group has been positive, however. The Orlando Police are urging residents and visitors alike to continue reporting crimes as they happen and not to endanger their lives. “Orlando has carried-concealed laws,” said Detective Martha Rivers. “We are asking everyone to review those laws before taking to the streets, especially when violent altercations occur. To be clear, not everyone wearing the ‘Not in Our Town’ T-Shirts are there to protect the city. Ask for identification before accepting any escorts, and always–always–call for help if you feel in the least bit uncomfortable.” Please register with the Neighborhood Watch Organizations before offering safety services