Prima Dezz – Toreador – Elder

Luminary Elder Artiste of Clan Toreador

Prima Dezz is the story of kindred evolution. He was embraced at the end of the dark ages for his sharp wit and perverse style. Having risen in the church, he was very familiar with the need for a public face. He quickly rose as a vicious critic of clan pretenders, despite being one himself. After a few centuries as his sire’s social attack dog he made a change.

Sick of the drivel served at some parties, he began refining his own blood confections. Before he knew it he had unwittingly shifted camp to artiste. Another few centuries basking in the limelight and then gay came back into vogue. This Luminary Elder threw away a great deal of clan respect in order to become an absolute deviant. He now embodies most terrible Toreador stereotypes and is dedicated to pushing their limits.

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