Orlando By Night is launching a CPT (Character Points) system that allows your OOC actions to potentially impact your IC actions!

How will I get CPT?  You can;

  • Earn them by going to Orlando by Night organized blood drive and community events
  • Roleplay Awards
  • Staff positions (Harpy, Newspaper, Narrators, etc)
  • Attending game
  • Recruitment
  • Feeding people!

How can I spend it?

  • XP
  • Magic Weapon / Story Arc
  • Major canonical character relationship
  • One time Influence
  • One time contact/ally use
  • Custom plot
  • .. and more

All CPT will be tracked by our Treasurer online.

The following is subject to change as needed!

Classification Source Earn / Cost Note
Staff Active ST 50 Spend game nights running as ST
Staff Bench ST – Active 25 Not in rotation but running game content online
Staff Bench ST – Inactive 10 Not in rotation and no signficant presence online that month
Staff Rules/Admin 30 Administrative and Rules focused positions
Staff Narrator 15 Administer rules challenges at game while still playing PC primarily
Staff NPC 10 Spend night at ST request portraying an NPC
Staff Lead ST 40 Coordinate between the Ghost Writers and the rotating STs, always available as ST at game
Staff Ghost Writer 30 Manages and writes the game meta plot
Staff Staff Support X Variable for special projects requested by the ObN Staff
General Recruiting 10 per new player you recruit once they attend two games
General New Player Mentoring 5 Per hour for a max of four hours per new player for helping them make a PC, explain our custom rules and setting (and CPT!)
General Attendance 10 This can be either in person or significant online presence in a given month
General 5 Game Bonus 50 After attending 5 games, bonus CPT (One time use)
General Food 1 1 CPT / $1, max 25 a month
General Props/Materials 1 1 CPT / $1, max 25 a month
General Site Setup/Cleanup 5 Help setup or cleanup the game site
General Event Hosting 10 Provide a site for a game or social event
Charity Blood/Plasma Donation 20 1 / month max
Charity Community Service 5 5/ hr, max 25 a month.
Character Background 15 2 page write-up. Limit 1
Character CCD 15 Character questionnaire. Limit 1
Character Website Bio 10 Submit character blurb and photo for darknessascending.org. Limit 1
Character Lineage 10 Submit Lineage details back to 5th Generation & Childer. Limit 1
Purchase Secondary Character 100 No interaction of any type between Primary and Secondary characters. At ALL. Don’t cross the streams…

At least one character has to be a core, vanilla Camarilla Clan, no bloodline. This is true clan, not Alternate Identity

No more than one character with Generation dots 3 or higher

No more than one character with Elder social class

Only one character may be played in a given night at game and the XP from attendance may only be applied to that character

A second character may earn up to half XP (5) from playing online in a month that they have already earned full XP from another character in play

CPT may be spent for catchup XP for secondary characters the same as for primary

Purchase Catchup XP 5 XP can be purchased at a 1 XP / 5 CPT basis
Purchase Uncommon Clan 100 . Assamite: Sorcerer
. Assamite (Non Vizier)
. Followers of Set
. Followers of Set: Vipers
. Gangrel: Coyotes
. Giovanni
. Giovanni: Premascine
. Lasombra-Anti
. Toreador: Ishtarri
. Ventrue: Crusaders
. Ravnos
Purchase Rare Clan 200 . Cappadocians
. Cappadocians: Samedi
. Followers of Set: Tlacique
. Gargoyles
. Malkavian: Ananke
. Ravnos: Brahman
. Toreador: Volgirre
. Tzmisce: Carpathians
. Daughters of Cacophony
Purchase Ultra Rare Clan 300 . Baali
. Baali: Angellis Ater
. Brujah: True Brujah
. Cappadocians: Lamia
. Gangrel: Noiad
. Gangrel: Ahrimanes
. Lasombra: Kiasyd
. Salubri
. Salubri: Healer
. Tremere: Telyav
. Tzimisce-Anti
. Tzimisce: Koldun
Purchase Magic Items TBD Coming soon upon further evaluation of standardized development rules