Founded in 1963, the University of Central Florida has grown to become the second largest university in the United States. With 63,000 students, UCF stands as a beacon of hope and progress for the future generations to continue in the technological advancement of our society.

UCF also boasts an extremely well funded research program, having received $145.6 million in 2014. The projects funded by these outside grants include, but are in no way limited to, agricultural robotics, military robotics, and aerial imaging. This technological progress has allowed Central Florida to be an epicenter of social progress and cultural diversity. To date, UCF’s student body hails from 148 different countries. This diversity has also allowed not only social acceptance among many different cultures, it has also brought new opportunities for historical studies for the student body in the form of a new Graduate Program for Germanic Studies.

With a campus stretching beyond 1,400 acres, the university has also refused to neglect the study of nature and it’s workings. This had lead to 800 acres of land being used as a nature reserve, serving as a home for several endangered species. While the reserve was not created soon enough to save all of it’s endangered species, the reserve has allowed for the study and appreciation of nature for students studying at the university as well as Floridian citizens outside of the university.

With the tools of a new age at their disposal and an uncommon closeness to nature, the students of UCF have come together to fight environmental threats with an almost religious fervor. These devoted students have even inspired the rest of the populace to take action, with an anonymous donor donating millions to fund a cleanup of Lake Eola after a vile act of Eco-terrorism poisoned the water supply and the land around it.

Kindred Knowledge:

As society moves forward, the University of Central Florida will perhaps be one of the most instrumental tools of the Floridian Camarilla and arguably, the rest of the Kindred residing in the United States. Held in the firm grasp of Clan Tremere, it is a valuable lifeline to mortal society. To hold UCF is to hold the minds of the Kine like a stone in one’s palm. While most Kindred will argue that UCF does not hold as much raw strategic importance as other locations, no other location in Central Florida acts as more of a fundamental power base as UCF. With the help of Wilhelm Von Hellzing, the Orlando Keeper of Elysium, the Camarilla continues to shepherd the Kine toward their future and away from the grip of the Sabbat.