Dr. Thaddus R Goode – Ventrue – Elder

Thaddus R Goode

A diligent visionary ahead of his time, a researcher who not only advanced his field but set the groundwork for generations of improvements in the treatment of diseases and injuries affecting the spine and brain.

He completed a two-and-a-half volume textbook Die chirurgische Neuropathologie (Surgical Neuropathology) that remains a reference today and included the first detailed description of how to treat compressed intervertebral discs through surgery.

Known for his “miracle tissue regenerator” shots, which consisted of amphetamines, animal hormones, bone marrow, enzymes, human placenta, painkillers, steroids, and multivitamins

Pioneer in the work of development of synthetic drugs for the treatment of different types of cancers

World renown Physician and surgeon.  His skill with a scalpel is said to be unmatched