Mob Hit?

MOB-STYLE HIT? Most people see the fun side of Orlando, the magic, the reverie. As a newly arrived reporter, I was shocked by what I have discovered going on just behind the scenes of this “City Beautiful”. A crime wave of growing proportions! A pair of brothers arrived to seemingly terrorize the city for the past several months in a virtually unstoppable wave of crime. DRUGS … EXTORTION … PROSTITUTION … THEFT … WEAPONS TRAFFICKING … MURDER!!! These two thugs had their hands into many pies and the list was growing. Their sheer gall to grab for all the illicit gold as quickly as they could was only compounded by the obvious fact that they faced no resistance from the law. It appears though that the reign of terror has come to an abrupt end.

The grim brothers, Marco and Louis, have vanished with no trace of their whereabouts. Sources within the city have heard no rumor of these two for many weeks now. A sigh of relief being felt on many levels. Is this an answer to a much asked prayer or the calm before the storm? With the brothers ‘evacuation, their areas of torment are an open territory ripe for the taking. Word on the street has reached another of our reporter’s that this is just an evolution in the criminal element of this city. So how could this be?! Why would city officials ignore these blatant series of criminal activities? Mayor Wooten has finally come forth touting his “Not on our watch!” slogan, but too little too late in some minds. The damage is done! This reporter will be watching our elected officials for actions related to their words.

Can good win out over evil? Will we see better days before long? The answers are not fully known, but Fr. Sanchez is still seeking them out through a tenacious faith.