Blackwater (Papa) Ghede-Elder Nosferatu

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A resident of Orlando for some time Blackwater Ghede watches….
 His agreement with Imperator Stein is unsure in status for surely there is more to the story of this enigmatic Kindred
In Hati, the Guédé (also spelled Gede or Ghede,  Haitian Creole) is the Loa that embodies the powers of death and fertility.
 All boons owned by the Ghede must be repaid…. or He will take  vengeance upon you.
Papa Ghede is the corpse of the first man who ever died. He is recognized as a tall heavy, dark man with a high hat on his head, who likes to smoke cheap cigars and eat apples. It is rumored Papa Ghede is  who waits at the crossroads to take souls into the afterlife. He is known to have a mastery of death magic.
 The smell of death and decomposition surrounds him,  Blackwater Ghede has a very crass sense of humor, a divine ability to read others’ minds, and the ability to know everything that happens in the worlds of the living and the dead. It is rumored he dabbles in death magic, No one asked asked him….
His allegiances are yet to be determined…..