Rosa Mezzanotte – Ghoul

Rosa is of the old, Italian part of the mortal Mezzanotte family, ghouled some 200 years ago as a trusted handmaiden and advisor to the Contessa Valentina, and in preparation to be embraced.  When the Contessa  decided it was Rosa’s turn, Rosa asked not to be embraced, because by then she was convinced no-one could serve the Contessa, and the lineage as a whole, as a daytime manager as well as she could (and no one better try, or they may meet with an unfortunate accident). Rosa is utterly loyal to the whole lineage- she is almost motherly to the family, in a “governess who saw you grow up” way. The ghoul is very traditional, utterly quiet and ever the dutiful ghoul, seen rather than heard, having a glass of blood or a business card ready to hand the Contessa before she asks for it., though is a rather good conversationalist when allowed. Rosa dresses plainly, thoiugh those who have an eye for such things will find that her dress and understated jewellery tends to be top of the range and very expensive.

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