Rand Ryan – Tremere – Elder

Rand Ryan Elder of Clan Tremere


Dr. Ryan is a either sterling conversationalist or an amoral sociopath, depending on who you ask– and when engaged on the question, the enigmatic Tremere usually just smiles.

History has forgotten the mortal man that he was;  his own emergence into Kindred society began in Durham, England, as part of the mission of Lion’s Green under the critical eye of the sorceress Meerlinda.   The intervening centuries saw him prosper as a purveyor of information and well-timed aid, as Tremere presence in England became normalized.

In the past, his work has taken him around the world, acting as an adviser, planner, and diplomat.  In his dotage, he has transitioned to the role of teacher, confessor, and exemplar of orthodoxy.

Darker rumor places him near the great witch burnings of history– from Suffolk in the age of Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder General,  to Trier, to Salem.    It is hard to reconcile his amiable public personal with something darker– but the strength of his practicality is known to all who encounter him, given time.


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