XP Structure

Starting XP
Orlando by Night is a Camarilla centric game planned as an ongoing chronicle with no current sent end!

We use an online system for character management

  1. Visit https://www.worldofdarkness.com/
  2. Register (top right)
  3. Find Games
  4. Find and Join Orlando by Night
  5. Join our Chronicle as Player (this will allow the SSD to work)

Our XP structure

You start at 120Xp (system does that for you).  Curve on XP attendance based on BSN recommendations.

Total XP XP Per Month
120 to 199 10
200 to 300 6
300 to 400 4
400 to 500 2
500 or more 1

A PC receives up to the maximum xp above every month for game attendance and participation. Other opportunities exist for earning XP as well, such as CPT.