10 CPT – Fill out and give to ST staff Character Creation Questions: 
  1.  What is your apparent age? What is your actual age? When did you die?
  2. How happy were you with your human life?
  3. What did you do for a living? Did you find it fulfilling? Would you still be doing it now if you hadn’t died?
  4. What was your relationship with your friends and family?
  5. What do they think happened to you? Are they still looking for you?
  6. What unfinished business do you have with them? Are you still keeping tabs on them?
  7. How do you feel about being dead?
  8. Who was your sire and what was your relationship with him or her like?
  9. How did your sire find and Embrace you? Did your sire approach you pretending to be a mortal, or were you snatched away into a back alley somewhere? Etc?
  10. Why did your sire choose you for the embrace? Do you even know?
  11. How do you feel about your Clan? How well do you fit it’s stereotype?
  12. In other words, if you’re Nosferatu, does it bother you much being ugly? If you’re Ventrue, are you as arrogant as other Kindred believe those in your clan to be? Etc.
  13. How do you deal with the “logistics” of being a vampire?
  14. What are you feeding habits like? What are you typical hunting grounds? What method do you use to find and isolate your prey?
  15. Where do you prefer to keep a haven? Why? Do you look for luxury and comfort or more practical concerns like security?
  16. Why are you in Orlando?
  17. Our games assumes that you are in Orlando already and acknowledged, if you desire further status beyond that speak to ST staff.
  18. If your PC  is just arrived in Orlando, The first session will involve the presentation, where you present yourself to the Prince and he gives you permission to hunt in Orlando.
  19. You may have just died in Orlando, or may have needed to leave your “birthplace” and travel to for some reason. So what was the reason?
  20. Did you die in Orlando? What’s the story there? A bachelor’s party gone horribly wrong?
  21. Did you die before coming to O-town? Did your sire kick you out of your place of death for some reason? Why Orlando as opposed to any other town you could have gone to?
  22. What did you think of O-town before arriving there? Did you always want to visit while you were alive, or did you think the town was disgusting? Did any specific element of the city (magicians, gambling, prostitution, etc.) appeal to you?