In the News: Gun Store Opening

There is a new gun store opening up off Colonial and Forsythe, another springing up in a wave that have opened since President Trump was elected earlier this year. This one appears to be more than a fly-by-night operation, and is actually a branch of a family owned business from Georgia. Scepter Firearms, the newly founded company, released this statement to our reporter when inquiring about the new operations.

“Scepter Firearms, family owned and operated for over 200 years, has recently moved to the Orlando area. Dealing in classic and modern firearms and ammunition, we have everything you need to protect your domain, guard against thieves and hunt the big game. Come in and see our selection , if you don’t see something you like we can make something for you with our custom creations. Private Showings with appointments or by special invitation. Let us get you Shooting.”