Happiest Place on Earth – still

Words from the Palace
My dearest Harpy – it is such a pleasure to see that you are alive and well. With so much quiet from your corner, we all in the magic kingdom assumed you were dead. We still don’t quite have proof of life, we expect so much more, but we did get your whispers. On that note..

One good turn, deserves another, no? One good question begets a dozen more. How else can I provide my enlightenment and happiness to you? How else can I share the joy of the Magic Kingdom if I do not ask questions that make you leave your shell? Or are you so shallow.. .that you are afraid to leave your shell because you are a crab?

Alas, we have invited Bishop Jones – our new best friend of our beloved Prince – to sup with us at the Magic Kingdom. We intend to entreat our new savior of Orlando to join us in the love and joy of our domain. If only he will respond to our calls of affection..

Our Lord Diego has been prosperous as always. Have I thanked you for the love of the darkness you have placed over our Kingdom, your cloak of protection? It is such a pleasure to have him represent the non-pillar Clans in our City Beautiful!

Has anyone seen the Scarpone brothers lately? I miss the brash loudness and vampiric testosterone. With their absence, something genuinely key of importance is missing from our home!

I am so excited about our next gathering a few days from now! With much love, the sweetest of kindness, the warmest embrace.

Elaine deMore
Queen of the Magic Kingdom
Acknowledged of the Camarilla
A reputation for.. playing rough in bed.