Harpy Report, the IA Meeting

Image: The swanky country club that hosted this most interesting of meetings.

Backroom deals. A pair of Archons. A glitzy country club. A (possible) new red lister. And the Independent Alliance. What happens when Orlando’s best and brightest meet this speeding train head on? 

This past Sunday Solange Giovanni of the Independent Alliance and Seneschal Sobaka, acting on behalf of Prince Vandenberg, met to discuss the dumpster fire that was their relationship. Said dumpster was lit on fire by a pair of Giovanni; Luca Brasi and his childer Raffaelo. I mean, publicly killing an Anarch Baron and assaulting a Primogen in the hallway of a kindred gathering aren’t going to put you on anyone’s good side. Thus a meeting to salvage some semblance of civility. And maybe to blood hunt someone(s). Hopefully.

It wasn’t just Donna Solange in attendance. Archons Magick Melnibone and Maria St Cristoph, regulars of the city (Jesus Christ what is wrong with you Orlando), expressed concern over recent events. Archons. Expressing concern. It wasn’t all bad news, as they announced Mack, the Assamite Gargoyle last seen blowing up OIA, is a candidate for the Red List. This will be decided at the next Grand Conclave. Fingers crossed.

While Sobaka and Solange Giovanni talked/screamed at each other the rest of the city enjoyed… a country club? It was said to be a dull affair, for all the glitz of the evening. Until Luca Brasi revealed that he had been James B all along! And was promptly denied entrance by the new Assamite Primogen (and avid reader) Rahim al Fais and newly appointed Sheriff Nicola. So Luca pleads his case to Nicola, a CAPPADOCIAN, calling him cousin of all things. He took this opportunity to abduct poor Sofia Amati, newly elected (again) Toreador Primogen, in an extended dance number. Luckily Ms. Amati survived with her feet intact and took the whole thing in stride. Good on you Primogen Amati!

Eventually Luca took the hint that literally no one wanted him there and attempted to apologize to Seneschal Sobaka on his way out the door. Sobaka let ‘em know that many wanted his insides on his outsides. And Luca departed.

So what WAS the agreement reached between the Praxis of Orlando and the Independent Alliance? Well, uh, not what I expected. I can fucking tell you that. Here’s a list: Leesburg and Clermont ceded to the Giovanni and St. Augustine recognized as an IA holding, a spot on the Primogen council for an advisor, the ability for IA members to gain fleeting status, and some nebulous IA embassy in downtown. Oh and they can feed in the rack. And our concession? Luca and Raffaelo are blood hunted (fucking dibs).

I have no idea how to unpack that last paragraph. Our city was flooded with crime and drugs, kindred were murdered, but it’s totally okay guys. Those were the ‘bad’ Giovanni. We just need to give them everything they could ever want and it will be okay. Was it worth it Sobaka? Perhaps the remaining Giovanni will prove me wrong. Maybe they’ll see this as a glorious opportunity to build something alongside their Camarilla kindred. Only time will tell. (Spoilers everything will be awful it’s Orlando. I’ve only been in this city 2 months and I already know that.)

So, since, new Praxis and all, tons of new Officer positions. I’ll list off a few here. Let me know who I missed (cause I’m sure I did)

Brujah welcomes Rhamiel the Glorious as their Whip.

Toreador welcome the lovely Sofia Amati as Primogen and Lily as Whip.

Assamite elect the wonderfully scented Rahim al Fais as Primogen and Elijah as Whip.

Malkavians welcome Dissonance as Whip.

Gangrel welcomes the calm of Ashaya as Primogen. Namaste.

Nicola the Cappadocian is Sheriff.

Anyone else, message me, or throw a brick with a note tied to it near me, I’ll probably catch it.

With love, and booze,

Rhamiel the Glorious