Harpy Report – Of Demons and Princes

Of Demons and Princes: Harpy Report July 14, 2018

By Rhamiel the Glorious, Master Harpy

A demon to end for good. A looming thundercloud of a Praxis change. Maybe some socializing? The day after Friday the 13th would prove lucky for some and unlucky for others.


The evening began unconventionally. Scarce time was given for the usual social maneuvering that proceeds most kindred gatherings. Everyone assembled knew that, once and for all, the demon and its minions must be defeated. Those ill-suited for combating demonic forces joined Primogen Mouse at Le Chat Noir to distract the kine and allow the rest of the city to enter battle with full strength. Upon arriving at the Executive Airport it was immediately clear the kine police forces who had been stationed to cordon off the airport had been attacked already as their cruisers were empty and silent. Upon approaching the hangar we found out by what.

Rising Action

We had precious little time to organize ourselves but Elder Sobaka attempted to form some organization out of the assembled warriors. Elder Chance was to head the group fighting in close, while I was to head the ranged squad and protect the ritual casters. Elder Sobaka led those. We had planned to form a line in the sand to prevent the demon or cultists from ever reaching the ritual. It was a sound plan and we were confident. But plans rarely survive the enemy and that night was no exception. Automatic weapons fire could be heard as we neared the hangar door which immediately burst open to reveal five demons who immediately scattered in every direction upon seeing us. A gargoyle that appeared to look very much like Mack flew into the air and was immediately pursued by Ty. And the ritual site was covered in blood and bullets…and another Mack, The Plague, and Elder Goetzschlakk all killing cultists when by all rights they should be dead. Our forces split into three groups to deal with the various threats.


It turns out the Mack we’ve been having to clean up after these past few months had been a demon in disguise. Ty wasted no time in assaulting this imposter but the Demon Mack’s (DM from now on) target was the helicopter of Prince Kennedy of Tampa upon which most of the Tremere were riding in. Fortunately Elder Wilhelm’s mastery of Thaumaturgy enabled the helicopter to escape crashing (don’t think about the physics of that too hard) and the combined might of clan Tremere, Ty, Prince Kennedy himself, and Mairya allowed the demon to be destroyed in the span of mere moments.

The smaller demons proved more elusive, running away from the battle at high speed in different directions. Several kindred gave chase in vehicles including Bruce Connery, Hutch, and Rebel of clan Brujah. While Bruce fired from his motorcycle Hutch and Rebel ran others down with a police cruiser. All told they were able to kill all but one of the demons. Considering the speed at which they were traveling this is still commendable.

Which just leaves the main fully powered demon for the elders to play with. And by play with I mean vent their frustration with potent elder powers (conveniently Masquerade shielded by the large hangar). I promised you, attentive readers, that I would be on the frontlines against this demon. And so I was along with Mack (wielding a sweet-ass holy sword), Elder Chance of Brujah, Elder Vivica of Toreador, Captain Hunt, and Elder Goetzschlakk of Tremere (I swear if I have to spell that name one more time…). A fearsome battle ensued while Elder Sobaka, Elder Ayasha, Sofia Amati performed the ritual to seal the evil for good. And while Vivica was momentarily periled after being grappled by the beast it was destroyed with the rituals completion (also Goetzschlakk conjured a huge concrete block to crush it and Mack made an exact corresponding hole in the floor… that was something to see readers!).

Falling Action

Each team ensured the Masquerade was protected and cleaned before leaving the sites. Considering the amount of preparation that went into diverting the kines attention elsewhere this was accomplished easily. Box trucks and strategic use of fire later we emerged from our battle against a Demon invasion triumphant. All that was left was the future of the city. The high of victory turned towards uncertainty. Who would lead us going forward? It was Ty who spoke up first, challenging for Praxis in front of the Primogen council. He took Elder Sobaka by surprise but he was convinced of the conviction of Ty’s resolve. And so, a new court is formed. Prince Ty asked each clan to nominate a new court and it was swiftly done. So who should you talk to about your problems Nathan Neonate? Well let me introduce you!

Prince: Tyrannus McFearson

Seneschal: Chance Whitman

Harpy: Rhamiel the Glorious (Me again!)

Keeper: Dr. Lassiter

Sheriff: Mack (the real one, atoning for the demon imposters misdeeds and fostering good will between our city and Miami)

Brujah Primogen: Tyr Ogre Everhate

Toreador: Sofia Amati

Gangrel Primogen: Ayasha

Ventrue Primogen: Dr. Thaddeus Mezzanote

Assamite Primogen: Rahim al Fais

Malkavian Primogen: Mouse

Tremere Primogen: Jasmine DuPree

All the kindred present were granted Loyal and the Primogen Honorable so that no one may doubt their words. You might notice a lack of a Nosferatu seat at the table. Not a single kindred from that clan battled alongside the other clans of the city, nor were present for the formation of the court. This was not unnoticed.


A fearsome battle completed and a city defended (again). A strong new Praxis put into place that believes in the power of Elders and the power of Primogens to be the first line of contact for clan matters. A Camarilla city. And so on to the future. The Grand Conclave is still happening at some point in the indeterminate future. Perhaps February?

This Space for Rent

With the addition of my Talons Primogen Mouse and Primogen Rahim al Fais, new and exciting columns are coming to the glorious Harpy report! Look for Mouse’s Corner and a Rumor section coming soon!

Thanks to all of you who waited patiently (or not) for this report.

With love and booze,

The Glorious Rhamiel